CelL's Mega CTF pack

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16 Apr 2002 at 06:00 (Minor update on 21 Jan 2009)

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>CelL< (More uploads by >CelL<)
Capture the flag
Tilesets by mez, Blade, Dethman, Disguise, BlurredD, Mirrow, Commander Dats, Haze and Agama. Music by Necros, Cyclone, Elwood, Skaven, Mickip, Reptille, Sky The Zapper and IOR. Thanks to various people for beta testing some levels, and everyone else.

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CelLsCTFpack.zip (1.92 MB)

File contents

CelLctf01.j2l Parnagoniax Beachline 7.57 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf02.j2l DreamScape 10.60 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf03.j2l Technical Dreampipes 9.56 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf04.j2l 22 Hour Biscuits 14.46 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf05.j2l Superior Technologys 11.40 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf06.j2l The Plastic Pipelines 9.91 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf07.j2l Asphalt Warzone 9.73 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf08.j2l Claustrofobia! 3.75 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf09.j2l Realm of Darkness 4.43 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf10.j2l Mechanism 35 12.00 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf11.j2l Inside the glue factory 8.13 kB 19 Apr 2002
CelLctf12.j2l Factorial Fiasco 4.88 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf13.j2l Island Paradise 6.60 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf14.j2l Toxic Landscape 5.41 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf15.j2l Tribal Temple CTF 8.21 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf16.j2l Operation: Tunnel Torment 13.34 kB 19 Apr 2002
CelLctf17.j2l The CelLlevator! 4.48 kB 19 Apr 2002
CelLctf18.j2l The Space Destroyer 7.16 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf19.j2l The Space Destroyer 7.16 kB 19 Apr 2002
CelLctf20.j2l The Lost Dimensionator 4.17 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf21.j2l Deserted Dungeon CTF 10.38 kB 17 Apr 2002
CelLctf22.j2l Woody Shoreline 6.10 kB 17 Apr 2002
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 06 Sep 2000
Beton Night.j2t Beton Night 28.17 kB 03 Nov 2000
Castle2E.j2t Castle 2 Eclipse 199.53 kB 29 Mar 2002
CyberSpaz Tileset1a.j2t CyberSpaz Tileset1a 96.19 kB 18 Jan 2000
CyberSpaz Tileset2v.j2t CyberSpaz Tileset2v 170.25 kB 18 Jan 2000
DarkenedL.j2t Darkened Landscape 31.14 kB 15 Jul 2001
dats01.j2t Plastic Dreams 64.69 kB 17 Jul 1999
easterislands.j2t easterislands 49.86 kB 21 Jan 2002
Metal Mania.j2t Metal Mania 206.22 kB 06 Jun 2000
Mez03b.j2t MEZ03b 42.69 kB 06 Aug 1998
mezmerize.j2t MeZmErIzE 125.09 kB 17 Jan 2000
MuckamokNight.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Night 73.92 kB 24 Jan 2002
NaturesRuins.j2t Nature's Ruins 197.50 kB 17 Dec 2001
Sirius3.j2t Dimensions3 74.06 kB 06 Jun 2001


A colection of all my released CTF levels, for those who are too lazy to download them seperatly. Its 22 levels, so if you decide to review, take your time. Music will be uploaded seperatly due to file size.
Re-uploaded to make the levels loop to eachother.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.6

Review by blurredd

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

It’s better now, but there are still bugs. Like the next level setting CelLctf17 doesn’t work. And there are still those glitches in “In the glue Factory” (the ACCESS GRANTED typo and the sucker tube glitch at 52,16) and “The CelLlevator” (the invisble tile in the blaster powerup room) and some other bugs.

I’m gonna give this an 8.5 since the levels are good, but could be better: the eyecandy was well made, the gameplay is alright, and ammo placement is decent, though some levels have bugs in them. So in all, this CTF pack is worth a download, especially if you hate downloading levels one by one.

The Edit: I recall looking at this pack recently and not liking a lot of these levels. The gameplay just doesn’t seem as good as when I first played these levels. Of course, standards were different then. But then again, several levels made way back when had some good gameplay, and people still play them today. Anyway, I dislike the layout and question the balance in most of these levels, which is why my rating is now an 8 instead. That’s still something.[This review has been edited by BlurredD]

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Review by >CelL<

Posted more than 17 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (265 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings242 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness73%

I’ve re-uploaded it to fix the next level setings. I’ll upload the music now.[This review has been edited by >CelL<]

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Review by Blade

Posted more than 17 years ago
Turtle Goon (84 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings84 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness64%

Finally Cell has collected his massive count of CTF levels to one pack. This will help MUCH those lazy people who didn’t bother to download these separately. Have to confess: I was one of them! :)

I’ve seen some of these levels before, but not all. Mostly they’re good, but in some places the design is a little confusing. Still it is not bad always. The weapon placement is great.

Great Cell, we want more of these great packs![This review has been edited by Blade]

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Review by >>Møønblãzé<<

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (12 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I already saw all yea CTF before this was releashed
I can’t say more then that your the best CTF level maker i knwon =P
btw. when you enter the CTF server, the winner team is already choosen =D

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
Way better than Aiko (861 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

I will now give a useless, but detailed review on EVERY CTF level in THIS pack.
Cell CTF 1 aka paragoniax beachline or something?
Very nifty, some errors, but had springs placed well and platforms placed well. NOt the best ive seen though
I saw some errors along the way, and some poorly placed tiles, but the good eyecandy and detail in the pack made up for that.
AMMO/CARROT PLACEMENT:4/5 Generally ok, some carrots and powerup’s to close to each other, but some powerups placed well, like the bouncy one, and ammo placement had a creative touch to it.
Music: 3.5/5 Was ok, but was sometimes annoying and boring.
OVERALL: Around a 7/10, well done

CelL CTF 2 aka DreamScape
Was very detailed and fun. Some greatly placed platforms and springs, but sometimes i had no clue where i was or where i was going. The warps were very fun though.
EYECANDY:4.2/5 To much of the same color, but was detailed and good. I cant remember any errors, but there might have been some. Im thankful that you used another backround other than the one i loathed.
PLACEMENT OF STUFF: 4.5/5 Some powerups placed well, ammo placed creativly. I found very few carrots, 3, and they were all +1 carrots
MUSIC: 4.8/5 I loved this music, and it went good with the level.
OVERALL: 4.375/5, about a 9.

