The LJ Clan: Not so different.
The history of: The Last of the Jedi = Just another Clan.
A long time ago (a little over 2 years), in a galaxy far far away (Northern Canada), a new clan was born. The Last of the Jedi (or LJ) would influence the community forever. Wrong.
LJ began as a strange attempt to start another clan in the Jazz 2 community, despite the fact that there were already too many to keep track of. The idea came from a strange young boy with a squeaky voice who thought he was an expert Jazz 2 player, even though he couldn’t beat anybody in CTF. He worked with his friend, Quod-ex, who was a little better than Quo. Quo-Avek decided that the clan had to be “Different” and so strove to do the impossible; make an original clan.
Quo declared that the clan was “Not so much a clan, as a group of friends that play JJ2 toghether”. It was easy to say when there were only two members, but that phrase has held through the entire 2 years LJ has been around.
After a week or so, Quo~Avek decided the clan should have a website. He wisely asked DrJones to help him, as Quo’s HTML knowledge was very poor(an overstatement). Together they created a website which would rarely be updated in the years to come (at the time this article was written, the last update was 2 months short of 2 years ago…). After this step the clan took on a new member: Kazooie, who has remained faithfull to the clan ever since.
Weeks passed, and the Saturday and wednessday games continued. The next member to arive was Shorty, the first girl to join the clan (she joined the day she turned 14). Now, at 4 members, Quo-Avek felt warm and fuzzy for being (as he thought) the perfect clan leader of the perfect clan. Then, Need for Speed 4 came along.
Quo~Avek got caught up in racing games, and began playing Jazz 2 less. The clan games slowed then stopped, and all website updates were forgotten. The Clan’s future lay on a knife’s edge. This continued for over a year. Shorty and Kazooie held in while Quo nearly forgot Jazz 2. Then, finally, Need For Speed 4 became boring, and Quo-Avek made a comeback…
The next two months were spent getting back into Jazz 2, Re-making the website (, organizing the clan games, and trying to “Keep up the Jazzin”. Now, the Webite is half finished, and a clan game was recently hosted. FodLJ joined, and helped organize games, and now progress is continueing. New members are seeking to join, and LJ may live on. LJ is also striving to be one of the Longest-living clans around, though it could still be a while…
At this point, Quo~Avek promised himself that he’d never abandon the clan again, but then, he saw that LEGO Racers 2 had come out…
The point of this J2O article? To clog up the server, and waste screen space. It’s also a cheap attempt to advertise a cheap clan whose history has remained on a knifes edge. Fortunately, the knife was blunt.
Keep up the Jazzin!


Shorty on January 14, 2002 05:00

Oh the was beautiful…. sniff

You’re a great leader Quo, as long as you keep coming back after you leave I’m happy. And imagine, I’m turning 16 soon. Seemed like only yesterday…dreams on.

FoD EM on January 14, 2002 05:00

Being no longer EM and yet not bothering to get a new name on J20.. :P

I’ll appreciate it if you start capitalizing my name correctly. ;)

Wonderfully, I knew most of that history. Live on LJ!

Violet CLM on January 15, 2002 05:00

I need to try Lego Racers 2 sometime. #1 was so amazing…. just ask Radium. :P And if you do, tell him I’m looking for him. Mwahahaha.

Stijn on February 26, 2002 05:00

Lego Racers roolz ;)

Lamer on January 31, 2004 05:00

I always knew that FoD, Shorty and Kazooie were in LJ but I never thought about who founded it. This article told me exactly that.

leroe on April 17, 2004 04:00

play jj2 now

NeoBlaze24 on June 10, 2004 04:00

<b>Seems like he is never coming back. It is now already 2004… :(</b>

RE: Comment by Shorty, posted on 01-14-02

Oh the was beautiful…. sniff
You’re a great leader Quo, as long as you keep coming back after you leave I’m happy. And imagine, I’m turning 16 soon. Seemed like only yesterday…dreams on.

Ragnarok! on June 21, 2005 16:43

Whee! Dead clan history.

NovaStar on January 13, 2006 06:13

Dead Clan History.
I guess it shows the thing an early clan used to do…;p

Anubis on February 22, 2007 21:11

Rest in peace :(