Well as a little tribute I just took a quick interview with Snooze, who was chosen to be the best level maker in 2006 by the community.

Hello Snooze and thank you for taking this interview. Can you tell us something about yourself?

um hi, im Snooze of IC and CC, i live in the capital of Finland. Im currently 17 (turning 18 in september ;P) and i’ve been this community like 3 years now.

Alright. So first of all, congratulations for winning the community’s choice for the best level maker in 2006. Do you feel you deserve it?

well thanks. to be honest, actually i feel strange since i never thought i would win something like this. i personally think almost everyone who was nominated in the “best levelmaker of 2006” deserved to win it.

Can you describe the work over your recent pack New Ages in a few words?

New Ages was really fun to create.. i also surprised myself because i managed to make the levels really fast.

What is the theme of Teacup, actually? There are many people who’d like to know.

well, im not sure honestly.. i personally always thought it looks like a space warbase with some unrealistic things put to it

Well it is one of the more creative levels. How did you come up with it? What were your influences?

hmm.. lets say i got inspired by SJ3’s background a bit. i dont remember if it was inspired by anything else.

Anyways 2006 is all behind us. Now let’s talk about 2007, what can we expect from you this year?

New Ages II + maybe even III if i get enough ideas. also, if there will be any IC projects, i will participate in them for sure. ;p

That’s all I guess. Thank you for your time = D

no problem =D