Possum Online has recently reached 500 visitors, and is counting fast. How big is this in the future of Possum and Possum Online?

Well, I hope that it’ll soon reach the 1000. When Possum: The Adventures of Skitch is ready I expect much more visits. But i’m proud of having the largest fansite. But I don’t need to expect too much poll results or files now, almost only the Jazz Jackrabbit Community knows about Possum.

When do you expect the game to come out (burning question with just about all Possum fans :))

Hmm, I expect that it’ll be ready in more or less than 5 years. I asked Dino, FQuist and Gizmo about that.. They don’t know, as long as they don’t know how long it takes to improve the game and designing it. There’s not even a publisher! But well, 5 years is long. I am 18 or 19 then.. Can’t believe I can keep running a site for more than 5 years for a game that isn’t done.. =)

True :) Do you think that if the publishers of Possum properly advertise the game that it will be popular with non-Jazzers?

Well, its their job. And if the game isn’t popular ILL MAKE IT POPULAR. Just spread the word. A game that’s great needs to be advertised properly.

Your site will soon be changing it’s layout. Do you think it will maintain it’s amazing balnce of ease of use, appeal, and speed (I’m not kidding. My old site was huge!)?

The new layout will contain more Flash objects, e.g. the menu. Its faster, because of Flash and the icons in the menu are very simple. I have a sneek-peek at my website for the new layout. It contains pictures of Skitch and Dweasle P Weasle, the bad guy. The menu mainly exists of subtitles of pages like funstuff, news, fans, the team, the game. At funstuff you’ll find a drawingboard. At fans you’ll find fanstuff to download, fan-art, and a page with comments about the game.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I hope much people will buy the game in the future and feel free to drop me an e-mail at possum@moron.nl about my website. Comments, idea’s and money (no, just kidding) is always wanted!


Mystical on April 22, 2002 04:00

If its going to be 5 years (I am 12 now) I will be 17 when its realeased and probably will only play it for a year or so;
Then I will be an adult and will the kids trust me then:p O well I might play it when I am 21.

Electric Ir on May 17, 2002 04:00

You’re never too old to play a game.

Electric Ir on October 21, 2005 17:50

What a horrible interview. My English is so poor here, even my dog can do better.