Candy Wars

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11 Apr 2004 at 06:00 (Minor update on 11 Apr 2004)

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Blackraptor & FireSworD (More uploads by Blackraptor & FireSworD)
It's mentioned in text strings within the levels, but a thanks goes out to Hugela for inspiring these levels by creating the food concept.

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File contents

CandyWarsReadme.txt 6.15 kB 11 Apr 2004
CWInstagib01.j2l Cookie War 4.88 kB 10 Apr 2004
CWInstagib02.j2l Satuday Night Disco 4.73 kB 10 Apr 2004
CWInstagib03.j2l Rusty Terrain 5.34 kB 11 Apr 2004
CWInstagib04.j2l The Dark Abyss 3.67 kB 10 Apr 2004
CWInstagib05.j2l The StarBreaker 8.68 kB 10 Apr 2004
CWStreetFight01.j2l Cargo Sector 5 3.66 kB 11 Apr 2004
CWStreetFight02.j2l The Leprechaun Forest 5.10 kB 11 Apr 2004
CWStreetFight03.j2l Inside the Pit 2.91 kB 12 Apr 2004
CWStreetFight04.j2l Stereo Motion 3.48 kB 11 Apr 2004
CWStreetFight05.j2l The Gumball Machine 11.49 kB 11 Apr 2004
olcinside.j2l Inside the Pit 2.45 kB 11 Apr 2004
Chipset.j2t Chocolate Chips 116.94 kB 16 Aug 2003
discofever.j2t discofever 58.98 kB 13 Aug 2001
EternalAgony2.j2t Eternal Agony (Dark) 127.68 kB 02 Apr 2003
j1Battleships.j2t Jazz 1: Battleships 35.74 kB 13 Dec 2002
Sirius1.j2t Dimensions1 74.01 kB 06 Jun 2001
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 21 Jul 2001
wisetyness.j2t wisetyness 179.76 kB 19 Jun 2003



A small level pack made by Blackraptor and FireSworD of OLC, containing mostly streetfight and instagib levels, and a bonus level, Inside the Pit, made by FireSworD. Reuploaded again, some major fixes.


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RecommendedReview by White Rabbit

Posted more than 17 years ago (edited 27 Feb 06, 20:26)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

Few ppl have attempted making instagib only packs, and even fewer have done street-fighting packs, so Candy Wars could be a breeze of fresh air for everyone swamped with CTF and Battle.

Altough the idea of making an instagib and street-fighting lvl pack is good and original, not a lot of effort has been put into these lvls, mainly because they are so small so minimal effort is needed. Street-fighting games would take hours if the lvls were too big. Ppl would just run away because special-attacks are slower than weapons so I’m currently only talking about the instagib lvls here.

Instagib, for those that don’t know, are basically one-hit-one-kill games. It doesn’t matter what hits your opponent, he dies on the first hit (except if you’re using ice). For instagib to be fun, lvls shouldn’t be as small as you have made them. I think instagib should be decided by whoever is the best player, not by the one who has the fastest trigger finger. The lvls are so small that you get many kills just by blasting away everywhere without taking heed of anything. This is just my opinion. Your idea of small instagib lvls may be valid too but since they’re all small, you could have put in some variations (like some big, some small).

The eyecandy is great, but not too clustered around. Most, if not all, eyecandy tiles in the tilesets are used, and all lvls look really nice. Since the lvls are so small you don’t want lots of tiles to get into your sight, because the moment you get confused, you die and lvls in Candy Wars are good-looking, but clean.

Gameplay is similiar to most good battle/CTF lvls. No dead-ends, well placed springs and good platforms, which means that you can take advantage of all your weapons, depending on where you are in the lvl. I like the sucker-tubes because you are less easy to kill inside them, which gives valuable breathing space in instagib games. Of course someone could be standing at the end of one tube and kill you as you come out, but I’ve never heard of 1on1 instagib duels so camping is not much of a problem. The few complaints I have are the small size, but I’ve already talked about that, and the fact that some lvls have big empty spaces, and since this is instagib, RFs, bouncers and seekers rule supreme in those lvls. You never see your opponent, they die before you arrive and there’s nothing they can do, which is frustrating for them, as well as for you, when they do the same thing.

