Evil Clones - add-on (fixed)

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19 Feb 2003 at 05:00

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Evil Clones.txt 2.72 kB 17 Feb 2003
CRISTMAS.j2l Daddy's birthday 41.45 kB 17 Nov 2002
day.j2l Kill this rabbit! 23.40 kB 17 Nov 2002
DeathMatch.j2l Battle over bones 8.29 kB 31 Oct 2002
destr.j2l The essence of destruction 5.91 kB 14 Nov 2002
Die fucker Die!!.j2l Some carrotes for the rabbit 12.75 kB 16 Aug 2002
Easter fucker.j2l Under the Sky 16.61 kB 16 Nov 2002
Electric.j2l City's powerhouse 29.61 kB 11 Nov 2002
Electric2.j2l Electric Death 8.06 kB 11 Nov 2002
Eternal.j2l Eternity 1.50 kB 18 Nov 2002
FinalFight.j2l Whispers of ghosts 64.55 kB 17 Nov 2002
Hellriser.j2l HELLRISER 30.70 kB 16 Nov 2002
LAB.j2l Balls Of Evil 33.52 kB 16 Nov 2002
Medivo.j2l Like Angel At The Dark River 34.92 kB 17 Nov 2002
Miska.j2l Nirvana 8.02 kB 27 Jan 2003
Morning.j2l Bananas smash face 27.22 kB 11 Nov 2002
New Game.j2l Nirvana 8.25 kB 18 Nov 2002
New-Jazz-Citi.j2l New-Jazz-City 27.83 kB 11 Nov 2002
Newj.j2l New-Jazz-City 27.11 kB 12 Feb 2003
Quest.j2l One Fine Day 26.73 kB 27 Jan 2003
Revanch.j2l You wanna bleed again, bitch!? 62.00 kB 17 Nov 2002
The Darkening.j2l THE DARKENING 13.92 kB 17 Nov 2002
The tug.j2l Tree of pain 46.07 kB 17 Nov 2002
Time to die.j2l DIE FUCKER DIE 5.62 kB 11 Nov 2002
traps.j2l PANDEMONIUM 24.81 kB 16 Nov 2002
Wanderland.j2l Wonderland 15.30 kB 16 Nov 2002
Eternal.j2t Eternal 135.30 kB 15 Nov 2002
GOPA.S3M Zopa 858.72 kB 17 Feb 2003


This is fixed upload of add-on “Evil Clones”.
add-on takes about 1.4 mb but it worths to be playing.
(also i want to say that our proffesional level of designing increased from level to level very fast, look at it yourself)


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Quick Reviews Average: 9

RecommendedFOX292 rated 9

Awesome, creative and genious, but some levels are quite ugly….

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.4

Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

STORY: The story, as far as I can make it out, is that rabbits lost their ability to breed in a nuclear war, so now they clone themselves. However, someone called Ivan Somethingorother did something to the clones (I forgot what) and now they’re evil. You, being Jazz, have to stop this. Of course, that’s just the start of the story – later the author forgets about this entirely and it turns into random single player levels, with objectives such as finding christmas presents and entering dungeons. At the very end, you fight Devan, then become one with the universe and see an angel.
Pros: Interesting story.
Cons: Doesn’t have much to do with the levels, kind of same old.
Rating: 7.0

TILESETS/TILESET USE: The author uses almost all of the official tilesets (including Easter, Town and Haunted House) in at least one time of day. Also Mez01 and 02. With the exceptions of Carrotus and Easter, the tileset use is brilliant, and you may find yourself stopping still too look at things.
Pros: VERY well done, new and inventive tile uses.
Cons: Carrotus and Easter have lots of tile bugs, Medivo has some problems (like the rain), the new and inventive tile uses aren’t always good, a few masking problems (like in Castle).
Rating: 8.5

WEAPON/ITEM/ENEMY PLACEMENT: The pack doesn’t do quite as well in this field as in some others. Both enemies and items (paticularly food) are overused, and you may find yourself needing the second sugar rush. In several levels, enemies (paticularly skeletons) and food generate, so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about – unless you can’t find the way out and wander around.
Pros: Enough goodies and ammo to keep you going, some nice enemy uses.
Cons: A little too much of everything.
Rating: 7.0

