Greetings,for some time i’ve been watching the jazz ,,tournament’‘phenomenon.What i mean is that some people always fight duel when these is possible,mostly they are not doing it cuz they like it,they duel just becouse they want to prove that they are great and powerfull boss.I dont gona type names cuz that is not meaning of these article,what i want to say is that these kind of duels are for L-O-O-S-E-R-S,they forogoten whats the true meaning of jj2 comunity,for what it was designed.So let me remind them.Jazz’s party mode was design to provide FUN to users from difrent parts of world that will play with each other (at least i play it for fun).So,why do ppl need duel?!They can only confuse person or greatly increase his/hers ego…and if his ego will be big enough the person will become quite anoying,guywho think that he is the king of jj2 and shareing server with some player that is not hardcore one is kind of pointless.And that is good basic for a hate.Then,the confused weaker guy will be desperate,he will start use cheats and other anoying stuff,he will also be next person who will be looking for revange…so he will look to duel…he will duel alot becouse he want to beat the so called ,,master’‘ and here the story makes circle…And do we all need it?Cant we just share servers,play them,roast,be roasted and haveing fun?!I think that these would be alot better.Ur jj2 comunity would be perfect place to happiliy spend next days from yer short life…I dont think that im absolutly right,i know that some people will dissagree with me,but in that article you can find some seed of wiseness.You should think some about it…

Thank ya for reading my article…i hope i did not made too much grammar mistakes,my english is not perfect but i felt that i mus to mention about these.

Have a g’day.


the WINNER on April 13, 2002 04:00

Yep, duels REALLY S*X! They REALLY ARE trying only to PROVE he’s good! “A person is THE BEST JJ2 PLAYER, CLAP HANDS FOR HIM!”, that’s quite annoying to others! Even he can say for them: “Hey, CLAP HANDS for me, I AM THE BEST”! Quite annoying thing! Elrick’s article, read it!

The Master on April 13, 2002 04:00

I must aggree with WINNER. I think that duels are pointless. It is just an excuse to go round, saying stuff like “I beat this person, so I am the best etc.” Well done Elrick

>>Møønblãzé<< on April 13, 2002 04:00

Your right, duel is waster of time
Go us :P (As CelL said)
All duels i have done is to trhow my anger over da person who started it ;P
So all choose duels i have done is against person who just pissed me off,
exept 1 time, against elrick :D
I just wanted the true how ‘‘experinched’‘ he was in duel..

…i gave up when it was 7-1 ;p…
btw. Duel isent fun, we are playing FOR fun ;)

White Rabbit on April 14, 2002 04:00

HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Where did you learn your English, Elrick?! LOL.

Hehe, only kidding. ;-D This is an very interesting article. You’re partly right and partly wrong though. You see, imo, there aren’t many ppl at all that’s mad in duels which is the opposite of your opinion Elrick.

BTW: What’s wrong with 1.23?!! :-P

Another BTW: What’s wrong with duels?!! :-P

Super Saiyan on April 14, 2002 04:00

Tell this to 1.23 players. They dont duel much but they do feel like kings…
Damn you 1.23! :P j/k

>Elrick< on April 14, 2002 04:00

You should check TSF a bit more often :P

the WINNER on April 14, 2002 04:00

Bad that I don’t have 1.23(it’s really 1.21 in GIP.PHP). So I can’t tell them that… I think Overlord’s one TIP&TRICK makes them feel like kings!
Overlord’s one stupid TIPS&TRICKS section: 1.23 players fight better than 1.24 players. Here’s note to Overlord: Delete it or “We play 1.23, we are the kings” thing continues!

Violet CLM on April 14, 2002 04:00

I actually do not believe there is such a problem as you have described.

Stijn on April 25, 2002 04:00

That’s nonsense. I don’t duel to be called master. I also don’t understand the “fun” part.

>Elrick< on April 25, 2002 04:00

heh,like i said…These is just MY sugestion about duels.I know that some ppl like them but for hell and thunder that was just MY VIEW about these!And i only told about things that I observed in example of few ppl.

BurningBULL on April 26, 2002 04:00

Well its true that SOME ppl think they are good and stuff… but though, most people just hate duels cuz they cant win any. Oh yea and btw, I’m surprised that your names are Winner and The Master but you DO think duels suck.

My opinion is that duels dont suck but you just dont have to take them too serious.

WINNER:“I think Overlord’s one TIP&TRICK makes them feel like kings!”

I dont think 1.23ers feel like kings, I think thats a pretty STUPID idea… they are just people an they arent BETTER or something.. (I hope:P)

Refalm on April 29, 2002 04:00

It’s fun to play duels. I once orginized a tournament with my little brother and the one that won recieved € 5,00. It was fun, everyone had a great time and the winner was JazzJKM, one of the leaders of the JKM clan.
Dueling is cool, because it messures you JJ2 fighting capabillities. The one you’ve been fighting can also tell you what you did wrong. It’s very cool to orginize a tournament and to be in one.

Taz on June 03, 2002 04:00

Play tgen duels as you like them!

Stilettø on June 28, 2002 04:00

The players on 1.23 Dont feel like Kings
They just Are Kings
(is a 1.23 Player too :P)
and who cares if they say im the best i beat him bla bla even i do it its quite Fun actully to say that

Roseta on July 11, 2002 04:00

Fine if both people like to duel then it can be fun for them.
I can have fun just by playing on servers and chatting with other players.

not all 1.23ers think they are kings however some do, some 1.24 players ban and kick people from their servers for no reason.

Stilettø on August 11, 2002 04:00

‘Well its true that SOME ppl think they are good’ Runs and hides

Yes some 1.24 people indeed kick or ban for no reason but that Doesnt mean that they are any worse then the 1.23 people in duels the GReatest Players started with 1.24 so did i

DoubleGJ on September 26, 2002 04:00

Wait a sec. Not all duels are unfun, political and boring. Sometimes there are “funny” conversations in them. You can yell at me or not, but I see something “cool” in duels. Even if I almost always lose. __

Toast on February 14, 2003 05:00

Heey, duels are funn!!
Thats what im best in.
2vs2 is also fun!
(well, if u laugh,THATS BAD FOR U!)
Well, if u dudez dont like Duels, BAD FOR U!

Cazz NP on March 12, 2003 05:00

Being powerful is boring. I decided to ruin my powerful JJ2 mind with books and anti-brainrot.

JSZ Mateusz on July 07, 2003 04:00

Well… Duels are sometimes fun. When in clan they are something. Sometimes duels are fun (Especially for JSZ Jazz _). But this duel chain is made by this, that someone call him self bether then him, or with that they clan is weaker.

Gzou on September 24, 2003 04:00

Hear Hear Elrick !

But the only duel I EVER did in my life, I found it fun, but I do agree for the L-O-O-S-E-R-S part`;)