Battle Pack 3

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27 Apr 2003 at 06:00

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Waz (More uploads by Waz)

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Waz37-40.txt 0.76 kB 27 Apr 2003
Waz37.j2l WarZone 3.13 kB 27 Apr 2003
Waz38.j2l The Unknown 2.88 kB 27 Apr 2003
Waz39.j2l Night Attack 3.30 kB 26 Apr 2003
Waz40.j2l Icelated 3.24 kB 27 Apr 2003
Waz15.j2t Waz15 7.97 kB 16 Apr 2003
Waz15Flam.j2t Waz15 Flame 7.96 kB 26 Apr 2003
Waz15Frst.j2t Waz15 Frost 7.95 kB 26 Apr 2003
Waz15Infect.j2t Waz15 Infection 7.97 kB 16 Apr 2003
Waz15nit.j2t Waz15 Night 7.96 kB 17 Apr 2003
xr-cd.xm The Ultimate CD 849.52 kB 03 Apr 1996


Hey folks! 4 levels I made with Waz15 versions. Please rate the levels, but don’t rate the tilesets. Enjoy.


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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

ik vind ze te GEK!

(This site is for reviewing levels in English and giving good reasons, neither of which this review does. Rating removal / making review “go away”. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 18 years ago
I might as well work here (531 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness90%

Waits for the above review to go away

TILESET/TILESET USE: All four of these levels use the author’s own Waz15, and yes, that does get boring. Each of the levels uses a different version of the tileset (Normal, Green, Night, Ice), but the tileset use is so very similar in all of them (basically just how they’re supposed to be used) that it comes out feeling very repetitive… repetitive… repetitive. Still, everything fits together, though I can’t say I like how the masking on the pillars effects gameplay.
Pros: Everything works.
Cons: Used the same way in all the levels, nothing paticularly interesting about the tileset use, pillars have problems.
Rating: 7.0

WEAPON/ITEM PLACEMENT: I guess these were placed ok. There were a decent amount of weapons, but not too many, and carrots seem ok. I’m not quite sure an RF Powerup is a good idea in one of these levels, as they’re so very cramped it’s more likely to get you in trouble then the other people, but Oh well! the rest is ok. Except in Waz38, where you can get the bouncy powerup by just shooting through the sucker tube.
Pros: Decent placement.
Cons: A few flaws.
Rating: 7.2

ORIGINALITY: There’s not very much that is original in these levels. The Toaster Powerup Poles are kind of new, though they take a bit too long for my tastes, and a few of the structures are different, but for the most part, be it design or tileset use, the originality factor is not high. Which is not too surprising, as it seems to be Waz’s weak point.
Pros: A few dashes.
Cons: Just not very much.
Rating: 6.2

GAMEPLAY/DESIGN: Four cramped little levels with nothing much to speak of in the way of flow, which while not as important as in CTF, is still rather handy in Battle. Gameplay’s ok, but you spend too much time crashing into walls and falling down for my liking, or getting attached to a vertical pillar when you expected to fall down. Not too much in the way of strategy is evident in these levels, either.
Pros: Believable battles.
Cons: Cramped, low flow, low strategy.
Rating: 6.5

REPLAY VALUE/FUN FACTOR: Hmmmmm. Well, these levels are mildly entertaining, but if I were to host them, I would take advantage of the fact they all lead to each other and give the server a low roast count, as the levels get old kind of quickly.
Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A
Rating: 6.2

OVERALL (not an average): These are four medium small battles of ok quality, but really nothing special. They don’t show all that much work, and the originality factor is low. I think we can conclude a 10 (with no english explanation) is too high for these levels.
Pros: They’re ok.
Cons: A few bad spots.
Rating: 6.5

Edit: Rating fix (miscalculated previously)
Edit in response to Waz: I am not saying it is necessarily boring to use any given set. However, four small battle levels, all using the same tileset, ARE going to get boring to look at. As for the pillars, their masking is normally fine, except for the way that they are used which makes them seem messed up. As it is, you can get attached to the sides of walls when you don’t want to.[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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Review by Waz

Posted more than 18 years ago
Turtle Goon (68 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings68 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness75%

Violet: what’s so boring about using my own sets? It’s far more original than always seeing those official sets.
And about the masking of the used tilesets: that masking is perfect, exactly the way I wanted it to be. I don’t get what you meant with the problems on the pillars(which has nothing to do with the level, but with the tilesets, and shouldn’t influence the rating).

Edit: ah, ok.

Dx Dc: I’m very happy to get a 10. But, most people here would apreciate an english review instead of a dutch one. And if you give such a high rating, it would mostly be nececary to give a few arguments. [This review has been edited by Waz][This review has been edited by Waz]

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Review by Thrifty

Posted more than 18 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings26 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Well, another upload by Waz.

Tileset use : Perfect(not to mention it’s his own Tst). Nice eyecandy, especially for such a small set

Originality : Though the levels aren’t really original, the idea of using the same Base Tst, but in different versions is kinda fun.

Gameplay : though in some places it’s a bit crap, the levels are quite easy to play in.(but I would’ve prefered a slightly bigger level. Think about it nxt time)

Weapon placement : original and well placed. Nothing to say about that

Online gameplay : This would be perfect to host online, though with a small roast count(as Violet mentionned). The levels are small, as are the sets, so the download time is very short, thus improving online gaming fun(nothing is more boring than to wait 2-5min for a level to be downloaded, especially if the level sux…).

Overall : This is a nice battlepack, fast to download and nice to serve online(if one gets bored of the official levels)

An 8


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