Wadledee's Carrotland

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18 Nov 2003 at 05:00 (Minor update on 18 Nov 2003)

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wadledee (More uploads by wadledee)
Single player
NOPE! Only me! HAHAHA!(Evil laugh;)

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wadle carrot.j2l Wadledee's Carrotusland 9.88 kB 18 Nov 2003


And again a LVL from me!
I made this LVL in 2days!(that’s very quick for me;)
I hope you like the LVL!
Oh, almost forgotten, this is the first time I used an way with hooks and springs!
Rate it and see ya!


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.5

RecommendedTyphoon Bunny rated 7.5

I think it’s a good level.
-It’s easy
-There is a lot of things
-It’s spectacular

But there is a mistake:
The boss isn’t work!!!

But this is a good work.
Well done!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.7333333333333

Review by Neon PSY

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness31%

dont lie about it being 1.23 :P its 1.24

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%


1-very much tilebugs
3-spaz basic
4-some eyecandy
5-good food placed
6-The boss does’t shows up.

I give it a 7.O


Yor not NEW[This review has been edited by dx dc]

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Review by wadledee

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (67 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings67 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness42%

I’m sorry Neon!
I thaught it was only 1.24 if you use new tilesets!carrotus is included by 1.23 so… I don’t know ev’rything about Jazz2, okey!? I’m new!

this review has been edited by Wadledee

Dx Dc: You’r not NEW
Wadledee:I’m not NEW!? This is(originaly 3LVL) my second game!

This review has been edited by Wadledee[This review has been edited by wadledee]

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Review by JelZe

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings98 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness86%

Review time again! :D

Before I start I want to point out one thing to all the new level makers out there: there are two versions of JJ2, 1.23 and 1.24 (also known as TSF, The Secret Files) These two are not 100% compatible. In short: levels made with TSF, no matter what tileset used, can not be played in 1.23. Remember that.
Also note that if you want a good rating, make levels with the 1.23 version: TSF has been released in Europe only, so the Americans are missing out.

Enough ranting, on to the actual review.

First impressions:

A long fun level with some challenges. The author says he made it in only two days. It’s quite surprising that level doesn’t look like a hastely crafted thingamajig, but more like a level carefully created in like… 2 weeks to a month (that’s a recommended period for average level makers). Unfortunately the apperance of the level suffers somewhat due to the 2 days period.

Not as linear as you may expect, given the time spent: it’s only linear at the beginning of the level, which goes from the left all the way to the right. A long drop thereafter and the linearity is gone. From there the path goes Zigzag :p I even saw a crossroad near the end of level (cut off by trigger blocks, good job!) As mentioned earlier, the level is designed to Spaz’ advantages, but not to the point where Jazz can’t finish the level.

This is were the most care went into: the puzzles and challenges. Right at the beginning’you’re treated to one, tho a rather lame one: “get to the other side of a bramble pit via the vines. The author was so nice to actually block the other side so you’ll have to run through the brambles. Good thing there was a carrot hidden at the end, so no harm done (?) Following is a collapsing floor and a “Roller Coaster” Maze (meaning a system of poles and springs). Quite fun, but the long way suffers from halts caused by bad tiles and spring placement. Those things are always hard to make, so it’s no biggie. Next is a “find the crate at the other side of another bramble pit à la Easter, followed by a “frog lane”. The frog lane is quite challenging as the objective is get to the bottom via the zigzag platfroms with springs. At end you’ll have to fight a boss. Although he doesn’t appear! My guess is he used the Tweedle boss, which does not work in JJ2. Quite a shame, as you can’t properly finish the level without having to cheat. Overall, with some adjustments, it’s pretty good.

Tileset use:
Pretty basic, but not too bad. Carrotus is known for having tile bugs that can’t be helped, but can be hidden. What really makes me worry is the background layer down at the very bottom of the level: a big green line from the castle can be seen. A major bug, which I hope to see fixed in an update of the level.

Ammo, Food, stuff that’s good:
A level is no good without goodies, and luckily this level has them. They’re spread out all over the level, you won’t see a section without goodies. At some places you even have work for goodies (at the challenges mentioned above). One complaint: what good are coins if there isn’t a coin warp? Answer: none. Although there are coins, I can’t see a coin warp anywhere. Either the animation isn’t working (Showamin = 1 only works for 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 coins), or the author simply forgot to put one in. Either way. nothing that can’t be quickly fixed.

Enemies, goons and other beings that want rabbit stew for dinner:
The usual Carrotus enemies make an apperance: lizards, (tuff) turtles, bats, mosquitos and even smal dragons. aan interesting thing to note is that the dragons can only be found in the “find the crate” sector, places on ccarrot stomps with a low ceiling. You gguessed it: there is where they can get annoying for Jazz, but not for Spaz aand Lori (sidekick ;)). Nothing else out of the usual.

A pretty good level, given the 2 day period. It’s just a shame the level suffers from flaws that add up (glitched Tweedle boss, no coin warp, bugged background, “Roller Coaster” halts). I can’t give it a rating because it’s “unfinished” to me. Untill the flaws (at least the Tweedle boss one and the coin wrap )are fixed, no rating from me.

- JelZe GoldRabbit =:3[This review has been edited by JelZe]

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Review by Sebas3aan_L

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I can only repeat the words said by the other reviewers: the level sure looks good, though a few bugs still ocure. You finally added carrots to your levels, wich is a good improvement compared to your previous work. The only thing I can mention is: PLEASE fix the bugs as far as possible, and upload it!

(Rating removal based on circustantial IP match. Any further reviewing of this level by anyone on the IP block of Waddledee will result in a rating removal. Do NOT allow your friends or family to review it. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Hmmm, a average level. Let’s start:
Gameplay: there was some good gameplay in this level. There were also some bad things.
-There are lots of V and H-poles
-There was a spaz biasing place here.
Eyecandy: There was good eyecandy here. Good use of caves and plants.
Pickup placement: Good food and ammo placed, some unnecessary gems and coins that are unnecessary too.
Others: many bugs and you don’t see the boss
Now my rating: Well, 6.5.

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Review by Mercury

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness100%

Two days hmm? That’s pretty quick! Okay, let’s review…

Nice, I liked your frog part and the rollercoaster stuff. I noticed a number of bugs in the rollercoaster, like not going through well. This is not really fun to correct. :P
Avantages for Spaz in the levels, indeed. Poor Jazz…

Event placement:
Good. Sometimes it was a bit unlogical, like the dragons, I didn’t find them anywhere else in the level, but this doesn’t really matter. Fun.

Many many many of them, especially tilebugs. There’s only one thing I can say: FIX THEM. By the way: I think you know that Tweedle Bosses don’t work…

So, reupload please. It will bring up your rating.

A fun level. Nice. A 6.7 from me

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