Wadledee\'s Carrotusland (REUPLOAD!!!)

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6 Jan 2004 at 05:00 (Minor update on 6 Jan 2004)

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wadledee (More uploads by wadledee)
Single player
My brother has helped with the Major-Bug...

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wadle carrot.j2l Wadledee's Carrottusland 10.17 kB 09 Jan 2004


Sorry a bug has emptyd this description!

The bug on the beginning under the carrot is gone.
On the end of the lvl, is also a big bug gone. And the endboss says somthing now.
The most other bugs are bugs of the tileset(the most, not all;) )
See ya!


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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

lets start!


Not bad at all just like the old one but… many bugs with eyecandy look at the beginning you see the first walk tile. look good you see a bug, its the dark eyecandy tileset with normal walk tile. kinda bad so. also with the vines you flow over it.. thats kinda bad you see the burger :S. but oke. eyecandy is oke. but buggy. many eyecandy cave’s and more.

Gameplay/Size/Originally/based on

Its just the same. small? not at all not big or small. just middel. i got bored after many trying getting the maze with the poles. and its very spazzzzzzzzz based, bad. jazz must reach everything. :S. next time make more originallt things but i wont take points of the rating.


MANY! many bugs. look at the end before you jump in the cage ( or like that ) for the boss. you see the ground its not finished use layer 5 to fix it. and many ground bugs. the carrot at the begin its buggy look at the begin of it. it dont has a spike begin under it :P. so. and otherwise. carrot is a buggy tileset sometimes ;)


Not bad! its nice placed gems and nice ammo also carrots. not bad. nice savepoints also. but the tuf boss is mayby to easy. use a tuf boss with protectors ( other tufs ) ( look at my levels some look at Jungle swamp you can take it ) ( originallt made by Violet :D) but oke. its oke. tuf suxs :P. ammo is very easy to get because its hanging everywhere so..

Baddies placed

not bad. but easy to beat them. choose well yor baddies! look at carrottus levels or like that. but its good placed.

Download reccomed:i dont know i think yes.
play again:mayby once
Host this in coop: no to short for it sorry.

Final Rating: 6.8 >> 7.0



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Review by cooba

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (332 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews33 Average helpfulness86%

Okay, without boring speaking, I’ll go onto review.

***Default points : 6***

This yux0riffic layer 6 bug is now changed. How nice. Although, tilebugs in layer 4 exist. How boo. Many cavern tiles used. But you should use Environment/Lighting/Set Light event to make it the real dark cavern. The bustable carrot at beginning should be hanging from ground above rabbit, not growing from ground below rabbit. After shooting this Yummy Vitamin C resource obstacle some orange thingies stays in ground. You know tile under last bustable tile…

PROS : Major layer 6th bug removed, caves
CONS : Layer 4 tilebugs
If tilebugs from fourth layer will removed, I’ll raise rating.
—0.5 point—

Beep. Level is a sort of short. While it’s long to finish it at all, level is small. And it’s Spaz bIased as Dx writed. But not so bIased as in previous version of level.
Level includes a funny stuff, like the rollercoaster maze (enter cavern) and annoying Froggymnastik. However, I quickly passed over the springs there ‘coz I train in my old lev Toad Trouble. Yeah, it was challenge (did you know that frogs can slowly fly?). But back into topic, it’s a bit too less of ‘em.

PROS : Underused thingies, Spaz bIasing reduced
CONS : Small
++0.5 points++

Nice. At beginning where rabbit must get hurt to go, there’s a carrot nearby. Also good food and gems placed. However, there’s not too much of them. But ammo is a other thing. Yay, nearby beginning, there’s a Bouncer Powerup and Bouncer Crate (with 15 bullets more, but they’re not bullets as Jazz may trag). AARG. And boss is too easy with all this munitions. Nearby arena there’s a 20$ coin warp with many food and… you guessed it, bullets >p
Baddies – many. Mainly Tuffs and Lizards, but also Dragons and Bats. They doesn’t fits together too much, unfortunately.

PROS : Plenty of ammo and carrots, good enemy placed
CONS : Too less of food and gems, easy boss (Schwarzenguard)
++1 point (wee, a full point added)++

Carrottus. Day. It’s, as far as I know probably ninth or eighth level using Carrotus Day from December to today. Music – carrotus.j2b. Don’t you think that time for some differents is comed? Replace music with some funky stuff, type for funck-2.mod. Yayayayay. And use Carrottus 1 Night. Yea, I know that their animations doesn’t fit as well, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

PROS : Ow.
CONS : Ow ow ow.

