Hi all!

I want show you some jj2 codes :D
press F9 for show what you are writing in jj2,
then write these codes:

jjfly- Jazz or Spaz can fly. write code again to get hoverboard

jjfire- write this code many times to get fastfire.

jjlight- select a light

jjcolor- to 16bit mode

jjnowall- write this, when you are did jjfly code

jjnext- skip level

jjrush- sugar boost

jjshield- power shield

jjguns- all weapons

jjinv- invincibility

jjammo- full ammo

jjgems- gems

jjcoins- coins

jjq- quit to desktop

jjmorph- cycle into Spaz,Jazz,Frog,Bird

jjpower- power-ups

jjkill- commit suicide

jjending- quit to main menu.

Here are some cheats for Jazz2.
If the F9 level information doesn’t work, write these cheats without it. =D


Sorry my bad english =)

I had to select multiplayer category because, single player category did’n works.


StarLORD on July 24, 2010 08:29

this works…

StarLORD on July 26, 2010 13:55

single-player works

CarrotusCastle on July 27, 2010 13:54

Yes, these codes works only in single player mode
what i said =D

Violet CLM on August 08, 2010 01:27

What site did you copy this from? This list has some clear inaccuracies.

CarrotusCastle on August 11, 2010 07:50

I just wanna help. >=P