CTF in the Flowers

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27 Apr 2002 at 04:00

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JazzSpazJP (More uploads by JazzSpazJP)
Capture the flag
Me and nobody else

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FlowerCTF.zip (778.56 kB)

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bloomCTF.j2l CTF In The Flowers 6.64 kB 12 Apr 2002
NaturesRuins.j2t Nature's Ruins 197.50 kB 17 Dec 2001
ascent.s3m "Ascent of the Cloud Eagle" 800.55 kB 13 Apr 1995


This is a level with the tileset
Nature Ruins.
Discover it yourself!


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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 19 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
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Oh, no review yet? So be it.
First impressions: A level by JazzSpazJP, an unknown level maker for me.
Gameplay: This level is something new for me. The level is hard to get around, and that’s not a good thing. There are not enough springs, there is alot of one way, though. There is not a whole border around the level. That causes the flag bug. The level’s layout is bad, so is the flow. I just don’t like the level’s gameplay, and that’s all.
Conclusion gameplay: Bad layout, flow and thus the level is hard to get around. There aren’t enough springs in the level, which makes the gameplay even worse.
Eye candy/Tileset use: The level’s eye candy is the strongest part. I kinda like it, but because the level is so open, the eye candy is nothing special. The tileset use is good, no complaints. There are things in layer 3 that are unnecessary, like that tree that is at the place of the left base. There is way too many one way there too, but let’s continue with the eye candy now. That could be taken out, but it doesn’t really matter(of course).
Conclusion eye candy: Good eye candy, but the level is so open, it could be much better if the level was more closed. Good tileset use, too.
Placement: The level’s ammo placement is questionable in some places, there is not too amny ammo. There are fast fires placed somewhere, but they’re secret. It’s never a good idea to make them secret. Actually, there is way too less ammo. I don’t understand the carrot placement, there is a full energy way too close to the right base. This is a very bad thing. There are 4 PU, Seeker, Bouncer, RF and Blaster. I don’t like the placement of them. The Seeker PU is placed close to the right base, the RF PU placed at the left side. The Blaster PU placed more close to the left base too, same to the Bouncy PU. There is ice too, only put ice when it’s necessary. There is 1 crate, and it’s a ice crate. I don’t like ice too much, but that’s probably just me.
Conclusion placement: Too less ammo, Bad PU placement, some ice. 4 PU is too many imo.
Originality: The tileset isn’t used alot, but there are a few I know that are created with it. The layout is original, but bad. The music is unknown for me. No other things to say here.
Conclusion originality: Not too original, original layout(but bad) and music, tileset isn’t overused, but I know a few more levels created with it.
Fun Factor: Actually, the level is fun to play. It may sound weird, but it’s quite fun. The way to the base is very interesting. The level is too open, which is worse. If it was not too closed and not too open, it would be a very fun level.

I don’t give it a rating anymore. It’s already been rated. So, no rating.
- DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and XLM was here -[This review has been edited by da man]

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