During the last month and a half or so, i have been convicted of being a cloner,, several times i have had to fight with those who have confonted me, and still get pointed at afterwards,,
Now im sure there are many others in my position,, first comes the questions that only the real one would know,, then many of these conflicts have become so bad, they have come to draging in friends, hackers and/or people in high places,,
I hate bringing up this subject, but it must be dealt with,, i am positive most, or all of you jazzers out there agree!!!
There must be a better way to make or force the evilness of cloners out of our perfect world, but it takes all of us to do it,,


Roseta on December 27, 2001 05:00

I agree Fireball

Super Saiyan on December 27, 2001 05:00

What can i say?, if people clone eachother and give them a bad look on it. That`s really…@#$&^$@$
I didn`t notice yet someone is cloning me, neighter I am. But if someone is gonna clone me…i know what to do with him!

Spotty on December 27, 2001 05:00

I don’t think any real “fanatical cloners” exist anymore. If there are they’re probably n00bs maddened by how much someone might have “owned” them. People like Mimic seem to be gone(for now)so they’re probably people who dont play much that just want to “wreak havoc” among our not so populated bunny world.

SPLASHcc on December 28, 2001 05:00

Once, my little brother was playing Jazz, then someone named “Splash” entered his server. He kept on saying he was the real one, and he kept insulting my brother. Must stupid, as I cannot be on the same time as my brother is, plus, I was standing next to him…

Spaz Boy on January 04, 2002 05:00

Now I understand about SERIOUS cloning, but when the person being cloned is in on the gag, I must admit it’s fun(ny). Chances are if someone is seriously cloning you it’s either (said before) you beat them, so they hate you, or them just plain not liking you. Cloning really isn’t that big of a problem, if it is such a big deal to you, then do something really funky where nobody would bother to clone you.


Gecko on January 17, 2002 05:00

sometimes cloning is not done by a person. Sometimes its done by a bug.

Wacky Spaz on January 23, 2002 05:00

Cloners should be banned

Unhit on February 08, 2002 05:00

Yes, cloning is some of the most worse ways of insulting people and making the community thinking bad of the cloner. I also had probs with cloners sometimes- but what can you do to control it’s the real player Do you want to aks everyone for his e-mailddress, for example?

Mystical on April 25, 2002 04:00

That would be a solution though if the cloner was a hacker they could send them an email.
Though some cloners know their email address and just tell them that..

Cazz NP on August 09, 2002 04:00

The way I got of such a mess is saying my quote: “YOU AIN’T GOIN ANYWHERE FRENCH FRY!” ROFL!! On 1.23 people thought I was a clone and I said it. I had not Jazzed on 1.23 in a long time. Everyone thought I was long gone. I got on to a server. Somone said, “Nice try Megasaz!” “YOU AIN’T GOIN ANYWHERE FRENCH FRY!”

Jazzi on April 08, 2004 04:00

I played jj2 and somebody was talking in my name. I dunno who was it but really it’s dumb. Anybody have something to prevent that?