This is a minor request from FQuist. Since he didn’t know what to do with Bjarni, i’ve written this smal article about Bjarni’s handicap.

Yes, what is autism actually? Not many people have heard of it, or little bits of it. On this page, I’ll try to exlain what autism is as good as possible.

Autism has a wide range of variaties, but they all come down to the same cause: a flaw in the brain. It’s not a “mistake” in the brain, or something, but something else i can’t describe yet. Because of that flaw, the brain digests the information it receives in a little different way than it normally would do. That’s the most basic explaination I can give.


That flaw in the brain has a wide range of consquences and for each person it’s different. Here’s a list of the consequences it had on me:
- not being able to learn (yes, i can absorb information, applying it is a different story)
- being interested in one certain type of thing (in my case, draw bridges and rail road crossings)
- having trouble making contact (people need to approach me, not the other way around)
Of course, this isn’t the complete list. There are a lot more consequences, too many to put into a list. In general, people with autism have trouble with:
- communication
- association with other people
- flexibility in thinking and doing

Treating people with autism

There’s no “cure” for autism: it’s a mental handicap. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. There are ways of treating people with autism, and each person has a different kind of treatment. Therapy for instance, or a counseler. It helped for me, a lot. But there are rescrictions for treating people with autism.

- NEVER get mad. People with autism don’t like it, and it’s a waste of time anyway: they don’t understand why people are mad at them.
- Give them a feeling they’re doing the right thing for themselves. Make them feel at ease.
- NEVER use force. Rather use smal gentle “pushes” in the back. Also, NEVER hurry them. Give them the time.

This is just a short summary, but I hope this will provide enough info for the time being. Info will be added if time allows.

- JelZe GoldRabbit


Newspaz on January 02, 2002 05:00

Thanks for explaining that! I knew some stuff about it already but most you’ve explained over here is new to me :)! thumbs up

EvilMike on January 02, 2002 05:00

My brother is autistic :P

It’s actually sort of fun sometimes, because he remembers EVERYTHING. Please take into consideration however, that I will not change how I grade levels. I try to make sure I don’t even LOOK at the name of the author when I download something. It helps me be unbiased.

I’m really not a bad person. Just a nasty heartless reviewer.

FoD EM on January 02, 2002 05:00

I’d never heard of it.

JanusJackrabbit on January 02, 2002 05:00

My cousin is autistic.

Krezack on January 02, 2002 05:00

i wasn’t sure wether bjarni was making this up or what but i was getting angry at him due to this….i still think hes cool :P

Cazz NP on January 02, 2002 05:00


I am sorry for being mean. (BTW: It’s spelled “small not smal!)

EvilMike on January 03, 2002 05:00

“I still think Bjarni is a (cool person). I don’t think he has autism. I just can’t believe that.”

You give us people who aren’t nice a bad name. Bjarni Cool clearly has some sort of problem, so weather it is autism or not, don’t say he is simply (“stupid” or something like that). He is still a person.

And also, don’t throw personal attacks around.

(Previous quotation edit. -Trafton)

JelZe on January 03, 2002 05:00

I see that article had gained succes Good to see that others replied. :)

Now autism isn’t that grave, it just means that a person needs special attention at times, someone or something to push him in the right direction. I have both.

Black Ninja on January 03, 2002 05:00

executor, that is just heartless. it isnt his fault if he is different from us. i act dumb, and i dont have any problems!

(Previous quotation edit. -Trafton)

SPLASHcc on January 03, 2002 05:00

Uh…I didn’t know he had autism. I didn’t even know what autism was…Bjarni Cool, I’m sorry! :’-(

Stijn on January 03, 2002 05:00

I knew about it (I did a talk for the class or how that’s called ‘bout it). But I’m not quite sure about this:
Can you learn to don’t give 10’s and 1’s but also other ratings?
This sounds weird, I know. It’s also not ment to make fun of authism, I just wanna know, cuz the ratings for levels could be ruined when that happens. Oh well.

Super Saiyan on January 03, 2002 05:00

Ooops :S, sorry Bjarni.

Refalm on January 03, 2002 05:00

Thanks for publishing this article! I’m light-autistic myself. That means I have the same symptons but not so bad as discribed in the article.

Executor on January 03, 2002 05:00

I still think Bjarni is a (nice person). I don’t think he has autism. I just can’t believe that.

