I would like to put in some helpful information on posting reviews. Basically, this is what not to do when reviewing.

1.WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t give your opinion on how long the upload took the person. Trust me, even if it looks like they spent ten minutes on it, some people aren’t that good. Then you will make them upset, because all their work is suddenly compressed into ‘ten minutes’ or ‘a couple hours’, and it seems pointless, so they stop uploading.

2.The only negative information that should be given is helpful negative information. Otherwise, the only other possible information would be hurtful, ‘Why do I need that?’ information. As an example, rather than ‘This sucks horribly, I mean look at this,’ say ‘You could work on this a lot,’. You might just luck out and get positive feedback.

3.Don’t say ‘This is a waste of time’ or ‘this is useless,’ it might have use that you have no idea about. Always think before reviewing, and think about what it would be like for the uploader.

That’s what I have so far. This basically sums it up: Go ahead, be negative willy nilly, but keep these in mind, be polite and helpful, think about what your saying, and please, PLEASE (I’ll say it again) PLEASE be open minded.


Loon on March 04, 2011 12:39

Right, you’re only doing this because I reviewed your level badly and ‘didn’t’ say the things you could improve. You’re really overreacting.