A shiny day in Carrottus

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12 Mar 2004 at 05:00

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Ðx (More uploads by Ðx)
Satan For Betatesting

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DxXlm13.j2l A shiny day in carrottus 10.35 kB 12 Mar 2004
song_revenge_of_cats.it Revenge of the Cats 623.08 kB 08 Apr 2001


A new battle made by me. have fun and rate. Ðx CC


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Review by Sacrush

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings87 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness46%

Ok!!! My review will now start.

Good!!! The eyecandy again is quite good and detailed. Let`s start with the background, the backgound is clouds and in front of the clouds there are beautiful hills with carrots, spikes plants and many more. And in front of those hills there is a big river and that looks nice. The layers for the clouds, hills and river where 6,7 and 8 but 5 is also used. Layer 5 has the speed 1 on 1 so it has the speed as layer 4. In layer 5 are a lot of climbing plants, carrots, caves and many more. Also layer 5 is used to prevent tile bugs good. Layer 4 has not really eyecandy but i am glad he didn`t used it because it is no jungle. The foreground layers 3, 2 and 1 are also used. I can see a lot of eyecandy in the foreground layers like Plant`s and more ground so it looks like there are hills. There are also waterfalls but i think a little bit too much. There could be 3 or 4 waterfalls but you used 6 and that sometimes is confusing for me because it ruines the view sometimes.
Conclusion: good eyecandy here.

Fine!!! Ok lets start with the ammo placement. The ammo placement is quite ok there are a lot of different ammo`s and thats ok. The ammo is good spread out in the level there weren`t any spots where it is totally empty of ammo so you will always be well supplied in the level. There are some spots with too many of 1 kind like there is a place with a lot of seekers and a pla withce really a lot of fast fire guns and there are not really much fast fire guns needed. Also there are powerups for the ammo blaster, RF, bouncy and if i am right 1 more and that`s an electro gun powerup. Well thats exually 3 powerups because gun9 pu doesn`t make any differenties. I think that there could be 2 powerups because the level isn`t that big but the powerups are well placed. I see that threre is a carrot barrel and thats quite bad because if you are playing online and you destroy that barrel a couple of times without needing the carrot there will come more and more carrots. The springs are well placed and get me where i want to go.
conclusion: fine because of some minor details.

Good!!! Well lets go. The flow is quite good in the level you can easely run without much stopping or jumping. This level really isn`t linear and that`s good too. I had not really problems with dead ends. Also i did`nt get bounced against walls because a spring was bleu in stead of red. Also to make the level better there are suckertubes to go an other way or do some shortcuts. Those suckertubes are easely to find because there are arrows pointing at it and that`s good. Well sometimes i lose my view because there are much waterfalls. Also a annoying thing is that there is a tree hiding a spring. Ok the start positions are good. Before you get dropped in the level you will suck an then get warped in the level i don`t know why exually.
conclusion: i fun battle with friends or online.

Okay!!! The music fits ok and the level is ok sized but could be bigger. Good texts.

Conclusion of the level: A good new battle level by Ðx. A ^$&8.0#%#$^%

-SåtäÑ of XLM

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Review by DarkSonic

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

Okay, time to review this new Ðx battle level. I am excited.
First impressions: Like I said, a new battle level by Ðx, and I saw it uses the carrotus tileset, and I thought: bah, not again carrotus. Anyway, let’s continue.
Layout: The level’s layout isn’t too bad, but not very good, either. The level’s size is ok, like Satan said, but it could be bigger. Anyway, the layout in the level is kinda good, but the level is open in some places.
Flow: Probably something new. The spring placement here isn’t as good as before, because the level’s layout isn’t too good for springs.
Other gameplay: The level uses some tubes and some vines, and has alot of dead ends, like in Ðx’s last level. some one ways placed at some places too.
Tileset use: The tileset use was very nice, no complaints.
Backgrounds and foregrounds: There is alot in layer 3, and that waterfalls in layer 1, but if I play the level, I don’t see the translucency of the waterfalls. Layer 5 has alot of stuff too, and layer 6 uses a normal background(finally). Layer 7 has a confusing thing in it, and I didn’t like it too much.
Other eye candy: There was stuff in layer 2. The background in layer 8 was something new.
Ammo: The ammo placement in this level is kinda good. Although, there are too many crates. I am just giving advice: don’t put crates in your levels(or only 1 or 2). There were too many seekers in one place, too.
Power-ups: like Ðx’s last battle level, too many power-ups. I found 5 power-ups, and one of them was ice(argh). Others were gun9, rf, bouncy and blaster. I think 3 pu should be good enough in this level, and don’t do this again, please.
Carrots: There is one carrot in this level, and it’s placed in a barrel. It may be a good idea, but it’s not too good, because a single carrot should be better(or 2).
Other pickup placement: a real complaint: way too many fast fire! Never do this again, same as too many power-ups. I didn’t count all fast fire, but it was way too many.
Music: the music in this level is used alot of times, but I like it, so it’s not a big problem.
Tileset used: the tileset used is too overused. You should try to use some other tileset next time, because this becomes really annoying after some time.
Other original: The level is original, like that waterfalls. Also, the background is original, but not too nice.
Conclusion level: A level by Ðx, with good eye candy, very nice tileset use, some bugs(I didn’t say), some original ideas, and a overused tileset.
Host this: It should be a good level for TSF if you are bored.
Download recommendation: For people who like many eye candy. No download recommendation: For people who don’t like battle.
Final rating: 7.2.
- DarkSonic of XSÐ, CC and XLM was here.
Edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice. So that means there are 2 carrots in this level.

