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15 Feb 2003 at 06:00

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This is my first level. Please rate!


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Review by Stijn

Posted more than 17 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (444 Points)
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Shut up, winner.

The level is not bad for a first level (yes, I always say that :P) but there are some things that should be improved. First of all, all text is in Dutch and since the majority of the J2O users is not Dutch it would have been a good idea to make those texts in English. Another problem is that the spikes don’t have the hurt event on them, so they don’t hurt at all. The third problem is the end boss (devan): he often runs out of the screen so you can’t see him or shoot at him.
The level is way too short and easy because there are just the “easy enemies” like norm turtles and devils, and there are too much carrots. The music doesn’t fit. I didn’t find any real eyecandy problems, so thats a pro.

The level is too boring and short anyway. Download not advised. “Power Rick”, try to make your levels longer and more challenging next time, and keep practising ;)

EDIT: Forgot the rating.[This review has been edited by Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp]

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Review by American

Posted more than 17 years ago
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A level that runs is not bad for a first level. And this runs.

This is a fairly simplistic and pretty short single player level featuring signs in Dutch. Not being anywhere fluent in Dutch, I have no possible way of rating the storyline, so I will skip that process. There are a lot of oversights here that you could expect from a first level. For instance, the spikes lack the “hurt” event. The enemies are all far too easy. There was no use of enemy or boss range controlling, so Devan (the end boss) will often simply jump out of the screen. There are far too many carrots for a level with so many simple enemies. Anyone who dies in this level needs to practice a bit more. Finally, the music of this level (which is unexplainably strange-sounding) does not fit this level whatsoever. This level is way too short, way too easy, and way to buggy. The eyecandy was actually somewhat surprising. I could not find many eyecandy bugs, though there were a few. That could be contributed to the fact that the eyecandy is fairly simple. Still, this is a commendable thing and rare in a first level. Overall, this is an OK first level. There are things that definitely need work. Next time, put a little bit more time into gameplay but keep up the good bug-free eyecandy. I can not recommend this for download, but it definitely shows promise.

+ PROS: Very few eyecandy bugs.

- CONS: Too easy. Too many gameplay bugs. Music does not fit at all.

VERDICT: Overall, I give this a 3 and no download recommendation. There are a few things that definitely need work, but this still shows promise. Focus a little bit more on gameplay next time and I am sure that you will eventually get pretty good ratings!

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Review by Psycho_Man

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (15 Points)
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The “Rick level” is too short and too easy. The boss (devan shell) runs off the screen, so you can’t shoot him half of the time. The eyecandy isn’t so bad allright, but the rest really take the rating down to nothing.
There are too many carrots and the spikes don’t hurt indeed.
And of course I wouldn’t make any levels in dutch. There are more english users than dutch users. I could read the dutch things, though. But it’s annoying. Don’t download this!

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