Sky Hell and Sea

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1 Jan 2004 at 06:00 (Minor update on 1 Jan 2004)

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SHS.txt 0.52 kB 31 Dec 2003
Sky and hell.j2l Sky and Hell 2.83 kB 31 Dec 2003
Disguise.j2t Ultimate World 47.56 kB 11 Feb 1999


The level is very tiny but very fun I think :-)


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Review by Sacrush

Posted more than 18 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
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Let me give this a review thank you.

Basic!!! Hmmm…. The background is bad only green leave`s and there are no extra layers used to make it look better. Those green leaves also looks kinda buggy but i don`t know if it is your foult. There are some things to make it look better like some flowers plants and grass and there are some different tiles used but there could be a lot more. Also i found a couple of tilebugs that really is annoying. Let me tell you where i found tilebugs By hell that orange background doesn`t end right it suddenly stops. And where that seeker powerup is hidden in the ground i can see a part of myself in the ground and where the seeker stands could look way better.

Good: There is a lot of ammo and is good placed. There are a lot of powerups like, bouncers, seekers, Toaster, freezer and pepperspray. Pepperspray is not needed because a upgraded Pepperspray doesn`t do more damage on your opponent. Also i think there are too much powerups in this level. Also there are 3 1 energy carrots that is to much for this small level. Id it was a big battle level there could be 3 carrots but for this size of battle level it`s to much. The coins are goodly placed and on the right places. The things you get from the coin shop is really bad you get some ammo of seekers and toaster but there is already enough ammo in the level. Also you get a Bouncer powerup what isn`t really needed because there are already better powerups. The springs are good placed can`t complain about that.

Medium!!! It`s quite fun to battle in this level but because of some mistakes and a really BIG mistake it is making this level a little bit unfun. Let`s start with the small mistakes in the gameplay. First of all there are a lot of dead end that`s okay but there are too much deadends. Also there are to much platforms the should be more bigger platforms because it`s not easy to run in the level i need to jump and stop a lot of time with running. There should be walls all around the level because if somebody is standy at the end of the level it`s hard for the other to hit him. The Big mistake is that the is a shop that isn`t needed first of all what you get is really not needed but you also don`t have to go in the shop to get the bouncers powerup because with the pepperspray you can shoot trough the wall and will hit the powerup so exually the coin shop is really unneeded. Also there are to many carrots in this level it`s almost inmpossible to kill somebody. There should be 1 carrot. Also don`t do hurt tiles in battle levels that`s bad.

Okay!!! it`s not a big level but i think it`s not to small. It doesn`t need to be smaller though. The music doesn`t really fit in the level. The tileset is not really good used but not really bad though.

This battle level is not bad but still not that good a ¤6.2¤


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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 18 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Ok, time to review.
Gameplay: Good. Its a small level, but the gameplay is good for a level of it’s size. There were coins and a coin warp too. The spring placement was good, its quite fun yes. There were too many MP starts, though.
Eye candy: Good. Its good, but not too many in this level. Some use in layer 5 and in 3 something and something in the sprite layer 4. Thats standard, which makes the eye candy good.
Pickup placement: Okay. It was not too spectacular, there were way too many power-ups and its a small level so thats something really unnecessary. The rest of the ammo was ok placed, and the coins too. There was some fast fire, that is good, but I think that four is too many for a level of this size. Also, there were too many carrots, which means, the pickup placement was good, but some pickups were overused, so that makes it okay.
Other: Host: No.
Download: No, not recommended.
My rating is 6.

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Review by The Programmer

Posted more than 18 years ago
CTF Bug (4 Points)
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Let’s start the review.

- EYECANDY – (6.2/10)
Like Satan said, the eyecandy was very basic in this level. It’s still good, but it just has an empty feel to it. Unfortunately I didn’t like the background at all, it didn’t blend in with layer 4. Still, the eyecandy overall in this level was slightly above average.

- PLACEMENT – (6.5/10)
Good! There was nothing in there which I didn’t like, it was all good. A bit boring though.

- GAMEPLAY/LAYOUT – (6.3/10)
The level itself isn’t THAT small, but it could’ve been a little bit bigger. It’s a good level for dueling, though. ;) Anyway, there was one part of the gameplay which I don’t like: and that’s the fire that hurts you. I, personally, don’t like how some people place hurt events in multiplayer levels, but well, maybe it’s just me. The layout was allaround good.

- OVERALL – (6.3/10, which I’ll round down to 6.2)

Your everyday slightly above average battle level. Not much to say here.

Download This: Maybe if you are bored…
Host This: Again, maybe if you are bored…

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