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24 Aug 2002 at 06:00 (Minor update on 24 Aug 2002)

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Refalm (More uploads by Refalm)
BR>Turalyon and JensJKM

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Amsterdam-Arena.j2l Arena 1.33 kB 24 Aug 2002
F3A.j2l Fake III Arena 1.45 kB 24 Aug 2002
MBL1.j2l Snowball Fight 2.64 kB 24 Aug 2002
MBL2.j2l Christmas presents 3.03 kB 24 Aug 2002
MBL3.j2l FOOD FIGHT! 2.44 kB 24 Aug 2002
MTL1.j2l Frozen Diamonds 2.76 kB 27 Aug 2002
Rabbit Warz.j2l Deep Space Nine 3.23 kB 24 Aug 2002
Risa.j2l Risa 2.55 kB 24 Aug 2002
Subspace.j2l -/\- Subspace -/\- 1.60 kB 24 Aug 2002
Metal.mod 409.43 kB 11 Sep 1998


This levelpack is a tribute to the lost clan called \


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Xander[NB] rated 3.5

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 18 years ago
I might as well work here (531 Points)
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I feel sorry for MKZ to get a tribute like this.

“Fake 3 Arena” I’ve reviewed before, and I’m not going to do it again.
“Arena” is mainly a small rectangular area. On either side is some ammo and a spring. There’s a warp in the top middle to a bunch of RF ammo (including three powerups for it) There are some text strings in another language, a way to fall to the bottom, and hurt events.
“Risa” makes me thing strongly of Bjarni Cool. There’s a chat room, a huge underwater area (with infinite gems), a bunch of powerups and shields, and a coin warp to a lot more powerups and shields. To get out of the coin warp, you have to go through a coin warp. Every time you exit the chat room, you get more coins.
“Subspace” probably has some story behind it, but the text strings went by too fast and didn’t use @s. Anyway, it’s a probable CTF level with a chat room and a lot of powerups next to the red base. Again, you get coins when you enter the level or exit the chat room.
“Snowball Fight” is so far the best of the lot, which is sad when you consider it. Using poor eyecandy, design, gameplay and weapon placement, this level treats you to a CTF level with spikes, poorly done vines, and collapse scenery.
“Christmas presents” gets me wondering. Didn’t CelL make a couple of HH98 tileset levels called Snowball Fight and Christmas Presents? Oh well.. anyway.. a large jump in quality from Snowball Fight, this level still is bad. The author is beginning to figure out how to use Layer 3 well, but the design is bad.
FOOD FIGHT!”. Ooh. These levels, and I’m being serious, keep getting better. The eyecandy may throw you off, but this level is actually decent in places. (If not throughout)
“Frozen Diamonds” is the first Single Player level. Or it could be Treasure Hunt, but as the level is pretty much a straight line, with the exception of traps that send you back, I’m thinking SP. The level’s not that good, but the quality is still much higher then “Fake 3 Arena”.
“Deep Space Nine.” Another fascinatingly original title.. cough Anyway, this is a large CTF level, with hurt events, a shopping center (where you buy powerups and stuff), small platforms, ammo, and other stuff. The tiles mostly fit together.

And that’s it.

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