well well well as how we know kicking
and banning people out of the sever
warning: this is for only who dont
know this lets start
what does it mean?
well it means the people have done something
wrong or they are actually gay guys and noobs
or they are cheaters well so you want them to leave
your server but it does not work if you just ask
them to so in normal jj2 and + is a special
command like /kick2 or /ban3

now what these commands do?

well this will force players out of your server
in jj2+ you can also give your own reason
like /kick 2 and /ban 2

well kick will force the player to leave but
the player can join back

ban will force the player to leave the server+
it will not let them join the server again

it will say message the server banned you
if you join the server again

well there is an unban command in jj2+

like /unban

or /unban all
i think this helps to keep away noobs and gay guys!