Cell CTF 3 aka Technical Dreampipes
DESIGN/LAYOUT:3.8/5 Very fun, although i got stuck in some places, interesting.
EYECANDY: 4.2/5 Twas ok, some bugs but very creative. Backround eyecandy was nice as well.
PLACEMENT:4/5 Creative
Music:4.3/5 SOmetimes annoying but calm and suitable for these dreampipe type levels.
OVERALL: 4.075/5
About a 9 as well.

CelL CTF 4 aka 22 hour biscuit
QUICK COMMENT: Using the mezmerize tileset (again) which is now probably overused
DESIGN/LAYOUT: 3.5/5 To confusing at times, but VERY creative. The confusion takes some of the mark away though
EYECANDY: 3.5/5 This is what basically lowered the layout mark, the backround was the one i completely loathe, and it kinda ruined my view so i couldnt see where i was going. The eyecandy, otherwise the backround, was ok.
PLACEMENT: 3.9/5 Was basic, to much useless ammo though.
Music: 4.5/5 Didnt fit as much as it did to the previous mezmerize level, because of the different eyecnady etc. But still ok
ADDITONAL COMMENT: I would rate this level a 6.5, but the secrets and layout make up for it.
OVERALL: 3.85/5 about an 8.5 or an 8
Cell CTF 5 aka Superior Technologys
Firstly its technologies, not technologys :P
DESIGN LAYOUT: 4.5/5 Was very nice and fun, especially the suckerz.
EYECANDY: Was basic and good 3.5/5
PLACEMENT:4/5 I loved the placement, very well done
MUSIC: 4.5/5 Suits the level nicely
OVERALL: 4.125/5, about a 9 or an 8.7

NOTE: Although it seems im rating these levels to high, I would really rate them 1.5 or 2 marks lower if they were uploaded singularly :P
CeLL CTF 6 AKA The plastic pipelines
DESIGN/LAYOUT: Basic, a bit above average 3.5/5
EYECNADY: Above average, no errors i think. 3.4/5
AMMO PLACEMENT:3.5/5 Well done
MUSIC: I didnt hear any???????0/5
OVERALL: 2.6/5, about a 5.6 which is rounded to 5.7 (because of the music, if i would of heared the music, i would of rated much higher
EDIT: Oh, i think there is a seperate music pack why i havent downloaded, that explains it. Plastic Dreams rating will change to a n/a, since i canthear the music
Desing: 4/5
Eyecandy: 3.6/5
MUSIC: DOnt have it yet, cant say

Hmm…It seems the music for this was never uploaded???Im going to have to review without thw music column then, unless i coincidentally have the music already.
CeilCTF8 aka claustrophobia(common name)
DESIGN: 3.3/5 Very small, and those electric things confused me somwtime, but there are good parts here
EYECANDY:3/5 Basically average, but no bugs
MUSIC:2.5/5 I have it, yay, wasok and calm suited the level ok
OVERALL: To lazy to check, but around a 6.7 if this was a single upload.

Realm OF darkness
DESIGN: 3.2/5 Basic, but leas to the same area’s to much times. Kinda dull
EYECANDY:4/5 Was good, some nice and not overused foreeground and good backround, nice
PLACEMENT: 3.5/5 I didnt like this as much, but was passable.
MUSIC: 3.4/5 The beginning didnt suit at all, but was ok.
OVERALL: About a 7 or so it it was a single upload.
Mechanism 35
Design: Except that one dead end, it was good. 3.5/5
EYECNADY: A bit overused, but its what you would expect from this type of tileset. 3.3/5
PLACMENT: Was good and ok, 3.2/5
MUSIC: 2.5/5 To strange to get a high rating
OVERALL: About a 7.2 if it was a single upload
INSIDE THE GLUEFACTORY: Oh this is an old one, ive had it for a year or so, maybe less. But sadly i dont have the music for it.
DESIGN:4/5 Was good, i liked it
EYECNADY: 4/5 A bit overused, but went good with thelevel
PLACEMENT: 3.5/5 Was ok and good in some parts
If it were a single upload, it rate it 7.2
Factorial Fiasco
Overused tileset again, it is similar to the other Cyberspaz used tileset, and i wont bother rating it, excpet for an overall rating. Id rate this around a 7 if it were a single upload
Island Paradise: Glad to see a level here which DOESNT use a mechanical tileset or a futuristic one
Design: 3.4/5 Basic, but had good points, i couldnt tell whether some Tiki dolls were masked or not.
EYECNADY: Calm and basic, just how i like it. 4/5
MUSIC: Couldnt hear any, didnt have it
Toxic landscape
DESIGN: The bridge was sometimes annoying, and there were big jumps, but it was overally good. 3.7/5
EYECANDY: A bit above average, not to good though 3.2/5
PLACMENT: Basic 3.6/5
MUSIC: Dont have
Ok, im quite tired now and will continue this review at another time.

[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 17 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

Good work!!!!!!!i love this pack!

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