ORIGINALITY: Some parts of this pack feast on originality, some are the same old thing. For example, the Castle level is very cool (despite having nothing apparent to do with the plot), while Jungle feels very seen-it-before.
Pros: Some things are incredibly original, and I must say I’ve never seen a religious pack before.
Cons: Some things are very ordinary.
Rating: 8.7

DIFFICULTY: Pretty hard. This gets kind of annoying at times, when you find yourself wading through a huge army of generating skeletons, or when you’re inside a huge area trying to find enough coins to continue.
Pros: Not applicable.
Cons: Not applicable.
Rating: 7.2

REPLAY VALUE: Like many of the fields in this pack, some parts of it have good replay value, some you wouldn’t want to see again.
Pros: Some parts are rather fun.
Cons: Some parts aren’t, feeding off of difficulty and lack of good tileset use.
Rating: 7.0

OVERALL (not an average): This is a VERY good and long pack, which should take you quite some time.
Pros: Long, good tileset use, high originality.
Cons: As anyone who has played it will tell you, this pack is FULL of profanity. After a few levels, I began to get the feeling the author does not even know what most of it means. I won’t give examples, but right before you fight Bolly.. gah. And there’s other weird stuff, like the Rabbit/Turtle marrige, and the lack of recognizable plot. And the religious part gets overdone.
Rating: 8.5

Average rating 7.7. If you remove the profanity (immature taunts), and lower the amount of enemies a bit, this rating will be doubtless raised. This pack has incredible potential, as does the author(s?)

Edit: This has nothing to do with the rating, but I thought it was interesting.. in the Haunted House level, there are three tombstones. One is for Jazz, a great rabbit. One is for Spaz, whose distinction is “Jazz’s Brother”. Wasn’t Jazz supposed to be a clone? And the third is for Lori, who is “Jazz and Spaz’s girlfriend”. O……… k.[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

2 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by destroy

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

To EveryOne’s mind:


REVIEW ON REVIEWERS by Destroy and Bleed

We’re disappointed at reviewers of this site. The main your accusation is the profanity. We just want to say that there is no any profanity in add-on “Evil Clones”. It’s better to call it “mature taunts”, but not “profanity”. Through the game pass ideas in the noble and spiritual purposes, and mature taunts are only for fun. There is no need to see bad things where they don’t exist.
For example, you don’t think about the profanity of music art when
you listen to Limp Bizkit:)
We advise you to play the game up to the end at first(without typing in jjnxt-jjnxt-jjnxt in every level) and only then write reviews.

And now about annoying.
We do not agree with reviewer-Superjazz. We built add-on not for
passing through it in one evening. It was conceived not as a level pack but as a real large game, such as Jazz Jackrabbit itself.
I would like to look at your face after your try to pass trough the “Unreal” in one evening, heh.

DESTROY answers on Electric Ir’s review:
Firstly, about level “DIE F..R DIE”:
Didn’t you understand that though you kicked Bolly you died, anyway: this is a plot: “Bubba goes streight to HELL, so you too.” It means that next level: “The Darkening” is hell, so you’re dead, maybe you should think about “HellRiser”, what does this title mean?
Secondly, my “sexual feelings”:
i didn’t mean this, ok? Understand, that i’m a russian dude, so, words like: “Find it and f..k” mean, hmm, …,
“Find it and get some fun” maybe. Or
“F..k him or he’ll f..k you” means:
“Kick him or he’ll kick you”. So my hormones are ok.
Then, about such levels as “Balls Of Evil” and “The Darkening”: You didn’t even pass through the intro of these levels! The Main part is after this intro. These levels, i think, are “ones” of our best levels.
And the last, everywhere you can find texts, where, AS YOU SAY, i call you “f..r” or smth like that, BUT IT IS NOT TRUE: not i, but your enemies(bosses or other bad guys) call you in such way!

DESTROY ANSWERS on Radium’s review:
I just want to say that i’m 18 and i know, my I.Q. is not so low, but what about L.B., i don’t agree, i know the cost to good music.

