Mission One/Five of OPERATION: KICK SHELL!!!

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9 Jun 2003 at 06:00

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Cazz NP (More uploads by Cazz NP)
Skulg and Toxic Bunny get credit for tilesets, Executor made level two, and beta tested. I did everything else.

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kickshellreadme.txt 1.03 kB 08 Jun 2003
heat.j2l Hot Zone 1.76 kB 27 Mar 2002
mission_czz_oneboss_opr.j2l BOSS ONE 1.13 kB 09 Jun 2003
Mission_czz_one_opr.j2l Mission One 4.09 kB 09 Jun 2003
mission_one2_opr.j2l Mission One 3.51 kB 09 Jun 2003
Lava.j2t Lava Lamp 15.33 kB 21 Mar 2002
WarTornJN.j2t War Torn Night 175.81 kB 27 May 2002
mission_opo.S3M 'Lightning' by The Peric 701.04 kB 13 Nov 1995
PARANOID.S3M PARANOID 126.59 kB 22 Mar 2002


Strangely, Each Mission will be released seprately. This was origginally a demo, but since each mission takes SO LONG TO MAKE, I decided to reease each seprately. YES!!! A README! Plus a bonus CTF level! This is TSF only, because of cats. Wait a day for 1.01 for 1.21-1.23 versions.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 5.6

Review by Cazz NP

Posted more than 19 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings45 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

Is my download even working? (‘_’)

Hmm, that happened to me too. Open the JCS file and push save and run.[This review has been edited by Cazz NP]

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Review by Executor

Posted more than 19 years ago
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness33%

Good eyecandy, and the theme is good too. The levels are pretty short. This could be better.

Just so you know. I really think it’s that good. I’ll lower it to 8.2, okay? I don’t rate Cazz’s levels higher just she’s my sister.

(In that case, you need to reevaluate your rating system. The reinitialization of an offense is intolerable. You receive a warning for this offense in addition to the obvious rating removal. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by Violet CLM

Posted more than 19 years ago
I might as well work here (538 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

Ok, I wasn’t planning to review this, but after seeing Executor’s review remain there so long and nobody else rating it something more accurate, I gave in.

STORY: Let’s see… Devan is building something with money, so you have to take all the money. Because if Devan does not have the money, he can not use the money. Get it? Get the money.
Pros: Money! Yay!
Cons: A little… simple? Underdeveloped? And why do you fight Devan so early, anyway?
Rating: 4.0

TILESET/TILESET USE: Interestingly, while not anything amazing, the eyecandy is ok. The levels, except for the previously-uploaded bleh CTF level, use Toxic Bunny’s seemingly unknown War Torn tileset. Ok, so the rain looks kind of ugly, and I don’t know why the background mountains Move in the first level, but layer 4 fits together.
Pros: Mostly works.
Cons: Some of the other layer eyecandy kind of sucks, the rainbow brick buildings have too much tile repetition and don’t look very good.
Rating: 6.0

WEAPON/ITEM/ENEMY PLACEMENT: The weapon placement is ok. There are a few weapons laying around, and an RF powerup, but it’s neither overdone nor underdone. Now, remember how the goal of these levels was to collect money? Obviously, how the money is placed should have some effect on the rating. It’s all kind of obviously placed, which could be a good thing when you consider you have to have 25 coins to end the level… in the first level. In the second level, you don’t need the coins, and they don’t Do anything (yay, Executor!). So they’re ok, but not all that good. Enemies weren’t all that interesting, mostly just flying enemies where they’d get in the way. Oh, and the other goodies… decent, though underplayed.
Pros: Coins ok, weapons ok.
Cons: Enemies and other goodies kind of boring, coins not necessary in one level.
Rating: 5.5

ORIGINALITY: By this time, collecting coins is not the most revolutionary gameplay. Still, it’s interesting, though I’d prefer doing so in a less linear fashion. The eyecandy contains nothing paticularly new, nor does what’s left of the gameplay.
Rating: 3.7

