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Hehe always

Alright first question, you yourself have said you’re misunderstood at the JCF, do you have a few ideas as why this is?

I’ll start off by blaming the rest of the world, and say that people like to believe what they find comfortable, or that they don’t make enough effort understanding other people. and i also have many extreme opinions, which are considered no conformed, or sometimes denied

Actually, I’d say you just gave an example of an extreme opinion by placing the blame on the rest of the world.

Yep, but only part of the blame. It takes two to tango.

One time I saw a one man tango*, it was rather amazing. Anyways, you said “but only part of the blame.”, I nearly forgot about asking what the other part was when I was thinking about the one man tango

Part of the blame on them part of the blame on me

Can you further explain the blame on you?

No, I deny any flaws with myself. d: I guess i say stuff straight in a very blunt way, i find this to be a real way, and others find it offensive or something rude. I am not really sure, but one thing i know is that it can not be all their fault

Now before the interview we were talking and you listed your musical tastes as Black Metal and Trance correct?

No. I used those two completely different types to say i have a very wide range of music I listen to.

I guess I’m just used to being in #jj2 too long. Those two genres are all most people talk about there. What other genres are you into?

classic rock n roll, black metal, death metal, alternative rock, reggae, punk, ska, dub, classic punk, hardcore, symphonic metal, trance, drum and base, rap, industrial, speed garage, indie, techno, gothic, power metal, speed metal, club, dance, rave, psychodelic, chill out, hip hop.
but with a focus on black metal, classic rock like ac/dc, and a couple of alternative bands

Holy crap that’s alot. I’m going to jump around again to a faily current subject; how are you feeling about the army thing?

Part of me is annoyed that I’ll not be able to skate much at all, I’ll not be going to the range anymore (just some visits), and i will lose a lot of my time. Part of me is worried that i will end up in a shit job, or will be with crappy people. And part of me can’t wait already, since I am into army stuff, i know a lot, have been prepared a lot by friends, friends from the range, and the range, and it’s a special experience

Do you know how long you’ll have to be in the service? I can’t remember if you already said it in the thread.**

3 years.

Well on the bright side, 3 years isn’t all that bad. I think its a bit longer here in the US.

It’s a completely different army in the US…but that’s not got anything to do with the interview.

Alright, we’re (or rather I’m) getting offtopic. You’ve listed one of your intrests as Airsoft. How often do you play Airsoft? Or randomly go around shooting people with an Airsoft gun. I’ve seen that happen around here a few times.

Once a week. we got a group/team that a good friend from the range went to while it was forming and brought me with him. this isn’t a major hobby of mine, since it’s too expensive, and it’s only been for a few months. it’s one of those unique hobbies which i always have to explain to people here what it is, since it’s got a very small scene. And, randomly shooting people? No way, safety rules are always portrayed as important, but at the range they are strict, and after 5 years at the range, safety rules have become my bible. Plus i am not an asshole.

It’s very major in the US. I think it may be a bit of a culture shock to find out that some countries are just catching on.
You have said that you’re a unique person, what characteristics/interests make you unique? Aside from the large taste in music, and one of the few in Israel to enjoy Airsoft that is.

it’s pretty hard to put it into words, it’s not got anything to do with airsoft, and the music taste is an effect of my characteristics. i guess i am very spontaneous, practical, i think and act differently to the regular people and the different people, i don’t let my emotions get in the way in many cases, i like to allow others to win, i am genuinely satisfied by doing people favours, but these are minor things that are possible to be out into words, i don’t know how to explain my differency.

Interesting answer. You also mentioned playing the gutair. Can you tell me about that?

Also one of the things i picked up a bit late, I’ve been learning from friends and by myself with tabs for several months now…my only problem is that i learn all sorts of tunes and parts, but don’t know whole songs..

With the military taking up much of your time, do you think your learning on guitars will dramatically decrease, or will you be able to learn a whole song in the near future?

Ah, irrelevant…I might get a bit out of shape, but only slightly. What bothers me with the loss of time that i will lose my skills with the skateboard dramatically.. Like any big period of time i didn’t skate, when i get back to it then it’s always a bad session.

Speaking of that, what can you tell me about your skating hobby?

That it started at the age 16 roughly, that it rocks, and that i progress slowly but have good style to my tricks, instead of low sloppy tricks (style in tricks is something only other skaters can properly understand usally though). I skate much less now which really sucks, cos many friends quit or skate less seriously and less often.

It always sucks when you can’t do a hobby. What kinds of tricks can you do?

I’m better than everyone with wheelies, i get plenty of compliments on my huge pop shuvits, i got a decent flip, and some 180 flips…..

Alright, now it comes down to my last two questions. The first is: What do you like about the JCF, and what keeps you coming back on a fairly consistent basis? You’ve got a limit of 100 words or less, go.

Shit, I sort of knew this kinda question would come…I have thought about it before and honestly don’t know.
I post pretty much only in misc, so my love of Jazz isn’t the reason.
I can say it’s half cos it’s a habit, but the other half, and the cause of the habit, I really have no idea…but if i appear to enjoy it, then who cares. (;

Alright then, and finally- George W. Bush: Great President or Greatest President? (I’m aware of the different location, but answer from your own views)

Heh, that’s rather gay for the last question…
Anyway, if we step past the “who cares” line, then I’d say he’s got his bad sides that everyone hates about him. but I don’t dislike him as much as the others, i don’t like how many people bring up irrelevant crap like his grammar etc., what matters is how he does his job, not how he speaks.
I like his right winged-ness, either way many people die in the conflict, war will just make it quicker and bring it closer to a solution I think. because a couple people a week in terrorist bombings, while doing nothing, is just as bad as tens of dead in a larger scale war, against terrorism.

That has to be the most indepth answer to that question I have ever heard/read.

That’s real nice to hear. Most people have problems listening to people who show sympathy to bush.

Michael, I’d like to thank you for your time you spent answering these questions.

Er, I asked to be interviewed, I should thank you. and i think you were one of the people better suited for the job really.

Well, thats just how most interviews I’ve seen end, so I went with that.


*Really, although technically, he was using puppets.
** The thread mentioned can be found Here


Stijn on November 19, 2006 00:45

do I look like I care?

ThunderPX on November 19, 2006 14:32

Do I look like I care whether you care?

Nicely formatted interview, n00b. Not hard to read at all. \\o/