A while ago, me and ThunderPX have considered doing interviews about our projects with each other, and finally we actually did it. The other interview should be already up, so let’s just start this one already!

DoubleGJ: In the Jazz Jackrabbit community, you’re mostly known for starting the Brainfart series (a community webcomic; if you haven’t seen it yet, see here). How did it come to your mind and how do you like the way it looks now?
ThunderPX: Well, at the time… I think it was late 2005, I was really posting on the JCF a lot. I saw there were a lot of people with great personalities, like CrimiClown and LittleFreak for example. It started with something about LittleFreak‘s avatar at first (I thought of it as a cube at the time rather than a piece of paper) and things just went from there.
As for how it is now, I think things picked up after the drag a while ago when I started boycotting it. I do kind of wonder when there’s going to be an update, though… =P

2xGJ: So are you planning on reviving it? Or would you like to start something else community-related or maybe even Jazz-related?
Thunder: I don’t know if I could revive it myself. I don’t remember ever completing a single one of the comics I intended to make, only a few random quips. I don’t consider my art skills to be as good as CrimiClown‘s either. I might ask CrimiClown if he’ll do it, though.
Jazz-related things, I’m not sure. Lately I haven’t been very interested in Jazz itself, so if I do make something, it will be some one-shot battle or single player levels, probably. I don’t think I’d have the motivation for a full episode.
In spirit, however, I do intend to create something new that’s like Jazz eventually. I’m currently working on a video game with a friend of mine, and it’s coming along pretty well. It has a bunch of similarities to Jazz, so Jazz players might enjoy it as well.

2xGJ: What are the similarities? Maybe you could tell something more about what the game is all about, too?
Thunder: The main similarity is that it’s a high-speed platformer where you shoot stuff. On the other hand, the shooting is done with the mouse, so it’s kind of a WASD scheme used in 2D. The character designs are kind of rooted in Sonic the Hedgehog, because in very early stages, that’s what it came from as well. We’re really trying to push 2D technology to the limits with this – the graphics will be really high-res while keeping a high speed. Speaking of speed, some of the attacks in the game are going to look really awesome in motion. For example, one attack allows you to pick up a string of enemies and objects and fling them in different directions.
There are going to be about thirty levels, though Jonny (my partner-in-crime in this project) mentioned he had ideas for something extra after you beat the game. These levels are mostly designed, but we haven’t put much into the game yet, because the graphics are in a really early stage. At the moment, Jonny is attending an art school where he’s learning to do 3D graphics- the graphics in the game will be pre-rendered.

2xGJ: That sounds rather advanced. Are you planning on entering the gaming industry in future?
Thunder: I certainly hope so. As things are now, Jonny and I are planning to start an indie game company once he finishes the art school (I will be out of high school a year before that) so I guess that’s when the game will be released. We have a LOT of other concepts for games, so I can tell you we won’t run out of inspiration any time soon. =P
Somewhat connected to this is my music. So far I’m doing all the music on every project, which is coming along fairly well. I also play in a band, which of course, I’m hoping to move on with. I realise it might be difficult to balance attention between these two things, but I hope it’ll be easy to write songs for the games in-between band songs.

2xGJ: While we’re speaking of your band, Radioactive Adrenaline, how is it coming along? Are you anywhere near recording a professional demo?
Thunder: I think we’ve pretty much nailed the way we want to record – we’re just not ready yet. We’re still practising some of the songs we definately want to include (one of which has a very hard bassline), and we’re looking for a new drummer. I could record the drums myself, of course, but my kit sounds really bad, so I’d rather have someone with a better kit do it.
I also know someone who would gladly mix it for us. He’s more experienced with the mixing side of things as he recently started up an indie label.

2xGJ: As a final question, have you ever thought of producing a song in tribute to the community?
Thunder: I have contemplated a Brainfart theme song in the past, but I’ve forgotten my ideas for it. As for a community song in general… it could work, but only if the community helps- I couldn’t include every important aspect on my own. It might be fun to have multiple people performing, like in Lemon Demon‘s song Hyakugojyuuichi 2003.
I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for that kind of song – it shows how connected a group of people can be. I’ve just never been able to write one. =P

2xGJ: Well then, good luck with that, as well as any of your future work. Thanks for your time and answers!
Thunder: No problem. =D


CrimiClown on August 16, 2008 19:47

… I just realised I actually never read articles. This one\‘s one and a half year old and I never even noticed it.

… and hey, you\‘re no bad artist and certainly not when compared to me, a mere doodle-ist. Don\‘t put yourself down, man. ;)

As for BrainFart, well yeah, it kinda got stuck, didn\‘t it? Stuff I work on always seems to fail horribly after a while.

maxx on December 23, 2009 15:01