[This review has been edited by da man]

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Review by Ðx

Posted more than 20 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Da Man

Ther ar 2 carrots

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Review by Niels aka ChippieBW

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings60 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness92%

Let’s see, a new battle level of Dx, who is my comrade in XLM. Maybe it is time to introduce a new type of review, so let’s see:

EYECANDY: 1.5 out of 2.5
The eye candy in this level has two sides. One side is that it is decent, good and original. The tiles are most of the time used properly and the backgrounds and foregrounds can be called original here. But the eyecandy has also a negative side: It is very confusing if you play the level for the first time (and also later, by the way) the “waterfalls” in layer 1 are kind of confusing, and they annoyed me a little bit while I was playing this game. Other bad sides of the eyecandy are the backgrounds, which are the same as in the front layer so you constantly think that you are landing on a platform while you fall through. This can be done a lot better in the next level. Overall, I can say that the eyecandy here is average, it has good and original points, but also bad and annoying points.

AMMO: 2.0 out of 2.5
The ammo in this level is most of the time placed average, there is a good spread among all the surfaces of the level and the PU’s are placed out of the way, so they can not be grabbed that easily. About the smaller ammo I’m not so happy, sometimes all ammo is cropped in large groups (see the fast fire guns, there are about twenty of them on one spot) they better could have been spread in small groups among the level. About the carrots placement I cant say so much. Ðx proclaims that there are two carrots in this level, but I only found one, which is even pushed into a green barrel and you can’t hardly see it while playing (I found it in JCS) Only people who know about it can find this carrot now.

LEVEL STRUCTURE: 1.5 out of 2.0
The level is a square of 90×90, which is a good size for a battle level like this. The structure is quite fine, but thanks to the sometimes annoying eye candy I can’t move around really good. It’s hard to find your way sometimes, but there are a few nice sucker tubes which help you along the way. There’s some diversity among the structure (springs, vines, platforms, sucker tubes, warps, etcetera) so it keeps the level enough diverse. Overall, the structure is average, I guess. Maybe it could have been a little bit better next time.

GAMEPLAY: 2.0 out of 3.0
Always the most interesting part of a level. The gameplay in this level would be fine, if the eyecandy didn’t annoy me that much. Now, it’s a little bit annoying and not really funny to play. The flow is decent, could be a little bit better in some places, like the part where you have to jump from pumpkin to pumpkin. I liked the music, which was stolen from I believe High Volume CTF.

This level can be fun to play in after you know it, but I won’t play it that much for sure. Next time make little bit better eyecandy and fix the annoying structure. If I count al the cores up, I will get this final rating:

Score: 1.5 + 2.0 + 1.5 + 2.0 = 7.0
Download: If you like battle levels and you want to try something new.
Host: Nah, the standard battle levels are better, but do it if you wish something new.
[This review has been edited by Niels aka ChippieBW]

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Review by fearofdark

Posted more than 20 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

The eyecandy isn’t bad. But you definatly need to work on the lighting because it’s too light, you can hardly see anything!! You should of left it like it was at the start, but I surpose thats why you called it SHINY DAY IN CARROTUS, but i like the waterfall idea.

Well, there is a good source of ammo, but the lighting effects this so you can’t really see anything. There isn’t many carrots.

Overall I give you 4.7 becouse the only good thing about it is tonnes of scenary.

(Borderline rating removal. Please provide more information about why you gave it this rating. Although this review is good, the difference from the ratings of the other reviews requires more explanation. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

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