For all those who still don`t know what Domination is:

I discovered that Control point event 255 is always 3. Then, If you put and easy text, it would try and go as much in front as possible. Say, 1. An Hard text would try to get as behind as possible. Say, 4.
But, if there`s no 2 yet, the hard would HAVE to be 2, as event 255 is ALWAYS control point 3.

Easy text tries to slip in as in front as possible.
Hard tries to go as far as possible to the back.

Lets see if you understand this situation:

Easy#1, Easy#2, event 255, Easy#3, Hard#1, Easy#4, Hard#3 and Hard#2.
What will happen here?

Easy#1 will slip in the first slot. Then Easy#2, followed by event 255.
Then Easy#3 is in slot four. Easy#4 will bypass Hard#1 and slip in infront of him.
Then the rest of the Hards will que up behind in this order:
Hard#1, Hard#3 and Hard#2.

So, what do you do to MAKE these events?

Step 1:Thirst you put a generator on and create event 255. Make sure it is on “Hard” difficulty.

Step 2:Remove the generator

Step 3:Create a few Text events with difficulty Hard and Easy, explained above what they do. [NOTE]: The above explained situation ONLY occurs if you don`t put anything in the text boxes, else, they will be named after the text you put in the text box dialog.

Step 4:In the Level Properties window, write what text you want to show if you capture a control point.

Step 5:Save

Step 6:Run the newest version of JJ2+(yeah, you REALLY need that)

Step 7:Host an internet game

Step 8:Say “/dom” to start Domination

Step 9:TADAA!


Violet CLM on October 20, 2008 05:47

I… don\‘t think this explained to me what Domination is, no.