DIFFICULTY: These levels are pretty simple, really. Just make sure you go in all the obvious pits in the first level, and you should be fine. And of course, don’t run into the ravens.
Pros: Not too hard.
Cons: Too easy, though.
Rating: 5.0

REPLAY VALUE/FUN FACTOR: Maybe it’s just me, but this pack (and I have played it at least three times to confirm this) did not entertain me enough to want to play it again. The flat design just ends up being rather boring, and the uninspired end boss with the generating Float Lizard doesn’t help.
Pros: Few.
Cons: Not too engrossing.
Rating: 2.7

OVERALL: This is not the wonder pack Executor thinks it is. Sure, it’s ok, but it needs work to be more then that.
Pros: Some things are ok.
Cons: Some things aren’t. I sometimes feel I could just repeat Overall Pros and Cons for most every level I review.
Rating: 4.5

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 19 years ago
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings373 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness76%

Everything Violet said goes for my review. Too linear!!!!

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 19 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

First of all, this is not worth of an 8.7.,but someones rating system can be different or “easier” so it can be easy to get good rating form someone.but here is the review.

Level 1:Mission one

Idea:The idea seems to be something “coin collecting to defeat devan”?.Oh, thats an good idea.i havent seen any “destroying devan” with coins idea levels in jj2online.good that you maked your own , good idea.

Tileset:this level uses tileset called “War torn” the tileset use was…somewhat right,but there were some annoying eyecandy bugs in those multi-colored bricks.ofterwise tileset use was good.adnd, yes i want say that if the level were more longer, i would give it higher rating.

Eyecandy:there is no much to say……
Eyecanday was good in the level one……there were some annoying bugs in the eyecandy , in those multi colored bricks in this level.
But, in think that eyecandy was…good.

Enemy placement:You should train enemy placement “skill”.There were lots of ravens placed above average.also there were some turtles,and lizards.
so, i say that enemy placment is average:

Pickup/ammo placement:
Were there any foods?i dindt saw foods!and if there is no foods, players cannot get sugar rush.there were lots of ammoes like missiles,bouncers etc.so ammo placement was better than pickup placement.ofterwise i would rate pickup/ammo placement as 6 but, i lower it to 5 since there were no pickups.but there some gems, so 5 is too low.

Difficulty level:Levels were pretty easy.there were some enemies like ravens,cats,dogs etc.
but its still easy.

Overall:wery well this was the review of the first level.heheheehe.i have improved my rating system.but the first level was quite good.
And here are the good things of the first level.

Good things

-lots of ammoes
-blue gems
-music choice was good

bad things

-no foods
-eyecandy bugs

so my rating for the first level is 6.5

tileset:tileset use was average in this level.there were some bugs in the eyecandy.multicolor bricks were used wrong.tileset use could have been better

idea:same than in first level:collect coins to defeat devan.

Eyecandy:like i have said before, there were some annoying eyecandy bugs.but, at least level is playable.and quite challenging.

enemy placement:There some turtles and dogs like in the first level enemy placement was quite same.nothing more to say.

pickup/ammo placement:
nowt good, but not bad.OH NO!THERE WERE NO PICKUPS IN THSI LEVEL TOO SO players cannot get sugar rush, and thats bad too…………..

difficulty:quite easy,but also an a little bit challenging.i cannot say “why?” but i think it is…challenging.

Overall:this level was little bit better than first one….but there is still lot to lEARn……and here are good things, and bad things

-lots of ammo
-music choice was good.
-backgorund works

-No pickups(again!)
-enemy palcement is bad

So my rating to the second level is:6.5
noiw i have rewieved 2 levels only one level….

Final level:BOSS ONE

hhmmm….i dont review this level fully because its an a boos level…
but there were one float lizard and one full energy.
quite good boss level.

this was good pack,but not hard….the second level were challenging, but….
Its and above average!

Download recommedation??:hmhmmm…nope…if youre so soooo bored, you should download this.

wow!this was my longest review ever!! :D

and sorry if i dont have spelled the words right![This review has been edited by snooz]

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