First of all, thank you for taking time for this interview.

No problem. Feel free to ask whatever you want.

Since you ever came to the community, you had always enjoyed competitive play and tournaments. You have even attempted to organise a few, could you remind us what were they?

Heh, well, that’s right. Before JJ2WC and J2MC, I’ve attempted to organize two, failed tournaments; The Golden Carrot and JJ2L. The first one was a 4 on 4 clan tournament which was, technically, won by [TF] (even though it turned to be a disaster), and the second one was actually an awesome tourney which insisted some of the best players in the history, but unfortunately not many people have heard of it.

When did you come up with JJ2L?

Honestly I don’t recall much of it except AvK and I were discussing about JDC being not competitive enough, so we just started convicing the best players in our opinion to participate – DizZy, FireSworD, Blacky, Unhit, Stiletto, Sciz CT, sAlAmAnDeR, Thunder, Skull, Superjazz, Cell, to name a few.. we even came up with an extremely cool website, which is probably now completely lost. It died sometime during the first elimination round (after the group stage) because of inactivity, lack of motivation, etc.

Anyway, after your failed attempts, what made you decide to organise JJ2WC?

People went like “it’d be so cool if you attempted to do something like TGC again” so I just decided to give it a break I guess.

That’s all? Whoa. What was the reason of JJ2WC’s great success?

First of all the water-tight rules and the good organizing (proper schedules and permanent hosts were not used before, for instance), of course, then also the amount of dedication and effort my crew and I have put in it.

I’d also like to note the good sportsmanship of all participants. Something I wouldn’t have expected from the community because of past experiences.

If the thing was so successful, why did you resign from being the main organiser of JJ2WC?

Well I’ve felt my job wasn’t appreciated enough as there was a bunch of people who were still not fond of my job and ridiculously accused me for “power abusing” and such (even though in course of time my decisions were actually proved to be right, but that’s not the issue). I’ve also wanted to try new challenges, so I’ve let someone else take over my job. I do not regret my decision.

Though, you weren’t satisfied with how JJ2WC III turned out?

I just know I’ve proved some people that organizing such a tourney isn’t as simple as they might’ve used to think.

Aside from having organised more JJ2 tournaments than anyone else, you’re also renowned for being a very skilled player. How have you managed to become one of the best?

Well, improving on JJ2 is not much different than improving on any other computer game, or even a musical instrument; all you need is to practice a lot.

Hence “Muscle memory.”

If someone would organise a duel tourney now, would you take part in it?

Honestly I have no clue, I’ll have to consider it. But however I’m quite a loser when it comes to tourneys.

How so?

Well in fact I’ve never managed to win anything big. I always mess things up somehow at some stage.

Well, I remember when you tried to win JDC seasons 9 and 10, you didn’t manage to get into the top three.

Well by looking at my JDC 9 stats you can easily notice how hard I’ve tried, but I’ll have to blame the darn system as I’ve defeated the champion thrice in a row. As for JDC 10 this time I’ve defeated the champion not thrice but 4 times in a row, but this time I haven’t played as many games so I can’t complain.

Anyway, you’ve been also renowned for having made a lot of conflicts with a certain clan. Any ideas why? Neither of the sides made the problems clear..