Okay, first thing to be cleared up is that I have nothing against the creators of JJ2+, I don’t have anything against the Mods of this site, and I don’t have anything against trying to keep Jazz 2 alive, but I DO have something against illegally distributing an illegal hack.
Let’s face it, JJ2+ modifies the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 files, causing the whole thing to change, so — basically — JJ2+ is a hack. Hacking a game like that is illegal.

All modifications(Carrotade and JJ2+) grab the JJ2 files and mess them around. I know for a fact that that is illegal, however seperate EXEs that just launch JJ2 with special parameters(Like JJ2 Episode Editor, and JCS Launchers) are fine, they don’t mod any files, they just say “Alright, we want this to happen like this. Pretty please.”, sometimes it doesn’t even work(I’ve never been able to get JJ2 Launchers to work, you know, ones that launch it with any level you like).

Now, before you say “But, that isn’t possible! J2O is against illegal things!”, well I don’t get it either, but you should know these things. Also, if you’ve already installed JJ2+, the best thing to do is reinstall JJ2. If you’re fine with the legal risks or pirated JJ2 anyway, then you shouldn’t be reading this. Go away. I don’t like lawbreakers.

If you were unaware of all of this, then just stay calm. Uninstall JJ2, delete all JJ2+ only levels on your computer, then reinstall JJ2. And before you say “This isn’t true! It’s fine to mod games like that!”, then present me with undeniable proof that JJ2+ isn’t illegal. Anyway, I’d best stop ranting about the law before I start to forget what I’m supposed to be talking about. Enjoy living life with your new-found knowledge!


Love & Thunder on September 27, 2011 14:00

By Mods I mean Mods and Admins.

Violet CLM on September 29, 2011 06:47

Oh, we know. Epic Games just doesn\‘t care.

Love & Thunder on December 06, 2011 03:21

There\‘s a difference between the people who made something not caring and that thing not being legal. The former should usually be ignored, the latter should never be ignored.

Love & Thunder on March 22, 2012 15:20

I\‘ve recently discovered information that proves this article to be wrong. Please delete it. Since JJ2+ is simply a DLL, and even though the authors Reverse-Engineer things to understand them, anyone downloading JJ2+ is fine, it\‘s just the authors who can get into trouble. Basically, it\‘s fine to download, but working on it isn\‘t so fine.