This may be quite possibly the easiest way to host when you’re idle. When I say idle, I mean doing other things while you’re on the computer that you’re hosting your server on, such as browse JCF and make semi-useless articles (like this one :P). I have no idea if this will be of any use to anyone or not, though this might be usefull for hosting a dedicated server. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible:

Basically, what you to do is make your Jazz2 window always stay on top. There’s a program called WinSize that will allow you to do this. You can download it from here:

WinSize is generally easy to use. It’s not too complicated or anything. Just don’t forget that it must stay open for it to work. Open up WinSize and start your server as usual. To make the window always stay on top, just click the “On Top” button. You don’t have to tag it for it to work. And I would suggest that you press the “Refresh List” button before doing so, or else you might make the wrong thing always stay on top.

Furthermore, you may want to resize the Jazz2 window or even move the window off the screen, just in case it’s in the way (I’m pretty sure the server will still work like that). If the window won’t move, you’ll have to click on the “Options” button, click on “Pushing”, and make sure that Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes aren’t checked in the “Push windows from:” area. That should solve the problem. If not, just ask me for some help.

That’s all you really need to host an idle server. Feel free to use WinSize for other programs you have. Test it out, it should work :P


blurredd on March 03, 2002 05:00

There… I just edited my article. I’m assuming there will be less confusion now.

SliM on March 03, 2002 05:00

i guess this is somewhat useful. but im not sure why you would exactly use it.. i havent downloaded winsize but from your article it says it allows windows to go in always on top mode. this isnt exactly useful but can be good for resizing to mIRC i guess :)

SliM on March 03, 2002 05:00

cant seem to edit my comment but.. it seems useful for JCS! just put it on the paralax view.. <- i never use that :)

Violet CLM on March 03, 2002 05:00


Spaz Boy on March 04, 2002 05:00

It’s a good article BlurredD! Don’t feel bad! We’re all idiots deep down inside, yours just is a little bit farther up…


Actually, that program sounds quite useful. It’s really fun to make things so unimaginably small that you can never do anything with them. But Blurr, have you tried this out? Because with the resolutions and all…JJ2 might screw up. Unless you’ve tested it.


FQuist on March 09, 2002 05:00

BlurredD, you might want to write an introduction in the interview about what the tutorial accomplishes. I don’t even get what is exactly does.. minimize jj2, hide it.. whatever.

Roseta on March 13, 2002 05:00

Cool it works! ..but its in the way when I try to use other progs, I have to put it at the bottom so I can only see some of the window..

Kirby on June 07, 2002 04:00