(Personal attack replacement edit. -Trafton)

Wazz Wackrabbit on January 03, 2002 05:00

Hey, nice idea ter explain this.. :)

Bjarni seems lost in that flaw of 1/2’s for his lvls.. I think he is upset on thing that we HATE him. No, I don’t even know you well Bjarni.. Levels’ rating isn’t really related to the rate of that ppl like you. Maybe
they seem very harsh.. but 0% worry,
they’re just heartless reviewers like EvilMike :p

Spaz Boy on January 03, 2002 05:00

Executor, you are being down right mean. JelZe, this is one of the nicest things that I have seen someone do in a long time. I feel really guilty now, because I will admit, I had made fun of his typing some. I simply assumed he was from out of the US and didnt know English very well (WHO CAN BLAME SOMEONE FOR NOT KNOWING SUCH A STUPID LANGUAGE?). I apoligize to Bjarni, and Executor, I don’t care what you say, autism is very common, just look how EvilMike said his brother is autistic, and someone mentioned their cousin. For goodness sakes, even though XMas and the other holidays have passed, you should still be grateful and kind. Is it kind to go around calling people stupid or retarded? My neighbor whom most of you know (Guzz) has a relative who had an autistic child who was only 3 years old. Is that fair? Autism is very serious and should not be made fun of. I didn’t know that you had autism JelZe, and I still am simply amazed that anyone could say such a thing like Executor did. It really isn’t funny for you to be calling him a numbskull. I may be a little harsh, but it really is just down right mean.

Great article too. :)

(Previous quotation edit. -Trafton)

Bjarni Cool on January 03, 2002 05:00

Thank you verry must Fquist! I see on this topic as you have seen more than one peoples have autisim!

Bjarni Cool on January 03, 2002 05:00

I meen thank you JelZe! No Fquist! I have read newest comments no author!

Bjarni Cool on January 03, 2002 05:00

Reply of XoandoZ post:
What are you meen? What is wrong? Happy. See me this fage. ;D No bad see me this fage :(! Say what can I forgif you with and I forgif you! ;D

XpandoZ on January 03, 2002 05:00

I feel sorry for Bjarni :(

Gargoyle on January 04, 2002 05:00

(Responsive personal attack removal edit. ~Violet)

Nitro on January 04, 2002 05:00

Looked to me like a hyper as in HYPER hyper child, not the way I say it before I eat newbies.

Bjarni Cool on January 05, 2002 05:00

Hey that is fulse! I can create a level. Create a level is for all peoples. Autism too! And they are none stupid for I! You no understand I am Special! ;D

Phoneix on January 06, 2002 05:00

I have that in the communication department. I don’t call it autisum, though, I prefer the term “Preferred Aleinisum” (sp?)

FQuist on January 07, 2002 05:00

Executor, don’t post personal attacks like that. You are in no position to insult Bjarni..

Bjarni Cool on January 07, 2002 05:00

I´m in verry trouble. Evrybody speak autism Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppppppppppppppp mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I don´t like persecute

Bjarni Cool on January 08, 2002 05:00

Thats right! Thank you to help me to they understand Fquist master!

Gecko on January 17, 2002 05:00

Fquist,you could just ban him!

Gecko on January 17, 2002 05:00

if your wonder who to ban Fquist its Executer

Bjarni Cool on January 25, 2002 05:00

No no no no no no no no! Not ban! It is NOT for peoples like ban other peoples. It is for friends!

4I Falcon on February 21, 2002 05:00

regarding the first thingy… i’ve asked my dad about twelve times just what is autism, and he said i don’t know. I saw an episode of CSI once, where a guy had autism and suffered from stuttering, so i thought the two were associated. is this true?

Bjarni Cool on February 23, 2002 05:00

They are one to do as say in me own private massage center “please send first to me” from both you and Fquist! You have also made me stop create a levels! :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-# :-#

G-Sides on March 23, 2002 05:00

Hey, this is a person from other forums that Bjarni is from, and just to let you know, Bjarni is perfectly normal for a person with the conditions he has! It’s just he thinks and acts differently than a “normal” person. So if you want to insult Bjarni for something he can’t control, then do it somewhere else, because compared to the other members that posted in this, they think also that Bjarni is cool and fine to be with. I also think that Bjarni is a cool person and needs some people and friends to hang around with so he can feel good about himself! I have ADD (attention defasite disorder sp.), but fortunatly, I have medicine to treat the ADD. But Bjarni has nothing to help his Autism, so how can he mend the problem? He can’t! So if you think Bjarni as a numbskull or idiot, know that he can’t help it if he acts different than you. I think Bjarni is fine and I think he is a cool kid, and I think he is not stupid. So don’t insult people with mental problems they can’t help!!