Overall for Wadledee’s Carrotusland -> 6 – 0.5 + 0.5 + 1 – 1 = 6
Six points to be exact.
Rank for level : AVERAGE
Download : Yes.

Misc stuff that doesn’t effect on rating

DX, Overlord made that Schwarzenguard is a helper for main boss. Violet just upgraded it. And BTW, she never wouldn’t upgraded it if she’ll not played Hocus Pocus. So thanks should be for Apogee.

Tuff doesn’t sux. Tweedle sux.

Carrottus has two “t” instead of one. Bwhahaha.

Edit LOLOL : It’s because that these things are overused. Lev’s are better when they’re different that other. And if you don’t want my rating for it, there’s no rating :P

[This review has been edited by Cooba]

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Review by wadledee

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (67 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings67 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness42%


Who is the lvl maker? I am! I chose the tileset, I put a good music in the lvl thats music is from Carrottus(Okey now I whrote Carrottus with 2’T’:P )
It’s forbidden too count points from it becouse it’s the 9 or 10 Carrottus lvl! And the music is also OKEY, right!? It’s music from Carrottus!

This review has been edited by Wadledee

Cooba, I haven’t see much Carrottus lvl’s in the list, so why it’s overused?:P
[This review has been edited by wadledee]

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Review by Sacrush

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness46%

Well here is my review.

Eyecandy :
Fine!!! The eyecandy looks on the most parts the same as the origanal level and that`s good. The background is good like A river and a castle. There are also some small Tilebugs in the level. Let`s start with the start of the tilebugs. First of all when you shoot the carrot you see that on the ground still something of the carrot you could fix that with a collapse scenery. Also with the bridge that collapse There is still a part of the bridge you can see you could also fix that with a collapsing scenery. There are also some small eyecandy bugs but that`s not really bad. There are also some good things like there are many things on layer 3 too make the level look way better like Plants and stuff. Also there are many things on layer 4 like trees and animated flowers that`s good too. The caves are looking good too.

Enemy placement:
Good!!! The enemies are really good placed not too much and not too less. Also the enemy choice is good there are float lizard and lizards and tuf turtle and blablablabla. There is also a boss that`s good. The enemies are always placed where you can hit them well and not on strange places. Don`t really know what too say more about the enemy placement sorry.

Item placement:
Good!!! I have nothing to complain about the item placement. The ammo is good placed There is toaster and bouncers and seekers and more. The ammo is on the right place placed. The powerups are good placed too. The food and gems are also on the right places placed and there is not too much and not too less. The savepoints are also on the right place placed just like the carrots and the coins good job Wadledee.

okay!!! The level is fun to play. You did a lot too let people have fun with this level like collapsing bridges and good trigger placement. There are also a lot of spikes on the right places.
Also you need too choose some pathes if you choose one you will be swinged and smashed too a course thats okay but the course takes too many time and that`s unfun. Also sometimes i have too sfeer a little that`s not good. Also the level is fun too play because the placement of springs and enemies and stuff. It`s not Spazz of Jazz based. Also too make the level more fun you will be changed into a frog although that is a little bit easy.

Fine!!! The level is quite long and the music fits(really it does). The layout is also good and it doesn`t feel really linear. There is no Easy Normal and hard mode that would make the level better.

This is a fine level i give this a €‘7.0’€.


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Review by Mercury

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness100%

Ah, good level. Hum hum, let’s start.

Good. So, use of almost all layers, uh? TThat’s good. Just as Satan said, there are some tilebugs. Many of them cannot be fixed, many can be fixed, but I don’t really care. And the thing about the uverused Carrottus tileset, I agree with Wadledee. Overall it was just fine. —- 7 —-

Good. It’s a long level, and although 95 % of the bugs are fixed, there were still some in your rollercoaster (liked it, by the way). You also had to wait for a long long long time before you were down, all the way to the left. Good secrets. You also fixed the ‘dragon side kick’, uh? Overall: good. —- 7.7 —-

Enemies were placed well, just fine. Well, what do I have to say about it?
I remembered that there were coins, but no coin warp!? Well, this is fixed, and the ammo and the gems, food etc. are also placed fine. Overall: fine. —- 7.5 —-

Well, other……. Oh, the music was chosen fine. Not overused. It fits. Its good.

Good level. A 7.5 from me.

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