Electrical Battle Zone

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25 Jul 2002 at 06:00

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ElecBattle.j2l Electrical Battle Zone 1.19 kB 25 Jul 2002


This is my second level. I think it’s better than my first one. It’s just a simple level in Tube Electric.


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Review by EvilMike

Posted more than 17 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (217 Points)
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I would definately call this an improvement over your first level. This level is a quite small, simple level in the tubelectric tileset, which is basically of average quality. Electrical Battle Zone is excellent as a second level though, and it does show that thought work was put into it. It’s not one of those horrible, sloppy levels which suck to play in, like most first or second levels are, although this level has a couple of problems.

I would first of all, like to point out that the powerup and carrot placement is rather poor. Instead of scattering them about the level, there are 4 powerups (and one strangely placed fastfire) all next to each other in the same area. There is also a full NRG carrot in close proximity to them. The full health carrot isn’t a bad thing to have, but since it is near the powerups, that area of the level is overly important and will end up having masses of people “camp” there. This can be a good or a bad thing, but it’s generally not good because the rest of the level won’t be used at all. The layout is fine, although nothing outstanding, and it is fairly easy to get around the level. I like the ammo placement in this level, and although there is ice, an ultimately useless weapon, it’s professional-looking. You might not want to put food in your next level though, as a lot of players don’t like the sugar rush song. Many people play jazz2 with music turned off, so they can listen to their mp3 playlist while playing. Getting a sugar rush basically makes the songs sound horrible. I’m not taking points off for food though, because it’s a personal opinion and would be rather biased for me to deduct points.

I have not played in this level online, which I really should have done before I reviewed this. Luckily, it’s a simple level, so I can already see how the gameplay will work out. In a large game, like I already said, players will probably crowd in the top area which contains all of the powerups and a full health carrot. This level is not good for 1 on 1 combat though, because the full health carrot respawns too quickly. I reccomend this level for four players at the most. Any more and you will start to see “cluttering” in the top area.

This level looks a little bland, although it isn’t ugly. There isn’t much variation in the tiles for the most part. Eye candy is definately an area of level making you should work on, but it’s a good sign that you used this tileset properly. This level only has a 2-layer background, but it’s at least not ugly like some things this reviewer has seen. Some advice that I have is for you to use more tiles in the level, and to use animated tiles where possible. Look at the single player levels and ones other people have made, and look at how they arranged the tiles. That’s usually the best way to make a good looking level.

You definately have potential in you. I think you should make more levels, and keep taking suggestions from everyone you can. Most people are either bad level makers or good ones at heart, and the good ones usually take a couple of tries to make an outstanding level. Very few people make “average quality” levels (such as this one) more than a few times. They usually make them when they are half way to becomming a good level creator. Good luck with future attempts.

This level gets a 5 out of 10 because it’s a decent attempt with a couple of problems that can be avoided in the future.

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