~ ~ ~ ..G-Sides.. ~ ~ ~

Bjarni Cool on April 23, 2002 04:00

Yeah, yeah, rely un-funny, G-Sides. :-\

I meant, Well said. ;-)

RyoShin on May 04, 2002 04:00

Bjarni, it’s not that we discriminate against people with your disease, it’s just that you’re too (cool) (or seem to be) to get the message. Okay, I can understand you not being able to comprehend spam the first few times- but after reposting the same (things) over and over and over, we start to get that maybe you’re trying to cause trouble, and are using autism as an excuse to.

I’ve read thing after thing on autism to try to figure you out, but nothing gives reason to this. Even for an autistic, I would think you would be able to comprehend why you are getting banned from places. But you can’t. And that’s annoying. So that’s why you’re banned.

(This is someone from another board he went to- he was banned, then created two more names, and posted this link, as well as about 25 topics and counting


(Personal attack / content replacement edit. -Trafton)

Bjarni on October 31, 2002 05:00

I´m so sorry about all those “:-#” faces,

FQuist, can you please change it? Because Bjarni Cool have been banned. Thanks!

~Real One Bjarni ;)

Idiot on January 14, 2003 05:00

Hey JelZe my brother is autistic and he came out of the hospital because he was having seziures. He is six and i try to help him learn stuff. But he was sent about 3 hours away from me so i only see him once a week. But he is doing a lot better….. but 2 years ago he knew a lot, but he lost most of it when he had seziures.when i saw him this weekend he looked pale and he gets a lot of sleep. he has laughed for the first time in a whole year. and don’t give up making levels people appreciate them

Blackraptor on April 23, 2003 04:00

Don’t worry Bjarni, we accept you no matter what condition you have :-D

Waz on April 28, 2003 04:00

I’ve heard some cases of autism are curable. Sometimes, it can be caused by to many heavy metals in the brain(for example mercury and aluminium), which causes the brain to function weirdly. In this case, it could be cured by taking special pills, consisting of coral(I’m not sure if it’s coral, but it’s some underwater plant…), and carefully selected food. I heard about a case of two autistic kids… they could only do one thing: screaming. Nothing else. But their parents heard about this cure, and the started it. And within one year, the two autistic children were almost entierly cured! So, there might be hope.

Maybe I can give you the name of the guy(or woman) who discovered this cure. I know my mom has a book about it… I’ll check it out.

Waz on April 29, 2003 04:00

Ok, I haven’t found the book yet, but I found some thing else concerning the autism cure: a video.

It takes about 160 minutes to watch.

Here’s an address where to get a french version or an english one:

Apotheke Paracelus
Albert Kälin, Pharmacien Diplomé
Hauptstrasse 23
CH-8840 Einsiedeln, Zwitzerland

The french title of the video is “Les métaux lourds et leurs effects sur la santé”, which would probably be “Heavy metals and the way they affect health” in english.

I don’t know if there’s another address somewhere, but I’ll let you know once I found one.

Authors of this video:

Dr. Med. Dietrich Klinghardt
Dr. Patricia Kane

For more info about the video:

Tel: ++41 55 418 40 70, Fax 71

DanYjel on May 17, 2003 04:00

I am autistic…

JelZe on July 03, 2003 04:00

It’s over a year old and still pretty actual?

Anyway, about those cures Waz talked about: Autism is mainly a mental handicap. There is no real cure. However, I didn’t say you can’t do something about the symptoms and the effects. The two kids not being able to scream is a good example for that: they always have been able to scream, they were just not aware of that fact.

The way I see it, autism prevents them from seeing their talents and using them effectively. I just passed my exams with reasonable grades, which is quite a good deal, considering they would be very hard for someone like me. Heck, one teacher of my previous school (that used the new system, just my luck) said I couldn’t possibly pass them! But I did, at a school specialised in autism.

My point is, autism can’t be cured, but you can stimulate the patients to discover their talents. You see they know more than they realise, and it takes some effort to get it out in the open (I heard that lots of times)

- JelZe GoldRabbit

*Chicagal* on July 03, 2003 04:00

Hi everyone. I have been friends with JelZe for almost 3 years, and I never knew he had a form of autism, mainly cus he never told me till a year and almost 5 months ago. For those of you who don’t know, I am his girlfriend, and he did not tell me about it till we got together. Today we were using the web cam and he seemed to be ignoring me, but then he showed me this post. I read it and started to cry some. I read his words and realized that even after we got together, I was still pushing him without realizing it. I feel bad now that i think about it. I wish i had seen this when he first posted it.
Since our relationship as bf/gf started, his mother has been a big help in filling me in on things i should look for in his way of acting, like when he spaces out when im talking to him. I know now that it is not him being rude, it is just him. (I talk to much anyways :P) When I went to Holland in Dec. to visit him for the 1st time in person, I had the chance to observe him and he is a wonderful guy. I know him better cus of the trip and was able to tell my parents more about him so that when he comes over, then understand him better.
I just want to say, that JelZe is different, but no matter what happens, no matter what he has, I could never love him any less.