DESTROY ANSWERS on Superjazz’s review:
1. You’re not so good in playing :P,
i can play through half of the game and stay alife :). PEOPLE, DONT LISTEN TO HIM: IT’s difficult but POSSIBLE!
2. Don’t wait for new levels (so for new taunt), ‘cause if i see this JCS Editor Screen once again, i would have to wash my display from my own vomiting! :D

DESTROY ANSWERS on Violet CLM’s review:
1. That f..r’s name is IVAN ZACHAROV and he’s Devan as well.
2. As in system of cloning people were added evil genes, people became morbid beasts, so it’s not amazing that Turtle has Rabbit in marriage.
3. The text was: “Here lies Spaz, friend of Jazz”, not: “brother”.
4. EVERYBODY, SEE IN ROOT! as reviewers couldn’t, maybe anyone else can?

DESTROY ANSWERS on Fl@$h aka BlewMeUp’s Review:
1. I sure everyone, we didn’t want to use good cartoon heroes as bad guys, for example: using Eva as a whore, or
Devan as a Ivan Zacharov, or caterpillar as the evil Grinch. There is only one reason of such using: we needed to put some ideas into the game, but JJ2 has no any sprites of Grinch, girls for night, or Ivan. So the only decision of the problem was to use these heroes.(by the way, in Jungle Eva plays role of herself, in “A fine day” she is a sheriff and in “Jazz-New-City” she is a whore.)
2. You’re right, maybe such phrases as “Soul of Eternal life is filled with life and darkness”(in “Tree Of Pain”) or “Pray! Never ask why and always be ready to suffer, kid.”(in “Whispers Of Ghosts”) sound stupid in this game; these ideas should be in “sirious”(?)
3-d games, but there was one problem, none of any 3d editors went on my computer(i don’t know why: doom,half-life,quake,duke,unreal etc.), so only jj2 editor went, that’s why we built such sirious game.
3. Didn’t you understand why i hate JCS?
hgh:D, because it takes AAA lot of time to build such large add-on with such large levels, at the end it became SO-O disgusting for me, brrr…
But Editor itself is very good thing!
And it’s not so difficult to find hotkeys: just press “help” button!

DESTROY ANSWERS on Sparky 2002B’s review:
Sorry, i would like to, but it’s impossible to get anywhere Jazz2 1.23 in Russia:), i don’t know how i got 1.24 at all :D![This review has been edited by destroy]

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Review by Stijn

Posted more than 20 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (456 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings284 Featured reviews13 Average helpfulness87%

I agree with everyone (except destroy himself ;) about the religious stuff and swearing. Jazz2 is a cartoonish game and the f-word (stup censor) doesn’t fit. And if you use it, use it when it fits. In “Destroy the reactor and f***” swearing has absolutely no use and sounds quite stupid. I also didn’t like the idea of using Eva as a whore :P

The levels are quite nice anyway. There are many tile bugs (look @ elecs screenshots) but most of the levels look very good anyway. I especially liked the Town House levels; they somehow look like there actually lives someone, and you wont think the whole city is empty and there are only some buildings. I didn’t really like the labrat and tube electric level tho; they are too hard because you’ll often just bump on enemies without being able to kill them before they’ll kill you. The castle level was quite nice and had terrific eyecandy, and the event placement is good, altough there are way too much pickups.
The Diamondus, Carottus and Easter level were average altough they had some parts with weird tileset usage, but overall they’re okay. The medivo level was rather original, altough the rain was buggy and they eyecandy a bit overdone. The medivo level was one big maze and I found it a bit too hard, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough. The platforms on the foreground weren’t a very good idea though.
The haunted house level was kinda lineair but still good. The enemy placement was not very good again, but it was playable.

Overall, I liked this, especially the town levels (omg superb) but those “mature taunts” (lol) were really stupid. What does it matter that you live in Russia? I live in The Netherlands and I know that they are not words that actually mean “fun” or “enjoy”. I also didn’t like the things like “you hear the voice of god” or something. Not because I’m anti-christian, but because it doesn’t have anything to do with Jazz and because it sounds stupid in such a context.
The music didn’t fit when it was custom music and did fit if it was official music. Try to use music tunes that fit, it really adds something to the playfeeling. The eyecandy was very unbalanced; sometimes it was near to perfect and sometimes it sucked. Same goes for gameplay. The pickup placement wasn’t good (way too much food and gems; you can get 3 sugar rushes in one level) but the author used very much trigger crates and stuff in such a nice way that that makes up the food and gems thing ;) I recommend the download, just don’t look at those “voice of god” and swearing texts and you’ll have fun while playing this. 8.0.

