Technoir (NOT jj1)

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27 Jan 2004 at 05:00 (Minor update on 27 Jan 2004)

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NOKA (More uploads by NOKA)
The main idea of original tileset are from jj1 - In example level are used some Violet's tricks (belts tricks)Music suppost to be from Acld - the Technoir 4 remix but I include other music file - Thanx Acld!!!!

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Blah blah.txt 0.15 kB 28 Jan 2004
Technoir-NOKA.j2l Back in Technoir? 14.84 kB 28 Jan 2004
Technoir - NOKA.j2t Technoir - NOKA 389.56 kB 28 Jan 2004
Technoir2 - NOKA.j2t Technoir2 - NOKA 389.57 kB 28 Jan 2004
Technoir3 - NOKA.j2t Technoir3 - NOKA 389.56 kB 28 Jan 2004
Toxic Land Hybrid.xm Hybrid song 2:20 50.15 kB 01 Nov 2003


The Evil NOKA has returned from his trip to another world. Yes he is back and he brought you something. The brand new tileset which is made by himself – he spended lot of time on it. He even had a problems with his math in school because he didn’t study cause he was creating this tileset.

Basicly this is the REMAKE NOT CONVERSION – as NOKA was a converter now he want to be a remaker. This is a remake of Technoir and it’s TSF cause of the number of tiles – if you do not have a TSF that is too bad cause you can’t play it and you can’t have a tilesets which contains more than 1000 tiles – that is SAD. Maybe try to download some kind of expansion or something than you will have lot of fun with BIG tilesets like for example MEGAMEGATROPOLIS of Disguise which contains more than 4000 tiles!!!! This one contains 1810 tiles – NOTHING here is copied from original Technoir. This is the FIRST tileset of NOKA done all by him self and which is so big. Basicly tileset have planty of animations, and thats why it might be a bit hard to use for non experienced users. If you do not knoe how to use it look at the example level – the most stupid thing is water gradients – there are parts which can confuse you.

Please NOTE:
Don’t rate it as a conversion or something cause it isn’t – don’t rate that some parts aren’t look like original technoir – it not suppost to look like an original technoir at all – This is something like Agama’s remake of Orbitus or DreamPipes – SIRIUS – only mine is MUCH uglier.
There are some parts wierd – like this that the basic (pink ) ground isn’t really good gradiented – I know I did it on purpose.
Nothing in this set is copied only some basic tiles from jj2 (like text and exit sign)
Please concentrate your rating on tileset version which is putted in ex level – those two are only a palette change version and aren’t good.
and please play ex level before rating – don’t even think about rating it directly from JCS – it looks messy there (maybe because it SUX)

Made for J2VF.


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.5

DennisKainz rated 5.5

To be a remake from JJ1 to JJ2, this tileset does not follow the Nick Stadler style at all, and it is not even really nice to see.

I mean … Layers 7 and 6 are composable tiles. I do not like composable tiles on those layers. And NO LAYER 5 by the looks of it. Layers 5-7 should be 10×7 pictures.

And the toxic tower is DITHERED!!! Wth

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.5666666666667

Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Wow NOKA great

Nice tiles, ani tiles and also
and the ex-level rocks, i was thinking: Ah a
small level :D! But no!
Ex-level is great so you can see everything
mask is also good.

here a 9.7.



Download reccomed: Yes
Build with this: Yep
[This review has been edited by Ðx]

I think violet will remove so i will make it longer!

Spikes it has
eyecandy tiles YES sure more then normal technor!
vines yup
texts Yep

I think it has all.[This review has been edited by Ðx]

MoonBlaze, if yor tilesets ar so great, yor just jaloes! Nothing more.[This review has been edited by Ðx]

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Review by DranzerJ4E

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (9 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Wow noka! very nice work!

What a great graphics!
This tileset is very nice, good eyecandy tiles good, WHAT SAY, THE BEST!
This tileset is the best tileset i saw, heaven and egypt are good, but this is higher then that all.
Its big, and not fast-made big, no the best biggest tileset ever!
Noka, this is wonderfull!