Weapons placement is probably as good as it can get. You won’t have much use of the food since the average life-expectancy of a rabbit in instagib games is 15 seconds but the food is nice eyecandy. :)

Overall, the instagib section of the lvl pack is worth hosting, just don’t expect to survive for long in any of those lvls, however good you are…

Some of these lvls have no carrots, and some do, so I guess that they are not designed for instagib, in which case it’s gonna be hard to get any kills at all in the lvls where you do have carrots.

At first I didn’t understand the street-fighting game type, but after seeing your lvls, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of food in them, to get Sugar Rush, so I assume that the main thing you’re trying to do is to eat 100 food and then touch as many ppl as possible. Sugar Rush lasts only 20 seconds, so the small size of the lvls help a lot.

The eyecandy for the street-fighting lvls look even better than the instagib ones. I especially like The Leprechaun Forest. It reminds me of Rainy Rain Forest and the Waterfall, since all 3 lvls have, well, waterfalls in them. There are a lot of falling food and carrots in this lvl, which is very similiar to The Waterfall, a lvl in my battle pack, but it was designed to be an instagib lvl too (Bobby joined my server while I was hosting this…he roasted everything in sight :P).

Weapons placement is non-existent, but I can talk about food placement, hehe. Food? Well, erm, I never thought I would review a lvl’s food placement, but as far as I can tell, it works. As long as you stay alive, you can get at least one Sugar Rush per game.

Gameplay is very Spaz-biased. There is a morph in each lvl, for Jazzers to become Spazzers and I don’t like that at all. :( Just because Spaz has side-kick. Upper-cut has its uses too, but not in this lvl, so I think it would be a good idea to make it more Jazz friendly (like adding sucker-tubes with pauses so, if Jazz is quick enough, he can upper-cut ppl stuck inside sucker-tubes! Or, by adding places that go inside the ground, like a trap, so Jazz can upper-cut ppl when they try to butt-stomp him. I don’t think this will work without Jazz getting hurt too, especially in laggy games but I really don’t like it when lvls are so biased towards one character. The good thing is that TSF players will be able to use Lori in these lvls since she can cover vast distances using helicopter ears AND fight like Spaz. :)

The street-fighting lvls, though Spaz-biased, are fun and original lvls to play in, and ppl who have them should definitely host them many, many times.

Before I come to a conclusion, I want to add that you should tell ppl that they need Overlord’s Controller, or somekind of instagib program to play the instagib lvls. Give them the URLs, and of course, credit to Overlord for adding such a brilliant game type to JJ2.

Well, there are a lot of things that could be improved in these lvls, but there are even more things that should be copied by other Jazzers. Great lvl pack but watch out for anyone above you in ALL instagib lvls ;). Download recommendation for everyone. MUST DOWNLOAD for instagib/street-fighting fans.

EDIT: Yay! I got the longest review![This review has been edited by White Rabbit twice]

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Review by DanYjel

Posted more than 17 years ago
Jazz Jackrabbit (215 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings215 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

I like it. Awesome eyecandy, good gameplay. Only little bad ammo placement… Fun in it is good, but not for long time. But if you are glad with 45 minutes of hosting with good fun…

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Review by Odin314

Posted more than 17 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (39 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness56%

My longer review:

StreetFight ®*

All of the StreetFight levels are good, with the expection of the one made with the Wisteyness tileset. Now THAT one was suck.


InstaGib ®*

All of the instagib levels were good, expect the one with the wisey tileset. That one was suck.


9 + 8 = 17 / 2 = 8.5

There. Happy Barney- err… Bjarni?


[This review has been edited by RoW_Odin314]
(Personal attack removal edit. Be nice! ~Violet)[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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Review by the real one Bjarni

Posted more than 17 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (29 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings29 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

Danyjel and RoW_Odin314, these are really short reviews! Let me show you how real reviewers rates:

Cookie War:
Eye candy: Great looks like a chocolate rock
Layout: The layout also looks like chocolate nice work!
The backround: Wow, it’s really nice, I like these stars
Food: Yeah, there are many food at the buttom, nice work with that
Food machine: That’s really interesting, yeah it is!
Springs: Many springs, yeah, the most of them are blue one
Vines: Many vines but not too many
Weapon placement: That’s great many weapons
The Art: I don’t know if you made the art or not! But it reminds me of chocolate, that’s good!
The type of level: Battle
Download Recommand: Yes

Saturday Night Disco:
Eye Candy: It looks like city, nice work
Layout: It reminds me of city
The backround: It’s textured, and cool, I love textured backrounds
Springs: Fewer this time
Pizza: Yeah, there are some
Disco: A lot of disco, yahoo!
Weapon Placement: Really well!
Coins: They’re hiding somewhere! I can’t find them!
Level type: Battle
Download recommand: Yes!