Btw, why do you dislike JCS? Did you actually use the hotkeys? JCS has quite much hotkeys that make the usage of it a lot easier but it’s hard to find out which keys you should use. If you don’t know them, you could ask someone :P

1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Superjazz

Posted more than 20 years ago (edited 18 Jan 10, 14:46)
Jazz Jackrabbit (261 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness89%

Removed my review since it was inappropriate and unhelpful.

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Review by Electric Ir

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Evil Ghosts

This large zip file contains 28 files of which 26 are levels, 1 is a readme file and 1 is a musicfile. The readme is a good and clear one, with some cussing such as ‘GETDA*censored*UP’. Chill out.

The story level using Mez01. It’s a nice storyline and there are no bugs encountered. Good.

The second level uses another Mez set, and it all starts in the Sewer. In my opinion this is very original and it looks good. I played along for quite a while without any comments just because this is a good level. You even made use of sound, which is good as well.

Just like other people mentioned before ‘TASTE THIS censored’ and other language isn’t really needed, although it fits the mood of the level. Remember, there are kiddies around.

Too bad I also found some tile bugs like this:

Later you arrive in an area with springs on each side and respawning food in between. What’s the point of this? Do you want us to get sugar rush?

This level also has an endboss. That’s pretty much this level, and I liked this one.

Some tilebugs, sometimes too much repeated tiles, mature language

Strategyful, long, interesting, good ideas.

A good level which requires skill and strategy to finish it.


“Under The Sky”
This level uses the Easter tileset (like that one!).

You overused the eggs in the floor a bit, it’s kinda annoying in your direct vision. You can go two directions from the start, so I first took the right one and then the left one. This appeared to be possible, so that’s a yay.

Going to position (337,33) you can see that you repeated one specific tile lots of times.. It disturbs a little because it’s a weird tile.

You should also practice a bit in stomp scenery blocks and the tile they change in when you stomp them. Look at this:

There’s also some excessive food use on the hills and a tile bug at (482,62).

Together with help of Chuck the bird and the needed powerups you can finish this level pretty fast.

Sometimes a little boring, some small tile bugs

Chuck, interesting trigger ideas.

A good level which you shoudl play when you want some challenge.


“Some Carrotes For The Rabbit”

Levelname: Carrotes? I think you mean Carrots or something. Please check your levelname before you put it in a pack.

Again, there are some minor tile bugs. Using a destruct scenery block as a thing a V- or H-Pole can stand on isn’t very professional, it actually looks pretty noobish. Prevent that from happening next time.

Average looks, quite boring. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did the other ones.

The size is OK. And just an average level.

Not my favourite by far, but it’s OK.


  • DIE censored DIE
    Uh, excuse me? I don’t like any of that, especially because JJ2 is a game for all ages, also young children. I don’t think they enjoy being called a censored.

Again, this level has some minor tile bugs. It begins original, first you have to find a crate to begin.

Now, you gotta fight Bubba, and that’s it. End of level. Well, ‘censored who made the level,’ I didn’t die. ;-P

I don’t really count this level because it’s just a boss level. No rating given.


This is supposed to represent the Hell and lol.. When you fall you’re pretty much dead. I don’t know, but I found this level very odd.


Hellriser starts off with a text saying ‘Here lies Spaz, friend of Jazz.’ and it’s followed by ‘Rust in peace’. Heh, that’s ofcourse supposed to be rest in peace. Probably you just mistyped yourself here.

The background probably has to be something like water and a bridge. This level is nice.

Here lies the author of this level. Rust in peace.
RATING: 7.0.

No comments. Nice, 7.5

“Balls of Evil”
OMG. This scared me and made me type jjnext. This isn’t any good.

