The Froggy Quest

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5 May 2004 at 04:00 (Minor update on 30 Sep 2021)

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Frog(README) IMPORTANT!!!.txt 1.64 kB 28 Mar 2005
!CastleFrog.j2l Froggy's Escape 4.78 kB 28 Mar 2005
!CastleIntro.j2l The Earlong Dungeon 10.37 kB 28 Mar 2005
!CastleOut1.j2l The Escape 13.64 kB 28 Mar 2005
!CastleOut2.j2l The Crate Zone 18.68 kB 28 Mar 2005
!CastleOut3.j2l The Quest 5.53 kB 25 Mar 2005
!End.j2l THE END 2.88 kB 10 Mar 2005
!Start.j2l Jazz The Frog Catcher 3.72 kB 26 Mar 2005
Castle2.j2t Castle 2 209.44 kB 29 Mar 2002
Castle2E.j2t Castle 2 Eclipse 199.53 kB 14 Aug 2003
Froggy.j2t Froggy 49.05 kB 09 Mar 2005 Learning Curve 744.02 kB 28 Feb 2003


Hey guys, Here’s the updated version of The Froggy Quest. Now the levels are longer, there’s a new level, a new interesting creature and some little changes. I hope you like the new version:)
In the Froggy’s Quest, you’ll search for Eva’s Frog and destroy the Queen and some Turtle guys. ONE THING THAT’S SO IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHOOSE THE MEDIUM MODE IN THE DIFFICULTY SECTION IF YOU WANT THE LEVEL WORK PROPERLY! Have fun guys:)


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.7

RecommendedGreenTechB rated 8.7

nice one (: the story is short but good, i liked some your ideas, i’ll use them in my upcoming level, btw i’ll mention you in credits for inspiration. thank you!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.9

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

15 Apr 2007, 21:06
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

I got bored and decided to review something. So here goes.

“The Froggy Quest” is an interesting little pack based around a rather simple story of rescuing a frog and stopping an evil plot. The majority of the levels (or virtually all of them discluding the cutscenes) are based in various edits of the castle tileset, and are all rather similar.

A prevaling annoyance in the pack was the narrowness of the levels. They’re built on a very small scale and there’s hardly enough room to move around in some areas. The crowded appearance does no benefit to the eyecandy either, and makes the levels look really weird. This lightens up a notch in the latter levels, but is still an issue found throughout the pack. Placing springs amplifies the problem, because it looks really awkward when there is a spring placed 3 tiles under a ceiling with some ammo under it. Surely jazz can manage to jump 3 whole tiles by himself.

The difficulty was at first mediocre. There were too many carrots and the main source of damage were annoyingly placed bats (which camouflaged with some of the tilesets). Later on the enemy variety slightly increases, and there is a lot more emphasis on platforms, spikes, and spike balls. On the whole I’d say the difficulty was alright (starting out very easy, then getting challenging), but the carrots could have been toned down a bit.

I have mixed feelings about the eyecandy. As I said before, the crowded feeling of some levels does no help to the eyecandy, and more layer 3/foreground eyecandy could definately have been used to improve the grading. Some areas looked rather creative, but others gave off a feeling of amateurness. All this balances out to average. Hooray.

The levels use some interesting gimmicks, but many of them are reused way too many times. I’ve lost track on how many times I’ve had to push a crate to some TNT, or navigate platforms and avoid the spike pits (and spike bolls) beneath. However, there were some unique and interesting parts, and playing as a frog was nice. I also liked the structure of several levels (minus the ridiculously small scale). Some levels could have been longer though, and perhaps the scope of the pack could have expanded beyond the castle areas.

Overall, this was a short pack with some nice ideas incorporated into it. However, many things could have been touched up and nothing in particular stands out a great deal. It was enjoyable enough and didn’t stall long enough to get boring, but more variety could have been introduced. I don’t particularly agree with the high rating it currently has, although it was fun to play when bored, which is why I am reccomending it for download.


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Review by Alicia

Posted more than 20 years ago
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I don’t know did PHT say this in the review, but in the first level, you can skip the queen by just running forward.
I played with the ‘easy’ setting so I don’t know is there the problem in the other settings..

