Hold Your Breath!

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15 Feb 2004 at 05:00

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Niels aka ChippieBW (More uploads by Niels aka ChippieBW)
Capture the flag
betatested by DarkSonic XSÐCC

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holdbreath.j2l Hold Your Breath! 5.67 kB 15 Feb 2004
Odyssey01.j2t Odyssey 01 120.00 kB 30 Mar 2003
BLSP.XM Black Space 1928.27 kB 08 Jul 2000


I created this level with the Odyssey 01 tileset of BlurredD. It is a spaceship CTF level with two bases. I hope you all like it. The music file is from www.modplug.com


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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
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I would probably complain if it was something other than two bases since anything else pretty much can’t work.


The layout isn’t too original, but it’s a little different from the oridinary. The level is big, but it’s easy to get from corner to corner with the warps and everything. The balance is alright since the layout is symmetrical. The flow is good enough, though it could be much better in places, especially with spring placement. Several of the springs ran me straight into the ceiling when I used them. The wind events near the bases tended to get in the way. There are some other small flaws, but I don’t feel the need to point them out all out.


At first, the eye candy seemed alright aside from the tiles that were used incorrectly. The part I disliked the most was the gray tiles in the wall. I failed to mention before (like in my review for Snooz’s Galactic Warfare level) that those gray tiles are actually destruct scenary tiles, but I do think it is a little obvious. I especially disliked the area around the carrot since it uses destruct scenary tiles as normal ones and background tiles as if they were masked, which leaves part of the top with no border. In addition, I think the eye candy gets a bit dull in several places, but I’m not one to talk until I start hosting some of the newer levels I made with this set. Anyway, the more I played this level, the more I realized I didn’t like the eye candy.


The full energy carrot placed in the warp is so-so; it’s not too hard to access, but it can make camping too easy on occasion. Powerup placement is alright with the toaster and bouncer powerups accessible with EB’s and the RF powerup out in the open. I can’t say the ammo placement needs any work; it’s good as it is.


I know I wouldn’t go out of my way to host this on TSF, but it’s not bad at all. If the eye candy was better, this could easily get a higher rating. 7.5 is what I’m giving this.

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%



Not bad some backwalls and the
on the blocks ar little bit originally!


I Liked it really i mean it
host it!

Ammo/goodies placed

Not bad good ammo placed.
I found some powerups but its

Here a 7.7


Host it: Yes
DOwnload reccommed: Yes

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Ok, here I go again.
First impressions: A level by ChippieBW, that seems to be good for a 3rd level. Let’s review it, shall we?

Gameplay: Good/Very Good. This is quite nice, but not too special. There is a good spring placement, but some one way above it would be better. For example, at the bases, you should put one way under the platforms. That would be nice, though. This level is big, and it has a nice layout in my opinion. The flow is quite nice too, good job to that. It’s easy to get around in this level, I like that too. There are tubes at the bases or under it that lead you to the top area, and when you go down you will be at the base(right and left of course). There is a warp that leads you to the full energy, I saw that many times, but this time you will mostly fall down. There is also good balance and the level is symmetrical. There is wind near the bases, too.
Conclusion gameplay: Pros: Good layout and flow. Cons: some one way would be nice at some places. The wind may be annoying sometimes too.

Eye candy/Tileset use: Good. Nothing really special here, it’s probably good enough. The tileset use isn’t as good as in better levels with this tileset, like Galactic Warfare, but that level didn’t have the best eye candy too. There is something at the left side in layer 5, and that’s also at the right side. There are also that moving things in layer 5, they look nice, but it’s not too good for eye candy here. There could be more in layer 5 and there is a thing in layer 3 that seems to be quite big. But at least, I liked the background
Conclusion eye candy: Pros: Nice background. Cons: Not too original eye candy and nothing special.

Pickup placement: Good/Very Good. This is much better, there is a nice ammo placement. There are 3 Power-Ups, and you get two of them with the Electro Blaster(gun9). The third PU is a RF PU, and it’s placed in the centre of the bottom area. There is also some fast fire in this level, and it’s probably enough. There is also a full energy, like I said, you get it with a warp. You need to know that warp, but it’s not too hard, that’s why there is good flow here. About placement again, the groups of ammo are mostly placed 6 × 3 ammo. There is more at some places, but there is also less at some places.
Conclusion pickup placement: Pros: Nice ammo placed. Cons: Power-Up placement could be more original.

Originality: Good. This is not too original, like R3ptile said, but I like the music here. And it’s also never used. This tileset isn’t overused, but after Galactic Warfare, it’s used alot more. That PU placement is also not too original, but what new can you make up? I don’t know, but I will probably have some idea.
Conclusion originality: Pros: Nice music. Cons: The others is not too original, but it’s decent.

Fun factor: This level is quite fun, but the way to the base is quite easy. It’s a big level, so that makes it harder to score faster. There may be too many space at some places, but I think it makes this level quite funny if there’s enough space.
Conclusion Fun factor: Pros: There is enough space. It’s a big level so you can’t score too fast. Cons: the way to the base is boring.

Host this: Sometimes.
Download: Sure.
Final Rating: 7.4-7.5.
Conclusion level: A nice level by ChippieBW, with nice gameplay and placement, but could be more original and could have more eye candy too.
- DarkSonic of XSD and CC(or just da man) – [This review has been edited by da man]

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