Dark Graveyard

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8 Mar 2004 at 06:00 (Minor update on 8 Mar 2004)

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Superjazz (More uploads by Superjazz)
Capture the flag
Special thanks for pyro for making the hh-lite version.

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DarkGy.zip (351.93 kB)

File contents

Darkgy.txt 2.04 kB 17 Mar 2004
Sjdarkctf.j2l Dark Graveyard 16.21 kB 17 Mar 2004
HauntedH1Lite.j2t Haunted House Lite 299.99 kB 16 Mar 2004
Menur.mod ndv-srmt 47.68 kB 26 Mar 1994


So, I finally decided not to upload this in a pack, which could be better. So, this is my first uploaded and separated ctf-level. Don\\\‘t modify without permission. You can read the readme for some more info. This doesn\\\‘t have beta-testers but I tested this in my server many times with some other people. I fixed as many bugs as I and ppl found and those which I were able to. Well, enjoy and feel free to rate!

Edit: I re-uploaded the level with another music, which would sound more scary, though.

2nd edit: Now I re-uploaded this again as Pyromanus edited the hh-lite version which has the better bg in 8bit-mode. Special thanks for him.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.9

Review by blurredd

Posted more than 17 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings198 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

I will indeed feel free to rate.


The layout isn’t complicated, though it does have a nice feel to it. I noticed that in this version of the level, there weren’t invisible masked tiles at the top middle anymore, but instead wind events at the egde—something I think was a big improvement. Getting around is easy enough, and the layout is symmetric so balance is not a problem. The level may not be extremely original, but it does have good gameplay in it and several places for some nice strategic moves.


Should’ve yelled at Pyro more to fix the textured background, though. Other than that one detail, I liked the eye candy. The background doesn’t seem confusing as it looks like it should be, and it even helps out the atmospere a lot. The tiles in the 3rd layer didn’t get in the way too much, and I can’t complain how most of the tiles in the sprite layer were placed.


For carrot placement, the +1 carrots on the side were a good idea, especially since the full energy carrot in the middle may be too risky to get most of the time. I can’t say I hate the seeker powerup placement, although I know a certain other who would probably complain about it. I liked the tube near the bouncer and RF powerups, which were nice choices for powerups by the way. Ammo placement is alright, although all those crates aren’t really needed, and some Electro Blasters could’ve been useful.


On occasion. Although the size is adequate for duels, I wouldn’t recommened it for them. It’s best for 2on2’s and 2on2’s alone. Bonus points for making a level that’s Bob’s weakness. 8.

The Edit: Okay, so maybe I was a bit too eager to rate this an 8 after realizing Bobby aka Dizzy wasn’t that good in this level—at least this is what I think. It’s really not too different from a lot of other levels, so I’m making 7.7 my new rating. It’s still a good level, though. By the way, I can barely hear the new music while I’m playing the level. The old music was good enough as it was.[This review has been edited by BlurredD]

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 17 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (306 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Okay, I am going to review this level, I thought: Wow, an eight from BlurredD, so why shouldn’t I review it?
First impressions: This is a CTF level created by Superjazz, and I am sure it is the best CTF level from him ever.
GAMEPLAY: This is a symmetrical level, and it’s quite big in the length. There were some tubes which prevent dead ends, although I saw small dead ends somewhere, but it doesn’t matter too much. The level has a good spring placement, and it’s kinda easy to get around. The level is very open in the middle, but the sides of this level have enough space. It looked like the level doesn’t have a complete border, but it has. This is always needed, because a level with no complete border causes a flag bug, which is very annoying. Anyway, the flow of this level is kinda good, and the level isn’t too hard to learn, although there are some secrets here and there.
Conclusion gameplay: Good spring placement, flow and a decent layout, which is very open in the middle. The level is not hard to learn, but there are some secrets here and there.
EYE CANDY/TILESET USE: This level’s eye candy is nice. There was alot of eye candy in layer 3, and 5,2 and 4 had many eye candy too. I liked it. The tileset was good used, it was just nice.
Conclusion eye candy/tileset use: This level has nice eye candy. The layer and tileset use was good.
PICKUP PLACEMENT: This level has not too many ammo, but it’s okay. What was there, were good choices. There were fast fire, 3 on each side. There were 3 power-ups, and the placement of them was good. There is a bouncy pu at the left side, with the rf pu at the other side. The seek pu placement was average, but I don’t rate it. There was no gun9, but that doesn’t matter, because the level doesn’t need it I think. The carrot placement was alright, there is a +1 carrot at each side, and 1 full energy in the middle, and there is a seeker pu somewhere above it. There were some crates too, but there was only 1 at each side and I saw one in the middle, above the full energy and under the seek pu. Anyway, the pickup placement here is nice too.
Conclusion pickup placement: The level has not too many ammo, but the ammo placement in the level is nice placed. There were some fast fires and crates, and 3 carrots, which is good for the size.
ORIGINALITY: The tileset the level uses is kinda underused, but I only saw one CTF level with this tileset. The level’s music sounded kinda scary, but it sounds nice. The seeker pu placement was kinda original, but nothing special.
Conclusion originality: This level is original, the music was kinda nice, and the tileset is under-used for CTF levels.
FUN FACTOR: This level has not a straight way to the base, and is kinda open, like I said, but it’s decent. There are 2 openings, and they both lead to the base. This is more fun.
Conclusion fun factor: The level is open, but not a straight way to the base. There are 2 ways to the bases, that’s better.
Conclusion level: A nice level by Superjazz, with a good gameplay, nice eye candy, and everything else was good too.
Others: Host this: Yes, occasionally.
Download: Yes.
Final Rating: 8.
- DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and XLM was here -

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