-Good eyecandy tiles
-Nice size

I cant say more about it!
And DX ofcourse not overrated!

Srry jj2 admins, i want make it longen, but that cant, its wonderfully!

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RecommendedReview by DanYjel

Posted more than 20 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (215 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings215 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

This is super example of remake. You could see it in Sirius. I love Sirius, that is something old in new concept, in modern concept, in more quality concept. This is totally awesome remake. Yes. I think second best remake on J2O. But is here something good on tileset like regular tileset? Of course. 3 colors of tileset, lot of usable tiles, author didn’t forget to layers. Good.
Lot of unusable tiles there (…), in true it’s not original (except some supremely original tiles). But lie was stronger and this unoriginal tileset looks like super, cool, amazing and awesome tileset. Everybody must see small inspire of Technoir. It’s only small, but effect is so big like inspire is small. At end, this is really great tileset which can be really easy to use but it can be very hard, if you want to use all nice tiles. I think this is tileset for everybody, so, if you have not this wonder, click here now and make some new good level for us.
Just Noka, make remake of this tileset (lol), little great remake of non-this tileset, little… Something like this what will run under 1.23.
D/L it now everybody!
D/L it!
D/L it now.
Kool tileset[This review has been edited by Danyjel]

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Review by NOKA

Posted more than 20 years ago
Frog (22 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings22 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness45%

Okay, well there are only two (I believe) modificated copied animations – but still there are modificated a lot.
But Danyjel you don’t have right, the ground is mine – and how you can say that I only modificated tiles from other tilesets? I did all the sets by myself (besides the jj2 signs and some modificated animations!)
[This review has been edited by NOKA]

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Review by MoonBlazE

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (91 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness73%

Sue me, but I don’t think too well of this tilest. Yes, of course, it’s a very large tileset, but just like Hotel Heroes, (Or any other cheap tileset creator ;-P) half of the tileset… are just the orginal part of it, copied and pasted on a background tile so you don’t have to waste layer number five. (Peharps incase you want to fill extra much background layers) While there is nothing wrong with doing so; it doesn’t impress me in any kind and make me feel better about the tileset.

Like the majority of average tilesets, Technoir does only have one tile for each kind of ground set. There’s a very few detailed tiles in the ground tiles, but not varity like in Epic’s tileset or other talented tileset creators’. Examples goes to the brown tube: The only detail is a hole. Okay so it’s a brown tube with the same hole variously places, depending on the level designers creativity. The best varity is seen on the pink ground road.

The next problem about this tileset is the theme graphic. Lots of the tiles are drawn in paint; completely, while others are one hundred percent textured in a photo editing program. Combinated in a level, this does not fit very well together and looks very ugly/funky. I learned this importnant lesson by Flash who pointed it out in one of my own tilesets, you’d better try to make the tiles suit eachother so combinating them doesn’t break the eyecandy with a graphical border.

Also on the subject of theme, I do not like the tileset theme. Let’s just resume. A dark reddish toxic city with pink candy-like bricks, grey metal, and brown tubes? Is this sugar city or? Now that Sirus was mentioned; it is a good example of a themed tileset; even the tiles are drawn out from different jj1 tilesets they still suit a space theme. While tileset themes can be ignored; it’s diffinately what adds quality to the tileset and levels made by it. Or we’d rather be using an ugly block tileset.

One of the posetive sides of the tileset are some of the orginal details it has. The statue of metal is very cool and unique looking, as example. You could make some good levels out of this, but you’ll need to spend time in a try to form your own unique details.

I recom to download this set, but some of the tiles and/or animations are ripped from other sets. Specially the lava bubble animation, who are taken from censored.

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Review by sonictth

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings33 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

I have tsf but the tsf jcs ever freezes or is very slow so i`m very thankful if anyone make a tsf jcs patch for making it faster…..
No rating because i don`t like making tilesets in tsf… only make them in 1.23. Thats better and it runns on all jj2 versions.

Thank you.

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Review by Lark

Posted more than 20 years ago
I might as well work here (500 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings376 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness77%

Sonictth, the reason that this is TSF is because it is too big to fit all the tiles into 1.23 JCS.

