Instead of complaining your ears off, as I usually do, I have managed to interview somebody. Yay. Thanx to Defalcon.
SPLASH: Let’s start the interview, ok?
defalcon: OK.
First Question: Where are you from?
Australia. Land of boxing kangaroos and that loony Croc Hunter. Go Aussie. ;)
Oh. You’re family of Steve?
What? I didn’t say that! No, I don’t think so! Jeez, EvilMike was on about the same thing. =P ‘Do you know the croc hunter..’
Don’t blame us. We are only idi0tic outsiders.
Next question: where did you get your name from?

Well, I was gonna have Falcon or The Falcon, but it wasn’t original. So I slapped on the ‘de’.
Ok, makes sense. :)
Why do you play Jazz2?

Cause JJ2 is kewl. I could ask you the same thing. ;)
Nah, I’ve been here too long. I don’t wanna leave now. ;)
What kind of Jazzer are you?
Erm…well, sorta between CTF/Battle. Depends on the level, cause I get completely owned on some levels. Not too good at JCS, but I’ve made some tries.
Note to all: Go rate my level! ;)
Hey, this is an interview. not a commercial. One more time and I’m outta here ;)
Ok, who is your favourite bunny? use in the game or out of how their drawn and personality and all? In game I like Spaz cause he can move faster than the others. Otherwise I’d say Jazz looks cooler. ;)
Can’t be more right. Do you like pie?
Pie! Ooh pie is yummy! I especially like apple pies, fruit pies good. Or there’s Aussie meat pies, and the Shepard’s pie…drools
Eheheh, I ate pies for lunch at school whenever I bought lunch last year. Although that’s probably because it’s one of 4 things at school that’s actually edible.
Next question: Note down 5 people from Jazz you are thinking of right now.
Lama/lamer, cause I’m talking to him, Xeno cause he just came back, Freelance; he’s getting badly ripped off with his new computer, Kaz, who’s hilariously trying to point that out, and prolly you. You’re interviewing me after all.
Good. Finally someone who thinks of me ;)
Heh, don’t get used to it. ;)
What (or who) do you hate/dislike most?
What do I dislike most? That could be alot of things, school, work, physical labour, cleaning up, seafood (ick!)..the list goes on.
Do you think FQuist tastes good with ketchup? If you don’t like ketchup, you may also choose to tell us your experiences with ElectroPizza.
Fquist tastes good with ketchup? Well, he is a little bland, but I think mustard would be better. Although there is that ketchup with the spices and stuff..
Ok , before this turns into an ElectroPizza interview, last question: did you enjoy this interview as much as I did? (Probably not, since it was no fun at all)
Fun? What is fun?
Well, I dunno how much fun you had doing this interview. However, I am going to enjoy seeing Piz storm up your hallway with a club of some sort.. ;)
That reminds me, I have a flight to catch, see you later!
Eheheheh! Okay then, cyas.

Psst…defalcon to Piz…yes, flight 200A9, just as we planned…yes, he has no idea…


Bjarni Cool on January 29, 2002 05:00

Cool next time take interview with me! ;D

White Rabbit on January 31, 2002 05:00

Nice interview…
VERY weird though. :-P

Anubis on February 20, 2007 12:01

What the? :P