Hello there everyone PidgeotPK aka JJ Tublear here. Have you ever been saying that you’re tired of certain people using profanity in your server, and everytime you Kick/Ban them they keep coming back. Or if you are in a server and there is a person/people cussing and you can’t kick/ban them or the host has gone away or he won’t kick/ban them?

Well this Article was written so you can make it so you don’t have to hear those cusses!

1. Open your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Folder
2. Right click in a blank space, click on Arrange Icons-By Type
3. Scroll down and find a file called: Filter.lst
4. Left click once on Filter.lst
5. Right click Filter.lst, and click on Properties
6. Unselect the check box on Read Only
7. Press Ok
8. Double click on Filter.lst
9. Type in all the cusses you want blocked, I advise you also putting in special forms like lowercase and uppercase letters in cusses
10. After you’re done go to File-and click on Save
11. You’ve succesfully edited Filter.lst!
But…. If you didn’t have Filter.lst never worry. I’m here to help as long as you have your Jazz2 CD.

E1. Insert the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 CD into your CD-Rom, DVD, or CD-RW Drive
E2. If Autorun appears exit out of it
E3. Go to My Computer
E4. Left click once on the CD Drive that you put the CD in
E5. Right Click on the drive, click on Open
E6. Go to Resources
E7. Right click in a blank spot, click on Arrange Icons-By Type
E8. Scroll down to Filter.lst
E9. Left click once on Filter.lst
E10. Right click on Filter.lst, and click on Copy
E11. Exit this Folder
E12. Go to your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Folder
E13. Right click in a blank spot, and click on Paste
E14. Right click in another blank spot, and click Arrange Icons-By Type

Now follow Steps 1-11 to edit your filter.
Well I hope that Tutorial helped you, Good Luck in editing Filter.lst



ElectroPiZZa on October 04, 2001 04:00

Geh. There’s no need to copy the filter list file from your Jazz 2 CD in order to make it existant on the HD; you can simply create the filter.lst file in your Jazz 2 directory and make a list of all the words you want to filter. Oh, and I’d suggest to be more specific on the filename for the filter, as it’s filter.lst, not filter. Extensions are very important, indeed.

I think editing a filter is too self-explanatory to be turned into a whole article – but otherwise, it’s a pretty descriptive article nonetheless.

(P.S. there is also a more convenient way to accomplish this task; by working with it in good ol’ DOS. Just go to the DOS prompt, go to your Jazz 2 directory, and type in “edit filter.lst”. Simple.)

JJ Tublear on October 05, 2001 04:00

Fixed the problem Marco.

Spaz Boy on October 11, 2001 04:00

I would simply like to add, if you are going to use the filter to filter out bad words, then please don’t say: —— what does that mean? All that that shows is nothing. The point of the filter is to block it from you, and, well, if you aren’t just trying to be annoying, then take out the filter.

BlackDeath on October 13, 2001 04:00

IMHO is this a ridiculous and outrageous violation of the right for free opinion.

Besides that, using this would make one wonder exactly what the cussers would be saying and eventually everyone will delete the file again just out of curiosity.

But besides that this is well put and explained. And yes I do have better things to do with my time than bug the writer of this help thingy… I just wanted to say this :)

ElectroPiZZa on October 15, 2001 04:00

I don’t use filters.

FireSworD on October 17, 2001 04:00

Great this can come in handy.

Haze on February 07, 2002 05:00

One more reason why to favor Piz’s method:

Some JJ2 CD’s don’t have a Resources-directory, just an install “Setup.exe” file. :) (this is common with especially UK and Europe distributions)

Ashurna on September 17, 2010 00:53

I like to see them curse because then I think I\‘m wining, lol,

TheKax on September 22, 2010 17:06

@Haze: True, mine\‘s on of those. To make a filter.lst out of nowhere, open notepad, select \“Save as…\”, click on the dropdown menu next to \“Save as type:\” and choose \“all files\”, then just write the text \“filter.lst\” to \“File name\” and the text file will be saved in .LST format. You can edit it in notepad.