How to add own musics in Jazz Creation Station?
Here is the answer:

1. Download ModBlug Player.
there is a download link:

2. The music file must be WAV (WAVE) file.

3. Start Modblug Player, then you will find “OPEN
button (left side on the player)

4. Then you can see window and down the window is saveformat select menu.

5. Choose saveformat called wave format.

6. Select “details” menu of the players window.

7. Next select from details “Pack Info” choise.

8. Now choose lowest quality of soundtrack from pack info window. (Lowest quality must choose because, Jazz Jackrabbit’s music file can’t be bigger than 3MB! =D

9. After that select “pack as” and then choose saveformat IT (Impulse Tracker). Then save this music file to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 folder.

10. Last, open Jazz Creation Station and add your own music to your level.