Rusty Terrain:
Eye Candy: Cool, I like it!
Layout: Just like computers? That’s great!
The backround: Not different from oringal Labrat in the oringal
Sucker tube: They’re many, but not too many!
Weapon placement: Many of them, that’s great!
Belt: Many belts, many belts but not too many! That’s good!
Springs: Few, really
Level type: Battle
Download recommand: Yes!

The Dark Abyss:
Eye Candy: The eye candy is great, I love this dark eye candy
Layout: Looks like rocks, and it’s good!
Backround: Textured and I love that!
Sucker tube: Only two, one long one short, they’re both hidden somewhere in this level!
Weapon placement: Few, really few!
Springs: They’re also few!
Buttstomp: Yeah, there are some in this level!
Level type: Battle
Download recommand: Yes!

The StarBreaker:
Eye candy: Great copy of JJ2
Layout: See above
The backround: Really nice, it’s blue, I love blue!
Shields and powerups: Many of them hidden somewhere in this level! ;D
Fake Spaz: He is pretty funny!
Frog: He is just here all the day!
Weapon placement: Many, but not too many!
Springs: Fewer then last time!
Teleporters: Yeah, there are some in this level!
Level type: Battle
Download recommand: Yes!

Cargo Section 5:
Eye candy: just like you’re in gameship
Layout: well, it’s also just like I said about the eye candy
Backround: Space backround of course!
Weapon placement: None!
Sucker tube: One and long!
Food: Much food to eat here!
Morph placement: Only one!
Belt: Defently with the sucker tube
Level type: Unknown
Download recommand: Yes!

The Leprechaun forest:
Eye candy: I love it it reminds me of the autum
Layout: Well, reminds me of buituiful garden!
Backround: Textured!
Warp: There are many warps in the buttom of this level
The food waterfall: It’s so great, I love it!
The coins bar: No point of getting the coins, there’s nothing interesting!
Going up to the top: No, we can’t!
Weapon placement: None!
Level type: Unknown
Download recommand: Yes!

Inside the Pit:
Eye candy: The other one was better!
Layout: So normal
Backround: Textured
Weapon placement: None
Foods: Many foods, nothing much more
Level type: Unknown
Download recommand: No!

Stereo Motion:
Eye candy: Not good, not bad either!
Layout: Not good or bad!
Backround: Textured!
Foods: Many foods
Sucker tube: Many, really many!
Morph: Hidden somewhere in this level!
Warp: Really few
Level type: Unknown
Download recommand: Yes!
The Gumball Machine:
Eye Candy: So gold
Layout: Green waterfall, junk!
Backround: So many diamondus
candy bar: Good! I love candy!
Weapon placement: None!
Sucker tube: It looks like but isn’t!
Level type: Unknown
Download recommand: Yes!
Warps: All of them does let the candy bar make candy, mmmmmmm!!!!

Comments: This is really nice work, of all these levels, some levels are battle, and some type that I don’t know what I can say! Really nice work, good luck with your next protject! ;-)

~Bjarni Haraldur Sigfússon

RoW_Odin314: Bjarney is English name, and I’m Icelandic, please call me just Bjarni![This review has been edited by the real one Bjarni]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 17 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

Hmm.. im extremely bored, so i decided to review.

Very cool levels. i like them alot. all maps have something unique in them.. eyecandy, placement, design… etc. i really love design of the levels.. its amazing. eyecandy is rux in all of the levels.. and i really can’t find complaints in it. ;-)
Placement is good too. i like it. no more comments. ;p


Hmm.. good. i like them alot. if i could host, i think i would host these levels alot, since i once played online, and the host was hosting these. they were fun to play online. design is fine too.. i can’t find major flaws. some maskings in leprechaun forest can be confusing, but you’ll get used to it. design of these levels are very good, after all.
Eyecandy is pretty rux here. i love background layers in forest level for example. well.. after all.. original eyecandy.

This is very good pack, which deserves a high download recommedation. ;-)
a 8.2.

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