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Review by Disguise

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (56 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings52 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness60%

I really like this, but I am too lazy to write a review, sorry :/

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RecommendedReview by Ischa

18 Jul 2007, 18:27 (edited 4 Apr 08, 13:36)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

To start:
This is a remake of the of original tileset from JJ1. This pack does not only have a tileset, but also a very good example level!

Practical: (20 pts)
If you are going to create a level with this tileset for the first time, I suggest you to ‘study’ this tileset before you start. There is sooooo much choice! There are pools of red liquid, there are towers and you can create a good background with it. But you really need to ‘study’ this tileset before you start, because if you don’t ‘study’, I think it will be very hard to create a level with it, because you don’t know if some tiles are platforms or for the background.
Result: 14 pts

Beautiful: (20 pts)
Beautiful it is! It is not only old boring stuff from JJ1, but there are also new elements, like the pools of red liquid, manhole covers and a statue of a head in a wall. But the tileset still have the Technoir-style. You can still recognize it as Technoir. Good job!
Result: 18½ pts

Originality: (10 pts)
It is not new, because there is already a Technoir tileset. But I said it earlier: there are also new elements which are very good and they really fit in Technoir. The new elements really give the ‘Technoir-environment.
Result: 6 pts

Example level: (10 pts)
Good job! It is a Single Player-level. Those levels are the best to use as an Example for a tileset, because you can see which events you can use. But there remains one small question: which bosses can we use if we want to create a level with this tileset?
Result: 7 pts

Total points: 45½
Maximum number of points: 60
Calculating: 45,5/60*9+1= 7,8
Mark: 7,8 (7,825)
Download recommendation:

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Review by FOX292

14 Jun 2010, 15:48 (edited 14 Jun 10, 15:49)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Nice conversion,But can’t you do one for 1.23?
I’m right now remaking JJ1 lvls using JJ2 tilesets…

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Review by andbr98

7 Jul 2010, 18:47
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

Hmmmmmmmmmm…. reminds me of that Lavapolis tileset you made. What’s that?? Lack of originality? But hey, the other palletes look good. Good job but I won’t rate it if it looks the same to Lavapolis. I don’t rate twice for the same thing. I’d like to recommend this download but I have N/A rating so I can’t, sorry.

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Review by DoubleGJ

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (81 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings73 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness73%

TECHNOIR — bathed in a choking red atmosphere, this planet has NO plant life upon it. In fact, the turtles are the only organic creatures here. They have secured their areas with tanks, missiles, and floating mines. Be very careful, it’s a war zone out there!
-Jazz1 helpfile

“Argh!” That was what I first said when I noticed this download on the list. The reason is that I wanted to make a Technoir remake! >( Well, probably it looks very unfinished or so…
First off, I must say that your tileset drawing style is something beetween Disguise and Nick Stadler. Probably because part of the tileset is made completely with PSP effects, while the other part is drawn with standard MS Paint tools. I have nothing against Paint, as long as it is used to its limits… Something I can’t see in this tileset. I especially dislike the new bird totem (UgH!) and those dragon faces (I think they’re based upon turtle heads in Marbelara… but they just don’t fit in Technoir!). And where is the “EPIC” label on the containers?! Epic roxx! Epic rulz! Epic shall not be removed from tileset created originally by their staff! :P
The masking… Well, I got stuck once in the example level by simply going forward. That’s bad. Points down for that. There are some mask infos, almost all are just for levelmaking support, but there are a few interesting ones on the bottom of tileset.
The worst thing in NOKA’s remake is that IT ISN’T TECHNOIR. Where’s that war zone? Here we have just some sort of pink city with a few containers and pipes. What the heck is it? Certainly not Technoir. Even the sky is purple. The two palette mofifies do look good, but once again they just can’t be Technoir. While Nick was able to play a bit with his remakes (for example, the hi-fi background in new Tubelectric) without a harm, here we have an example of over-doing. Better luck next time, NOKA. It’s a good tileset, but it just doesn’t have enough in common with Technoir.

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