Suburban Traffic

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2 Mar 2004 at 05:00

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DarkSonic & ChippieBW (More uploads by DarkSonic & ChippieBW)
Capture the flag
tileset by Disguise, music by Hypnotic M, betatesters: NiQ aka Snooz, R3ptile, Satan.

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xlmtraffic.j2l Suburban Traffic 11.80 kB 02 Mar 2004
MegaMegatropolis.j2t Mega Megatropolis 541.36 kB 30 May 2003
HOPE-HM1.S3M Rekindled Hope - HM 243.47 kB 02 Mar 2004


This level is the first level that is made in a cooperation of 2 players of XLM. The level is made by us two, and it is made with the Mega Megatropolis tileset of Disguise. Unfortunatly the size of the set is too big for 1.23, so it has to be TSF. This is for us both the best level we made so far (we hope) and we are planning more levels together and alone, and a XLM levelpack. This level was betatested by R3ptile, NiQ and Satan, thanks a bunch! Of course this level is made for XLM, our level group. The music is from


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Review by master sven

Posted more than 20 years ago (edited 31 May 09, 01:34 by Stijn)
Spaz Slackrabbit (121 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness59%

Good lvl lets review,

I saw a bug somewere right-under of the lvl.(a crack in the wall)
Nice blocks and walls.

Nice to run to, but i think you don’t have to put that warps under the bases becouse then its a little easy in a clanwar or something.

You could put some more weapons in it but thats ok.
Only you should put a little less of the same.

Here are the grades:
Eyecandy: 8.5
Gameplay: 8.7
Ammo: 7.3
Final Grade: 8.2

[removed annoying color codes -stijn]

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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

A collaboration. How cute.


The layout seems basic enough with a few warps here and there. The flow would be decent, if I didn’t have to jump over a lot of the springs to get around. Some parts at the top seem too cramped, but I can deal with it. At this point, I figure the level’s nothing particularly good but nothing extremely bad either. But after a while, I realized I didn’t really like the layout—probably because of how all of the slopes are placed.


The eye candy, while unique for the given tileset, doesn’t necessarily look that good. I can’t say placing ground tiles in the foreground layers looks any good with this set—or at least with the way its designed in this level. Aside from the train tiles, some mud tiles, and a few other insignificant tiles, this level probably could have been made with the 1.23 version of the set, but I can see why this tileset was used. And the background tiles could have been placed a little higher so that they can be seen easier. Also, there are many minor bugs in the eye candy which should have been fixed during beta testing including all the trees and the bricks in 3rd layer near each base. So the eye candy is somewhere between half-decent and no-so-good.


The way that the full energy carrot is placed in the small room it’s in helps prevent some camping, which could be a good thing. But I don’t like how the warp target out of the carrot room is placed. The powerups are alright where they are, though the bouncer and RF powers could’ve been slightly easier. Ammo distribution could be a little more even, but it can stay as it is.


I certainly can’t say often. This is a 6.7, though.

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%
  • Review time *


Nice. some background and the mountain hills.
and that plants cars stone’s..
its not bad at all. the trains at layer 3 ( i guess )
anyway the eyecandy is good.


Size=150-90 Good for a Ctf

Its not very originally only the trains at layer 3 but
the gameplay is good. this can be used
for duels or something =)
well…. gameplay nice. originally hmm i dont know not really. size
is good :D

Bugs . * I hate that word *

Ther ar MANY bugs….
look at that wooden BLOCK ground
in the tileset ther ar 3.
1- ( Left ) end walk.
2- ( Middel ) Just for the block.
3 ( Right ) End walk

They used ALL you will see it.
its a bug i guess and
at that block eyecandy you see it to.
so… i wont take very much points.


Hmm i dont know really what i must give.

Rating.:. 7.5 .:.

Ðx CC of XLM

  • Chippy BW upload on the site *

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Review by Strato

Posted more than 20 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (42 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness57%


I liked this level at first, then I began to play more into it, and I can’t say I’m crazy about the spring work. The two blue springs at the top of the level are so evil, I really don’t like tediously moving back and forth in mid air. The level is symmetric, which is fine I guess. I’d wish that the warps to the full nrg were better marked. Also, the springs are aggrivating if you’re going to wrong direction that they were intended for, but I’m usually going that way because of the symmetric layout. Overall : Average game play but various flow issues.

Eyecandy/Tileset use :

Nothing great nothing bad. Average seems to describe this level. One great great hint I can give you, and this goes for everybody. MAKE YOU’RE TEXTURED BACKGROUNDS AUTO SCROLL. Sorry for caps, but I need everybody to see this. It takes no layers, but makes the level look so much nicer, and when you stop moving the level dosen’t die! Plus it’s usually realistic. Tileset use is good, using a wide variety of ground types and backgrounds. Overall : Average eye candy but dies when you stop moving. Good tileset use.

Originality :

Nothing spectacular here. Just a run of the mill (symmetric ;-;) ctf level.

Placement :

Because of symmetry, naturally both sides are equal right? So balance is perfect in a sense. Full nrg is impossible to camp, but you’re still able to move it out of the way taking people off gaurd. Powerups are a pain to get. Seeker powerup is especially annoying because of the springs required to get up there. The Bouncer and RF would be nicer if you had given us some electro instead of bouncers to get them. Overall : Average ammo and carrot placement.


Overall an average level with minor flow issues, average eyecandy. Naturally a level so average deserves and average rating. 6.0

Final notes :

I can only reiterate. MAKE YOU’RE TEXTURED BACKGROUNDS AUTO SCROLL. The creators show promise, but still have a while to go before making good or possibly great levels. I suggest getting beta testers to help you in the early stages of development. There is nothing wrong with forcing a friend who knows good level making to beta you every step of the way.

Host? :

Sadly not. Then again, basically 8 and above are the only levels that are ever played spare the creators own servers.[This review has been edited by Inf. Spaz]

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