By Hatebreed: Technical Steps.

1. Noobish-Play

Technologyless play. Every newbie plays on this way. He uses the controls but without the run-key. On this way he can overmaster the easiest SP-Enemys.

2. Run-mode

Player like Jojo who has learned to use the run-key play slack the normal SP-levels. At bosses like Bilsy, Devan or on the Internet they loose deplorably.

3. Nimbly Rabbit

For example Honkey Sponk has learned it. Ist the scaffolding for online-gaming but rime enought for every SP-level and every boss. The person learns to quibble Seeking-Weappons and to take the perfect position per jump to attack safely.

4. Offensive

Player like Neo conduct their self offensive. Absolute fit to play on the Internet. The player attacks with all force he has and follows his enemy till death. Non-Pro-Camping is liked. But higher-ones will maybe call you a noob.

5. Offensive + Special Moves

Fabian uses this technology with success. It’s the same conduction as in 4. but the player takes carrotes if it’s possible and uses moves like Boucer-tricks, RF-climb, etc…

6. Carrot Hunt

Here comes the strathegy! The player frontiers his enemys, attacks and flight if he get hurts to fight for the carrot. However it’s an offensive conduction. Beatable gets Simon.

7. Mallet

Its the most efficient, offensive conduct. The player is fast, hard and cold. By the best tricks and moves get attacks blocked and the enemy get followed of the player. Withal he takes all carrotes before the enemy is able to. Flight only at 1 or 2 hearts. Pro-Camping gets set lightly. Player like Windir

8. Defensive

The Technology of the profs. Nasty, soft, destroyable. In the first the player studys the conduction of the enemy: Where does he camp? Witch ways he takes?
The Attack:
Wait and plan then attack safely with a targeted shoot. But the enemy can’t see you! Tricks are the A and O  to suprise the enemy. Let the enemy following you and dont forget this rules:
a) You win if the enemy follows you from behind.
b) You win if you are over the enemy.
By a hurt run as fast as you can to the carrote and defend it. If the enemy needs the carrote, so let you hurt by him and stole him the carrote.
Defend is the best Attack!!! Pro-Camping is the gun. Beatable gets: Wallace

9. Team-Fight

(Because I’m just learning this method, could you please write here? ;P )

10. Team-Leading

(Because I have not learned this method yet, could you please write here? ;P )