This is a short article on how to play levels
in the shareware version that you’re not supposed to!

Okay, first you need the shareware version of Jazz 2.
Download that at ).

Now you need a level. Just go and download either
a CTF or treasure hunt level from the Downloads
section, depending on which one you want to play.

Now backup your Sharectf.j2l and your Sharetrs.j2l!
You don’t want those deleted! Well maybe you do,
but still backup them just in case. :P

So now you have your level, (I chose the CTF level
7th Lava fall as an example ( if you want to follow
along)) and now you want to play it, eh?

Now copy and paste the level(s) you want to play into your
Jazz2 shareware folder. I chose the 7th Lava Fall standalone
( MLS7thLavaFall.j2l). You need the tileset too, obviously, so copy and paste that
too ( 7th Lava Fall.j2t)

Now all you have to do is rename the level Sharectf (For a treasure
hunt game just rename the level Sharetrs). Now you’re done!

Open Jazz2 and host an internet/lan game (for CTF).
Obviously you play treasure hunt on splitscreen.

Now the new level should load instead of the old one OMG!!!!!!111one.

But oh Noes! the level only plays itself once! D:

Okay I bet you’re wondering how to fix that so you can play more
levels after this one (if it’s a level pack) or how to make the level
play itself again (if it’s a standalone).

Okay now go download the level(s) again, and make sure you copy ALL the files
in the zip to you’re Jazz 2 folder. Yes, ALL the levels. Even the one you
have renamed to Sharectf/Sharetrs. Why? Just because you already have it as
Sharectf doesn’t mean it will play that level name. If the level is named
MyLevel.j2l, it will be set to play the next level MyLevel.j2l. But if you
rename it to Sharectf.j2l, it still has the next level set to MyLevel.j2l.
That is why you need the level.

For packs, it is almost the same. The last level in the pack needs a level to play next, which is usually the first level in the pack (so it repeats )so you need the first level.

Yay! now it actually works :D And now you can play whatever levels you want on shareware!

Now that was easy!