Well i’ve seen a lot of Negativity in Articles. And it’s pretty sad. So I sit here at my Comp thinking about how I should say this. Well, hmm ok most people today in JJ2 are new. And most of those people come to the JCF and J2O and they are new as well. But when someone uploads something on J2O it sometimes gets quite negative reviews. I think this is kinda sad, as the person is most likely new and it’s his first or one of his first levels/tilesets/music/program.

People say such things as “This sucks” or “this really stinks!” It kinda makes me feel sad for that person because he’s new to the JCS and he’s just tinkering with it to try to make a creation. Now later on in their career I know they will become better level creators/music makers/program writers/tileset creators! So instead if something doesn’t seem right in the thing their uploading you should say stuff like “this needs improvements.” And then you start writing a bug list in your review of what’s wrong in the level. My main point here is: “Negativity gets you no where!” That’s what i’m trying to say if your too much negative in your reviews the person will feel bad and probably make not so good levels.

So let’s try to help out the Newcomers to the JJ2 community and when your review their upload. Think of things like writing suggestions on how they can improve their level. In a way when they upload something on J2O and you review it, your kinda like beta testing it. But probably later levels that the User comes up with you’ll actually be reviewing the level.

One other thing that I kinda was angry at was why so many hotels get so many bad reviews. Well I guess some of the hotels are designed very well, but some Hotels i’ve seen are designed fairly well and they still get bad reviews, it kinda puzzles me. Also people talk about Eye Candy in levels.

There isn’t much of a use in Eye Candy in Hotels and Puzzles but just a bit of Eye Candy makes the level look nice. One more thing, you should make sure before you add in your review that the level needs Eye Candy improvements you should check out the Tileset throughly to see if the Tileset has good enough eye candy in it, and did the Author use it well. After you do the check then make your decision.

Well I hope that was good advice. C-ya all later…


Violet CLM on March 25, 2002 06:00

I rate levels on their merits. I do not give extra bonus points because someone’s new. That is nonsensical.
Eyecandy is good. And the Hotel Dream tileset, for example, Does have eyecandy. You can also improvise eyecandy.

FQuist on March 26, 2002 06:00

Nonsensical = making no sense.

I think you are right about giving people suggestions for improvement. Don’t just say they suck or something like that.

But you shouldn’t rate new people any higher. Ratings need to be objective. This database needs to work right.

Also, criticism can make a person feel bad, but it also helps in making the person understand that levels need work! Many new people make mistakes with that. Sometime they need to learn that the hard way. But that doesn’t mean you can say things like “it sucks”. Constructive critisism is the key.

JJ Tublear on March 26, 2002 06:00

You can improvise such as making the Gameplay good. I think Gameplay is way more important factor than Eye Candy. The level can be really good looking but can be incredibly boring and vice versa.

Nonsensical? What does that mean???

(Double post reduction edit… wait, why am I saying this? Nobody will notice, because the other one is deleted… ~Violet)

Piccolo aka SoulFirE on May 03, 2002 06:00

Violet, he means being more positive, not giving a higher rating…..sigh..
good article

Hawkin 87 on May 06, 2002 06:00

Although I hope no one sees this, I feel like a buttcrack for one HUGE reason – I’d been sitting there asking Bjarni Cool to type better, and I had NO idea English wasn’t his first language. I’d suppose you could call this a perfect example…

JJ Tublear on May 17, 2002 06:00

What’s that supposed to mean Hawkin! I know I have a capitalizing problem but do you have to complain about my english, geez.

Piccolo on July 15, 2002 06:00

I got a really bad review by W**** R***** earlier,it really ruined my whole day!!!

Taz on August 06, 2002 06:00

Sniff. *thinking about ****

Waz on May 03, 2003 06:00

Good article.

To be honest, I’ve been mean to some newbies sometime, and I feel kinda stupid about it. That’s why I removed some of those reviews.

And I always give a tiny bonus for first stuff.

CaTaPhRaCt on July 19, 2007 03:37

I see nothing wrong with negativity. Bill Gates did it :p
See http://blog.tomevslin.com/2007/05/microsoft_memor.html