All right.Just before I begin Please excuse me in advance since I am bilingual and I d’ont have chance to practice my english a lot. Thank you.

I’m sure that everyone has seen that The list servers System has been down these few days.(27 october 2001 and following days) So, The only servers that have been up are Dedicated Servers and servers with adress.

People have been giving in there IP numbers on J2O hoping people would come on there servers.But, So far not much luck for those people.

SO.I have been pondering for a while and I thought,Why not set up a board where people give in there IP numbers so that other people know where to go if they want to go to other Servers! It’s a bit like the “games in progress” thing except this time there will have IP numbers we can go to. And once those people shut down there servers, they come to the site,enter there ID and Password to say that there server isn’t hosting anymore.

Problem:I don’t know how to make a Bulletin On the internet and I’m not in charge of J2O. SO, TO ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO CAN DO WHAT I JUST SAID YOU’LL BE A SAVIOR FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE MISERABLE DOWN HERE.

It’s worth putting time in it if the server list problem still persists for very long.

So that’s all I can think of for now to tell you.


P.S. :This is my first article that i ever published and you could say that i’m a newbie for the J2O site so please don’t punish me, I’m only trying to do something good! That’s all Cya!



Spaz Boy on October 30, 2001 05:00

Gzou, this is a fairly good idea, except it is quite a hassel to list your server up and have people visit and check it. For example, take the JCF, they have been working on it, but they still have a little bit to go. To make anything like this would take awhile. I think it is just best to stick with dedicated/my sorta dedicated servers.

>CelL< on October 31, 2001 05:00

Its a good idea.. It would be beter if the server lists would just go up again:-P

Cazz NP on August 29, 2002 04:00

Waaa I want to fix my listservers