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Review by chandie

Posted more than 20 years ago
Turtle Goon (97 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness43%

in the first level you don’t have to fight with the queen. the queen is there because of the story. she’s there to capture you and put you to the castle dungeon
if you don’t play it in the medium mode you may not be able to fight with the end boss on the 3. level

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Review by Avarte

7 Jun 2005, 12:26
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness14%

Very good pack!
This pack is also intresting, because it show you, how frog can be powerful!
(Unsupported rating (8.5) removal. Interesting review concept, but it could still use some more information… like how it shows you that. ~Violet)

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RecommendedReview by valdr

23 Jun 2005, 04:44
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Great episode, good leveldesign, even with the “bug” in ending the eyecandy is fine. I like the idea of using darker tileset instead of darkening the whole castle. I really hope this is not your “last word” ;)

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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

28 Jun 2005, 17:33
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Hellow, here to give out some points again… =D

The story was very nice. Nothing like a bad guy and frogs. Apart from that, the levels were a bit crowded. The paths were narrow and loads of baddies, sometimes unpredictable, which can be annoying.

Loads of pillars, curtains and other stuff. No holding back on the eyecandy for you!

I never thought the frog can be so powerfull. The idea of pushing a trigger crate over a TNT wasn’t such a bad idea at all! You got extra credit for this one!

Not the most original, I must say. I still have an old frog episode somewhere, and I’ve seen a few on the net too. Apart from that, this wasn’t bad at all.

It seems like I will give you an 8. It was not bad at all, but it could have a little improvement. Work on ‘space’ and enemies you ‘can’ beat.

Good Thing
Frog can destroy crates afterall!

Bad Thing
Why does Jazz has to crawl his way through these levels?


Download recommendation
Certainly worth the play!

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RecommendedReview by OM2004

28 Dec 2005, 15:00 (edited 6 Feb 06, 02:00)
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings47 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness34%

Sounds like a great campine, but after I downloaded the levels my game never picked them up, so I can’t play any level. I recommned looking this over.

Update: After chandie kindly guided me how to fix my problem I played the campain and it was very good. The levels are long but entertaining, it\‘s diffacult but not unbeatable, and I thought it was alot of fun with the frog. I wish the campain had more levels, but there could alwas be a part two. Highly recommend this campain.

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RecommendedReview by GoldRabbit

13 Sep 2006, 12:28
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness47%

there are very good levels and the story is also interesting.the eyecandy is good,but not so good in the level with the author’s tileset palette.gameplay:terrific!!!there are lots of enemys,very good placed!
item/enemy placement:item placement good.the pickups were very good placed like the enemys.the only bad thing is that coin warp in the level with froggy playing charecter.the bosses were also fitting perfectly with the story.

download reccomendation:yes!!!!!!


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RecommendedReview by PurpleJazz

2 Oct 2006, 17:23
Spaz Slackrabbit (107 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness75%

This Level pack has a very fun story:D

The levels look very nice, especially the level where you have to escape from the castle. The red sky, the layer 5/6/7 background and the overall realism make this level one of the best levels I have ever played.

The gameplay is best in the level where you play as froggy. It had some good crate puzzles and very good level ideas.

The level design is very good in “Crate Zone”. You had lots of trick and traps and it was not too easy but not too hard.

28/30= 9.3

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RecommendedReview by Seren

25 Dec 2009, 18:20
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness75%

Story (8 / 10):

Good, although a bit strange. Or maybe just because of this.

Enemies (9 / 10):

Sometimes difficult to avoid. Always well placed. The difficulty level is very variable but generally adequate.

Pickups (8 / 10):

Well distributed, especially carrots. Worse is the case with the ammo, which is not much. Diamonds and food are just OK.

Eyecandy (7 / 10):

Some places look pretty badly, but it is much more positive than negative. I like it.

Fun (7 / 10):

Spaz was not quite intended. Of course, it also can pass the levels. But in several places he seems to have an advantage. But Froggy Quest is cool. I had a lot of fun playing it.

Total (39 / 50):

Great job. Waiting for the second part (I hope you do it).

  • Sorry for my English, I used a translator .

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Review by Reggen

17 Nov 2004, 09:41
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness11%

What’s this, man? Level???

[Completely unsupported rating removal. A rating of 1 was given without any arguments for why it should be given, while other reviews gave it very high ratings. Please give arguments next time, Reggen. -FQuist]

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