Ya ya at least im not being mushy :P

Lark on July 04, 2003 04:00

Now I feel really bad. :-[

DanYjel on July 08, 2003 04:00

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton had autism too.

Lark on August 05, 2003 04:00

I thought Albert had ADHD, Dany? You seem to get autism and ADHD mixed up ;p

DanYjel on August 06, 2003 04:00

Einstein had AUTISM!!!
Maybe had ADHD and autism.
He was…
…like me.

the real one Bjarni on September 01, 2003 04:00

This article has turned intro spam! Everyone talking about autism, just because the article is about that! It hasn’t turned intro spam, just kidding! ;-p I like the comments, wow, you peoples did listen to JelZe, it’s cool!

the real one Bjarni on October 16, 2003 04:00

Lol, I hope you can’t understand JelZe either!

~Bjarni Haraldur Sigfússon

DanYjel on October 17, 2003 04:00

Maybe I am neurotic, maybe I have ADHD and I am autistic. Cool combination.

the real one Bjarni on November 07, 2003 05:00

Albert Einstein didn’t had autism, Labratkid’s right!

the real one Bjarni on November 07, 2003 05:00

RyoShin’s comment are too old, away too old! I was like that long time ago, but I’m much diffrence now!

DanYjel on November 10, 2003 05:00

1) Albert had it;
2) You are maybe different, maybe I am diferent too, but… in eyes of everybody other we are still total idiots.

DaPete10 on November 25, 2003 05:00

He mighta had it. or not. You decide.

(Flame removed by DaPete10 using self-power. :-)

DanYjel on November 29, 2003 05:00

Don’t trust me, please!

Odin314 on January 18, 2004 05:00

I don’t have Autism, but I know what it’s like. People that make fun of Autistic people are total morons and IMO are immature(.).

(Really), how would YOU like it if you had a illness that can’t be cured, and people everywhere made fun of you because of it?

‘Nuff said. And this topic is becoming spammified to perfection. Mmm…

(Personal attack removal edit. ~Violet)

DanYjel on January 28, 2004 05:00

Btw maybe (80 %) Bill Gates has Asperger too. (“rocks forth and back, like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man”)

DanYjel on June 07, 2004 04:00


PHT on June 07, 2004 04:00


BúññyÉlmér on November 13, 2004 17:29

Wow im impressed by your ..story about it Jelze, i have to admit i have autism myself and Jelze is idd right on most points

I idd have trouble with :
- being interested in one certain type of thing (in my case, what other ppl study for, culture/sightseeing or classic stuff)
- having trouble making contact (people need to approach me, not the other way around)

Its also true that you cant cure it, because you cant chanche how somebody is or thinks by medical stuff. however it can get less worse.

- NEVER get mad. People with autism don\‘t like it, and it\‘s a waste of time anyway: they don\‘t understand why people are mad at them.
- Give them a feeling they\‘re doing the right thing for themselves. Make them feel at ease.
- NEVER use force. Rather use smal gentle \“pushes\” in the back. Also, NEVER hurry them. Give them the time.
I can only agree on here, reading it i noticed these where situations that i always got mad on, but that had never a positive effect for the one who did it.

I ussualy get mad when ppl insult me for something that i haven\‘t done or attack me without any reason.
well i can just get mad, but i can also get super-mad means that i lose control and would actually beat someone up. It didnt happen many times that i got out of control trough last time was in 2002, almost exactly 2 years ago. If it happens trough i\‘l need atleast 45 mins to cooldown. But when i was younger, i used to get mad earlier so even if you cant cure it, it can drop a little off.

I can only hope anyone respects my handicap for what it is, i cant help it
i just do my best in any situation.

The Blaziken Master on December 06, 2004 12:16

Can someone please help me on this page: and get my username (The Blaziken Master) unbanned? I\‘m not a spammer I got banned because I did something wrong that I didn\‘t wanted to, please can someone try to get me unbanned in explaining my ausitsm, I want nobody to answer this that thinks I don\‘t have autism, autims people can act normal, please can someone help me?

