step 1 Get the mp3 you want!
past the link to here:
So, you have an mp3!!!
step 2 Convert mp3 to wav!
for the program, go to here:

Step 3: Download and install the program!
start then click on the first icon. black and there are lines in your music! click on the floppy under this icon.
you have a wav!!!!

Step 4: Download the LAST program!!!!!!!!!!

go to google then write: download modplug tracker.
download and install…

Step 1 open your wav.
Step 2 file/save as
only there is 1 format… .IT!!! COOL!
write the name o it.(you must write example)

get the .it file to jazz2 then in jcs tipe in music:

test the level!


tacsi on March 24, 2009 20:36

Only get midi then convert it to .IT with Modplug tracker!

So, DO NOT write comments because it won’t work!!!

This is because the long converted mp3-it
musics will make an error.
I’m sorry, only midis.
just write (your game name) midis
Isn’t it cool?
example :)

sonicnathan 1 on December 13, 2009 23:29

or you can use JJ2+ to just play mp3s in jcs

CarrotusCastle on August 05, 2010 10:20

What is JJ2+?

ErnieWillis on September 19, 2011 15:54

Doesn\‘t anybody know What is JJ2+? Is it paid?

you tube to mp3