“City’s Powerhouse”
Pretty disturbing text strings, again. “Find and censored!” uh, come on. Got a little trouble with your hormones, eh? I mean, just express your sexual feelings and behaviour in real life and don’t bother us with it.

“Electric Death”
Thanks for involving my name in the title.. Err j/k :P One thing that’s bad about this level is that you can just walk off… Not good.

Another thing is that it again uses some mature language. ‘censored Bolly or he’ll censored your rabbit-ass!” Uh, come-on! You DON’T put such text strings in a level. Shame on you.

“Daddy’s Birthday”
Apparently Daddy’s Birthday around Christmas and may it be a good one.
I can’t help it, but this level’s not really good or bad. It’s average.

“Whispers of Ghosts”

At first sight I already found a tile bug, check (2,88) and (19,114 + 27,114). At (26,20).. Helmuts walking on vines? That’s sorta odd. I also found a very original idea, you know, the “bended stuff” on e.g. (58,75).

Also, I think that swinging vines (122,12) in a Castle looks weird. The idea is ok though.

Generally, this level is just fun to play.

Tilebugs here and there, some weird events involved.

The author put some serious effort into making a challenging and interesting level. Good.


And these are just a few levels of this level pack. All have some kind of strategy and tile bugs. Some are just good, some are average. However, I won’t bother rating them all; it would take ages and it wouldn’t get too interesting to read.

I think I recommend this if you have a whole holiday of doing nothing and you don’t know what to do. Peace.


Yes, I knew you meant the cussing something differently from what you wrote down explicitly, but still you could’ve put it an other way. It was all clear for me what your purposes where, you just could’ve said it nicer.
[This review has been edited by Electric Ir]

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Review by Sparky2002b

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

Can you PLEASE make a version of this for JJ2 regular? Remember, T.S.F. wasn’t released in USA!

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Review by SPAZ18

20 May 2006, 12:10 (edited 18 Aug 06, 20:36)
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

WOW! This is great so far! I’ve only just got to level 3. It took me at least 15-20 minutes to finish LV 2! I know there’s lots of swearing but I can’t download the clean version coz it’s missing.
Too much pickups in LV 2. I got 1262 gems!!

EDIT: I just got a Fatal Application error in the 2nd part of “New-Jazz-City.” Sorry, I meant “Jazz” not “Spaz”.
Is “Eternity” the end of this pack? I can’t seem to go anywhere here.

EDIT 2: Do NOT save in the 2nd part of “New-Jazz-City” or “You wanna bleed again, b****!?” coz this will cause an Amnesia error.

EDIT 3: OMG @ Blacky’s review! Geez, that must have taken hours to write!

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Review by Radium

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings24 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

Well first off, I admit that I didn’t finish the whole thing. I jjnxted through a good bit of it, but I didn’t feel like getting a gameover on the third level =P. I’ll keep that in mind when I score it.
The pack starts with running through some text, explaining the storyline. Apparently, there was a nuclear war and earth’s population could no longer reproduce, causing them to resort to cloning. Then some person who I assume is bad puts evil stuff in the magic cloning machine, so you “get a message from God” telling you to save the world or something.
The tilesets aren’t used very good, but the levels are well made and fun to play. They focus on puzzles and mazes more than classic “run and shoot”. Save points are well placed, though weapons are scarce. The scarcity of weapons is partially what makes it fun, though. Layers aren’t incredibly impressive, but the author ovbiously knew what he was doing.
It’s true that the pack is long; you won’t beat it in an hour. I estimate it would take the avrage-professional player 2-5 hours to complete.
My biggest complaint is the cursing*cough*, I mean mature taunts. Those so called “Mature taunts” actually have meanings as real words, and the author ovbiously didn’t know what they meant. There’s not really anything mature about it, as a “mature” person would know how to use the words properly. The pack is good, but the improper use of words really can drag a good thing down. It’s like if the Lord Of The Rings movie paused halfway through to watch a four year old blow bubbles out of his nose =P.
Overall, I’d say six and two tenths. The author is a good level designer who thinks cursing like a ten year old is cool.

Oh, and about the comment on Limp Bizkit: That’s why nobody with an I.Q. over 16 listens to them.[This review has been edited by Radium]

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