The Blaziken Master on December 16, 2004 13:59

I think JelZe is trying to explain that there is no clue about autism, people thinks I\‘m normal guy that\‘s not true, some people doesn\‘t understand autism if they think I\‘m not autistic!

Shadow Rabbit on January 06, 2005 09:10

I\‘ve autism too…


The Blaziken Master on January 20, 2005 12:31

Please help me to get unbanned from forums!

Janus on March 06, 2005 12:15

I\‘ve got autism, and I hate it.
My family is criticizing me all the time.
But what do they know, that they can ruin my life with it(if what you say about \“Give them a feeling they\‘re doing the right thing for themselves. Make them feel at ease\” is true).
And they\‘ve made me a saddist!

Sonyk on March 15, 2005 01:34

I was reading some stuff, and I found what appears to be the cause of a form of autism, and seeing as no one else seems to have said it…

Autisum can be caused by a malfunction in the hippocampus, the portion of the brain whos job is to \“edit\” visual input. So say, you\‘re reading a paper. You\‘ve seen it all, but it\‘s the hippocampus that makes it so you only see one part of it at a time. This is normally like a \“failsafe\” method, so you don\‘t get overloaded.

In some autistic people, without the hippocampus, they get photographic memories, and live a normal life. In others, it sometimes disables or damages other parts of the brain, and causes them to lose the ability to learn, and in some cases, function normally.

Jarno vos on August 16, 2005 18:35

I think there’s nothing wrong with Bjarni
hes a cool guy!

Technopauluz on December 01, 2005 14:05

I have it to…

Cool is that people whith autism are much times very good in one or some specific things

NewSonic on January 11, 2006 20:52

At the first view I thought that this is a hereditary desease.

But then I found out on, that Autism is a kind of schizophrenia – from wich we all know after watching the Movie ‘‘A Beautiful Mind’‘ that this comes up because your Brain has too high performance.

Telling people that here is very important if there are any Autism People on this site.

Like everyone else autisms have to get include in here.

So respect them- beacause it REALLY mustn’t be that these guy’s are stupid or somehow.


DanYjel on May 28, 2006 12:33

hahahaha newsonic, wikipedia ;o

this made me rofl.

GoldRabbit on December 07, 2006 16:24

sorry!im so sorry about you bjarni!:-(
we will accept you no matter!we are a community,we are friends!

JCS94_user... on December 12, 2006 04:21

I have a slight form of autism myself, and I keep finding myself only liking Star Wars, Jazz, Chip\‘s Challenge, and things of the sort. I hate anything else people throw at me, unless it\‘s VERY BIG and in my favor.
I HAVE to be approached by someone else. I wonder if it\‘s just something all people w/autism have; it\‘s the one trait I keep finding.
I once met a kid who had autism severely and I felt like him. It\‘s nice to know one can do that.
And finally, I have an attraction to spinning things. I spun crayons and toys when I was little, and now it\‘s pencils, candy canes (I\‘m apt at baton-style twirling), and sometimes, lengths of electrical conduit. (Not the smartest idea in the world…) When perople are mad at me, I feel like I\‘m always to blame, even if they\‘re just blowing off steam.

YAY! I\‘M NOT THE ONLY ONE! LONG LIVE AUTISTIC PEOPLE! WE HAVE THE BRAINS (that was most likely offensive, I apologize) TO RULE THE WORLD!!!

Anubis on January 25, 2007 20:43

I\‘m an autist it sucks :(

b-a-e-r on August 20, 2007 09:51

you said it right there! I\‘m an autist too, and I can\‘t stand it if things don\‘t go the way I want.
I know a book starring a fictional autist, he wants to solve a murder. it\‘s called \‘the curious incident of the dog in the night time\’ and it\‘s written by Mark Haddon. give it a try!

M y l e s on May 25, 2009 15:47

I\‘m autistic as well. >_<

M y l e s on May 25, 2009 15:51

I only have interest in three things,
MMORPGS, video games like Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic and First-Person Shooters, and guns.

drumkid2009 on October 14, 2010 15:47

I am it too, the only things i am interest in are music and games (and drawing abaut music and games)

PublicVoid on December 23, 2011 12:39

I\‘m autistic too.
I only don\‘t always see it as a handicap.

I often have a new and fresh approach on things, because I look at things in a different way.

Also, my autism isn\‘t a bad form of autism.

\“Autism has a wide range of variaties\”, to quote JelZe.

How bad your autism is, is often determined by the amount of autistic characteristics.

Most people have at least one of these characteristics, even though they don\‘t have autism.

I have many of those characteristics, but only in a minor form.
But still, don\‘t be surprised if I say something weird sometimes.