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2 Apr 2003 at 07:00 (Minor update on 2 Apr 2003)

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Read!.txt 0.88 kB 02 Apr 2003
Wbattle1.j2l Battle Field 1 2.90 kB 02 Apr 2003
Wbattle2.j2l Battle Field 2 2.96 kB 29 Mar 2003
Wbattle3.j2l Battle Field 3 3.56 kB 29 Mar 2003
Wbattle4.j2l Battle Field 4 2.41 kB 31 Mar 2003
Wbattle5.j2l Battle Field 5 3.65 kB 31 Mar 2003
Wctf1.j2l Capture Zone 1 2.95 kB 27 Mar 2003
Wctf2.j2l Capture Zone 2 3.11 kB 29 Mar 2003
Wctf3.j2l Capture Zone 3 4.63 kB 02 Apr 2003
Wrace1.j2l Race Track 1 2.76 kB 02 Apr 2003
Wrace2.j2l Race Track 2 2.60 kB 31 Mar 2003
Wtreasure1.j2l Treasure Area 1 2.95 kB 02 Apr 2003
Wtreasure2.j2l Treasure Area 2 3.46 kB 02 Apr 2003
Medievil.j2t Medievil (waz09) 28.32 kB 31 Mar 2003
Waz11.j2t Waz11 23.49 kB 31 Mar 2003
Waz11Night.j2t Waz11 Night 23.11 kB 31 Mar 2003
Waz13.j2t Swampy (waz13) 25.84 kB 31 Mar 2003
Waz15.j2t Waz15 7.94 kB 31 Mar 2003
Waz15nit.j2t Waz15night 7.97 kB 31 Mar 2003
WeirdusMkII.j2t New Weirdus (waz06) 15.98 kB 31 Mar 2003
rocket.it Skygazer 1121.64 kB 16 Jun 2000


Hey folks! This is a multiplayer pack I made. 5 battles, 3 ctfs, 2 races and 2 treasure hunts. Please rate the levels and have fun!


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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 19 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

I’m feeling a little lazy about reviewing this since I just want to review the CTF levels. But I will try to write as much as possible:

Battle Field 1-5

The first level is a little cramp but with typical gameplay. The 2nd one is a more open version of Battle Field 1 and uses a slightly better looking tileset. The next level is also open but with a slightly different layout compared to the other two. The 4th level might as well be a hybrid of the first two levels. And the last one is like the 2nd one, although I don’t like the tileset as much IMO. I don’t know if that make any sense at all but that’s what I think. But they seem to be somewhat decent so that’s what counts.

Capture Zone 1-3

It seems that the first two levels have similar layouts to the Battle Field 1. I must say the 3rd level has to be the most unique, but that might be because it uses a non-custom tileset. All three levels don’t strive to be too difference from one another or have anything in them that makes you want to play them again. They all seem to be slightly below average CTF levels. I might also want to add placing carrots so close to the bases might be a bad idea. Likewise to hidden powerups.

Race Track 1-2

Two basic race levels. Nothing extraodinanary. I’m not sure if players will run the course like you expected them to. But it’s not the worse thing if players find short cuts so that won’t count against you whether you intended to have them there or not. Anyway, the levels seem to both be little too cramp for my tastes and I’m not to fond of either of them.

Treasure Area 1-2

Last, but not least, the treasure section. I would have to say Treasure Area 1 is my favorite of the pack, but that might just be because of my low standards for treasure levels. I would add it to my Treasure Server if it was 1.23 instead of TSF, but that’s a shame. The second level isn’t too much like the first one. I reminded me of one of the default treasure levels that came with JJ2. I don’t really like it as much as the first (must be the tileset). Still, it’s alright.

I think I violated a few of my ethics with this review. All of the eyecandy is somewhere between below average and average. The pack is alright. I’ll just stop writing now and leave you with your rating. 7.2 just because.

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