Getting JJ1 to run: ~Link

As a lot of you have noticed, when you bought your new computer, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 stopped working and you got a horrible error message like:

Runtime error 200 at 0009:37F2

This really disappointed me and probably a lot of you too. And if you did a little more research (maybe trying it on your old computer again), you realized that the problem was because your computer was too fast for it.

Most people probably just eventually forgot about it. But you may have been one of the few who did some more research, and found out about a program called MoSlo.

MoSlo is a program which is supposed to slow down your computer to a given speed in a percentage amount. So for example, you would type: MOSLO /42 jazz.exe. When I tried MoSlo, it turned out that Jazz 1 ran WAY too slow at 42%, but I got the error message at 43%. I couldn’t play like that! So I search some more.

I came across a program called TPPATCH (Turbo Pascal Patch). Any program programmed in TP will have that error message when run on a fast computer (not just JJ1). So I tried the patch on my JJ1, and it worked perfectly! No bugs or anything.

So if you have Jazz Jackrabbit 1, but you can’t play it anymore, TPPATCH is the program for you:

TPPATCH (the file is in .zip format, and it includes a help file)

The syntax for running the program is (from your JJ1 folder):

tppatch file0001.exe

Or for Holiday Hare or Jazz shareware:

tppatch jazz.exe

Good luck with this!

If TPPatch doesn’t work: ~Newspaz
For some PCs, which always happen to be the ones I buy, TPPatch doesn’t seem to be able to fix the Jazz excutable. I am going to show you how to run Jazz1, on the right speed without TPPatch.

-) Download CPUKiller (
-) Tune your CPU down to about 166mhz using CPUKiller
-) Start Jazz1
-) Press Control-Alt-Del, while you see the intro movie
-) The windows task manager will pop up, end CPUkiller
-) Select Jazz1 on your task bar

Note: If you will not end CPUKiller your Jazz will run like a turtle.
Have some fun :). It worked for me.

Fixing your sound: ~NinjA
This is a guide for using an emulator to make JJ1 sound work.
This guide will make your OMF work, as well.

First of all, download VDMSound from /> Then, install it, of course. Go to your Jazz1 setup program and right click it and press “Run with VDMSound” Choose the highest quality Sound Blaster settings there are and save changes. Right-click your Jazz1.exe and run it with VDMS Sound. It should work fine like the good old days.

This also works for many games that don’t work under your new soundcard. :)

VDMSound is ©Copyright 2000-2001 Vlad Romascanu


Noraa on January 06, 2001 06:00

Returns from planet Fanolint


I can’t believe it! Jazz works on my 1200mhz computer without even having the messed-up lines on the screen or anything :D! This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for finding that program! Thank you to the DooD who wrote that program! Thank you! :)!


I can’t thank you enough! :-P

Newspaz on January 07, 2001 06:00

Thanks, but the tppatch doesnt work for me. It says that it can’t open the file.

Noraa on January 07, 2001 06:00


To get my patch to work, I just took file0001.exe and Jazz.exe, one at a time, and “dragged-and-dropped” them onto the tppatch EXE file. It said a bunch of stuff, and then I ran them. It worked! WooHoo :-D!

Link on January 07, 2001 06:00

Which file?

If it can’t open the .zip download…download again!

If it can’t open file0001.exe, be sure you are in the correct folder, and you aren’t confusing your JJ1 with Holiday Hare (I think also Jazz 1 Shareware uses Jazz.exe not file0001.exe)

Nitro on January 09, 2001 06:00

OOOO! goody!
Aims his automatic blaster at all anyone willin’ ta’ send me Jazz1?!


Newspaz on January 19, 2001 06:00

Maybe it’s because my Jj1 full version could be a bit damaged ;)

FoD MERC on February 01, 2001 06:00

You can get the demo here..

FoD MERC on February 01, 2001 06:00

I don’t know what to do here.. I have the demo, but how do I get it to run with the patch? When I stick Jazz.exe in the patch EXE, it doesn’t run.

Link on February 02, 2001 06:00

Only patch Jazz.exe if you have shareware or Holiday Hare. If you have the full version, patch file0001.exe by starting an MS-DOS prompt, and type something like “c:\downloads\tppatch.exe c:\Jazz\file0001.exe” I haven’t tried the drag and drop thingy, but I assume it should work too.

Mystical on May 07, 2002 06:00

I wonder if I can get Jazz1 to work on my fast p4 windows ME computer..:O

Spaz Jazzrabbit on August 01, 2002 06:00

I can’t get this patch to work either, I don’t have jazz 1, but I have tyrian, which is made by the same company, and I get the Runtime error 200 message, well, I tried tppatch and typed in “c:\tyrian\tppatch c:\tyrian\file0001.exe” and it says something, but I can’t read it (German) and tyrian still won’t work, any suggestions?

Overlord on August 07, 2002 06:00

Yea. It helped me too. Nice article. But I just noticed that the link to the download doesn’t work. It’s still linked to nagcentral. So here’s a working link:

DoubleGJ on September 08, 2002 06:00

Woo! It works! Oh welcome, great JJ1! All hail to you! takes JJ1 CD and prays to it Oh, and thanks, Link. :)

Cazz NP on June 11, 2003 06:00

Eh, I still have slow sound. I’ll try to re-install it into my Jazz 1.

Sacrush on May 15, 2004 06:00

Sh*t it works but i also have slow sounds wheeeeeee!!!!

Anubis on September 06, 2004 22:01

LOL. THIS WORKS! AFTER ALL THESE years of waiting, here it is, again! :D I can\‘t thank you enough.

Br>Spazy12 on October 07, 2004 21:39


i\‘ve i instal the patch.. wil i still be inable to play games like \“Battlefield vietnam & Far Cry or halo\” ?

cant someone make a WINXP crack for jj1?

janibu on October 22, 2004 22:59

my computer freezes when i run jazz (and other games) with vdmsound!
Whaz can I do?

Tover on May 29, 2005 20:34

… or use DOSBOX!! (google search)

HorvatM on February 24, 2006 19:17

Why you need all those stuff when we have DOSBox with all that already integrated? :-S

Violet CLM on February 25, 2006 03:13

RedJazz: Because it\‘s easier to just run JJ1 like a normal .exe than to go into DOSBox and find the folder and all that stuff?

Dhairya on June 03, 2006 19:52

Thanks It Worked Good

Jimbob on July 07, 2006 20:27

Tppatch doesn\‘t work for those superfast computers like mine, i got DOSBOX!
EDIT: Violet, opening Jazz.exe by itself won’t work! (for me, it just opens, then closes)
I just copied a Shortcut of DOSBOX into my Jazz1 Folder, and i “drag and drop” to open it!

MiyaKat on July 19, 2006 17:37

My choppy sound fixed up! :)

Krinya on March 13, 2007 20:22

I have a 2600 mhz pc, and jj1 is works!
If that cpukiller can do JJ1 for 2600mhz, it can do for 8500mhz! That is awesome!

EDIT: And my pc is winXP!

Anubis on March 16, 2007 18:06

The link is broken? :(

Violet CLM on March 22, 2007 04:31

Alexander: Fixed. Thanks for the report.

ShadesOfBlack on November 26, 2008 07:19

I get an error pop up saying system does not support fullscreen mode, any suggestions? The tp patch worked fine.