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YAY! All have been waiting for! The Idle Server! I cant really say it all over again, but ill just go over the basics.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! (yeah whatever)

1. This was left on purpose. When you use the DUEL MODE, you are free to move left and right, AS I SAID,

*2. This was also left on purpose. When you do the “Winter Idle”, and then you click
back and you self-destruct? Well, that was on purpose, so when you are using winter
idle, and someone is waiting right next to you and you are frozen, you can be reborn
in a new place, so he cannot camp you out. Why didn’t i do this on the other ones? B/c
when you do freeze idle, and while you are froze ppl keep on shooting you, when you click back, you are still
frozen from the after-effect, and cannot move, and when they shoot you, you could lose one of your MAIN
life points, so in this case i put a self destruct.

Refer to the readme for more.

P.S. Only works for 1.23, HISSS!


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.9

Review by Spotty

Posted more than 17 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness73%

Very handy for idle servs , preferably people like me ;P.
Ther are many options which are very cool.
The exploding one owns ;P.
I got an av once while using it, but wasn’t
able to repeat it, therefore I wont deduct for that. Very creative and cool program that I would suggest for any program. Good job Red.
I also bump the mark up because it works on windows xp!’
It takes a little bit more work to make them work on xp so yay for Red ;P.
[This review has been edited by Spotty]

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Review by Stilettø

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (181 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings181 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

Two Modes What Does The Same Close JJ2 Doesnt Work you’l get an AV
Text Hard to read
Why dont you Try To make a other Program Instead of Copying Ideas of Program that has aleady been released?

Summer Idle Explosion

Idea Was Already Used in another Idle Program

So was Winter and Duel.

No Download Recommedation None At all

Dude make the form bigger then or add a other form foo

[This review has been edited by Stilettø]

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Review by Red Ninja

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (23 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings23 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Sorry Stilltto I ONLY NEW OF ONE MODE THAT WAS ALREADY OUT!! THAT WAS WINTER IDLE! None of the others i have never seen, and if they were not released to puclic, then you cant complain about these modes being released to public b/c they would be the first released to the WHOLE community. And its not that hard to read, at least for me.

The only thing that might be A LITTLE hard to read is the Close JJ2, but it worked fine on mine. And on Archangels. I’ve worked hard on it, for about 3 months, since im a beginner at VB, i had to figure out everything, BUT i had ALOT of help from j2HG members, they didnt make it, but some things i just couldent figure out, that are just a DUH, b/c now i know them. I guess im not in J2HG, huh? …yep.


I know i said i have TONS more ideas but they just wouldnt fit on the form ,ill have to make a second :P[This review has been edited by Red Ninja]

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Review by American

Posted more than 17 years ago
I might as well work here (708 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings577 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness85%

This is an OK program, though I’m not sure it deserves the 8 it currently has. I’m not going to rate it, because my views have been jaded by the simple fact too many of these already exist, and I can’t distinguish between them any longer. This one is good, though.

Edit: on second thought, I will rate this a 6.[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by Roseta

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

I made a program which did allmost all of those and more, without some features your program has. Once I get some addresses again (and hopefully learn c++ or something) then I can make it again..

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Review by Arch Angel

Posted more than 17 years ago
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

WOAH! Kev, I never knew you make jazz progs! SWEET! Nice button skins, and form backround! Good job bro, a good and handy prog that is useful for player 1, that are going to go idle, or mainly host a game and then let it run. BTW, where did you get the fonts for the “about” window. Those are excellent!


4 pts for originality, but i have seen the freeze idle before.

3.2 pts for the skins.

2 pts for XP!

Therefore, the total is: 9.2!
kev, make more dude, this rules!

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RecommendedReview by Joseph Collins

14 Mar 2005, 00:14
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings75 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness62%

Hot [explisitive deleted]! Finally, an Idle program that works perfectly for me.

Basically, “Idle Master!” is what it promises, and more! It causes your character to “go idle” in any number of ways, leaving you free to do whatever you want to do elsewhere. Want to leave the server running overnight without fear of being Roasted? Turn on one of the five Idle modes and sleep easier, knowing you simply cannot be Roasted. Let’s go over the various modes this Idle program has to offer.

Regular Idle
In this mode, your character is stuck in a perpetual state of Invincibility.(Like when you’ve been hit or something.) You’re free to move about the level as you might, blinking as you go. The best part of this mode is that no matter what, you can’t be hit by anything the other players throw at you. . .but you also can’t hit the other players with anything you throw. This would be great to use as a “Spectator Mode” in Multiplayer games seeing as you can’t interact with anything at all and if you could use it on Remote games. Yeah, it would be. . .in all modes but Capture the Flag and Treasure Mode. Though you can’t interact with/be manipulated by the other players, you can still pick up items, weapons, flags, gems. . . Ah well. . . Still works for Duel and Race modes. I haven’t tested it in Single Player or Co-Op mode yet, so I don’t know if you can shoot the enemies or not. But I know you can bust up shootable blocks and Butt Stomp and Special Attack the respective blocks. Springboards still work, so I can only assume other “obstacles” work, too.

Sticky Idle
This is a neat variation on Regular Idle mode. Basically, you’re stuck in whatever animation loop you choose to be stuck in once you hit the button with absolutely no controls to use. Want to sit there and constantly yawn as Jazz? Wait until he yawns, then hit the Sticky Idle button. He’ll keep on yawning until you hit the Back button! The downside to this mode, however, is that the player is still able to bump into other players, thus hindering their movement a little. They’re completely invincible otherwise, however.

Duel Mode
I caution you in using this mode. Once turned on, this mode cannot be turned off without exiting the Idle Master! program. What this program does is it relocates the player to Position X0, Y0 in any given map(or just Y0 if they respawned recently). I haven’t been able to properly test this mode for bugs(such as if the players are still able to Roast you or not), but I think it works great if you truly want to be out of the way of the other players. Even if you can’t turn it off without exiting.

Winter Idle
My favourite idle mode. This mode gives you 255 HP and puts you on perpetual Freeze Mode. In Winter Idle mode, you can’t be touched, shot, or otherwise unfrozen. This is perfect for those who want to chill out and do something else elsewhere, like play a PS2 game while hosting, or something. Also, when you turn this mode off, you respawn somewhere else. This is not a bug, but a bit of “instant Roast prevention.” Say you go idle and someone decides to camp out right next to your icey statue. If you didn’t instantly respawn, they could Roast you as soon as you melted! So I think this mode works wonderfully, myself.

Summer Idle(Explosion)
This is probably my least-favourite mode, but I can’t definately say for sure until I figure out if it eats Bandwidth or not. Anyway, what this mode does is it puts you on an endless Suicide cycle.(Until you disable it.) You die, respawn, die, respawn, etc. etc. forever! I’m also not sure how this looks to the other players, considering I’ve only tested it in Split Screen mode. Ah well.

So overall, this has to be, hands-down, the best Idle program there is for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. That’s just my opinion, of course. And I may be biased, considering this is the only program I’ve tried that actually worked properly. Heh.

I highly recommend this file for download if you’re a server host.

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