Two Race Levels

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24 May 2004 at 06:00 (Minor update on 24 May 2004)

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
Epic, BlurredD, and the betatesters, who are mentioned in the levels.

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FeedMe.txt 4.55 kB 24 May 2004
BlackyRace2MP.j2l Cat Maze 12.26 kB 24 May 2004
BlackyRace3MP.j2l Some race level 18.54 kB 24 May 2004
dd01.j2t Diamond Dust 01 218.10 kB 07 Apr 2004
Psych3N.j2t Psych 3 Night 190.41 kB 22 Mar 2003
diamdust.s3m Diamond Dust 892.08 kB 08 Apr 2004


I finally uploaded something. A two level pack consisting of two (!!) race levels. Anyways, play these online, mortals, since these are not meant for SP. Read the readme text for more info. And review! D=


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Review by American

Posted more than 16 years ago (edited 21 Aug 11, 17:36 by cooba)
I might as well work here (708 Points)
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Cat Maze
Despite the claim in the level that the gameplay concept was by Pyromanus (editor’s note: this is the trigger concept), I had difficulties figuring out what was novel with this level. It seems to be a fairly standard, although high-quality race work. The various mazes in this level have all been seen before. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there just ain’t much creativity in this level I’m sad to say. The level starts in a cave-like structure, as many levels with this tileset do (Blacky has previously used this tileset in a battle level.) It goes on through a somewhat predictable repertoire of Psych level clich├ęs. In-between, there are many different sorts of obstacles, but none of them unique. Gameplay is good, although there are a few bugs (such as at the end of the spike area) in the masks that make movement more difficult than it should be. Still, it’s just more of the same race stuff.
PROS: Gameplay is solid.
CONS: A few bugs make movement difficult, and there isn’t any innovation.

As usual with a Blackraptor level, eyecandy is excellent. In this case, I was somewhat disappointed though that there is also not much in the way of innovation here. The tileset used is not exactly the most flexible in the world, but there are a number of ways in which tiles could have been used that they simply weren’t. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the eyecandy here, but I just don’t find it interesting enough to warrant a higher rating than this.
PROS: No tile bugs or anything of the sort.
CONS: At least tile bugs would have been more exciting.

Race levels have traditionally been one of the more enjoyable gametypes. They allow for silly puzzles and don’t conform to the strict standards of gameplay that constrict other gametypes. In this case, however, I feel as if this potential wasn’t used to its fullest. Although the level is fun enough, the puzzles are occasionally more like obstacles than games. They are also not new, and not even done in an interesting way. The entire thing is about as different asDiet Pepsi – it isn’t even Diet Pepsi with Lemon.
PROS: As with all race levels, it is fun to play.
CONS: Not as fun as I expected.

To summarize this level in one word, it is solid. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much: It is little more than solid. There is nothing new about the concept or the execution. However, as negative as this may sound, the level in question is still quite good. Not a breakthrough, but certainly a welcome addition to a gametype that could use a boost these days.
PROS: Fun, well done, and solid.
CONS: Nothing new.
DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: Not different enough to highly recommend to those who don’t like race.

Flow: B+
Layout: A -
Creativity: C+
Bugs: A -

Tileset use: A -
Eyecandy Look: A -
Creativity: B
Bugs: A

~ Traft

some race level
This level has a bell curve of quality, so to speak. At the beginning, there is an annoying wind/block maze. Hitting the edges of the blocks is a jarring experience that, despite all of my playing, I have never gained an immunity against. The middle section is the best by far. The entire thing feels smooth and works well. At the end, things begin to deteriorate slightly again – not as bad as in the beginning, but still it’s a falling down in quality. Gameplay in this level is interesting and definitely more creative than the last. However, it is still nothing all that new.
PROS: Solid and interesting gameplay, especially toward the middle of the level.
CONS: The beginning and the end aren’t so hot, and there’s still nothing that new here.

The Diamondus modification used here is fine enough, but it’s still Diamondus. The backgrounds, such as in the annoying block part of the level, are interesting, but still this does not make up for the fact that we’re talking Diamondus here. The tileset is used well here, and this is probably the best one can expect from Diamondus. Because of this, I am upping the rating to a 7.2, which is very nice of me considering…well…if I say Diamondus again, someone will kill me.
PROS: Outstanding eyecandy considering the tileset that has been used.
CONS: It’s still that tileset.

This is definitely improved over the last level. The more I play it, in fact, the more the first part does not bother me as much. It still could use some editing, but it is a decent puzzle. I feel that those who play this level probably will like it, and it does grow on you. As replay is important in a race level, especially a circuiting one where nothing changes from circuit to circuit, this is a plus.
PROS: Enjoyable, and it grows on you.
CONS: Nothing dramatically creative.

Although the start (and to a lesser extent, the end) of this level could take some improvement, it is overall well done. This is more what I expect from a talented level maker like Blackraptor, although I paradoxically consider this level more flawed than the previous one. It takes some chances, and fails in a few of those. However, the chances make it more worth it, and despite the fallout from the bad ones, this level’s rating is higher than the last. Imagine that!
PROS: An enjoyable play and more creative than the last.
CONS: I would prefer different play each circuit like in some of the greatest race levels, and perhaps some more creativity would be nice, but I suppose I’m being a tad picky.
DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: At first it may seem vexing, but the level becomes better as you keep playing it. Overall a good level, although those new to race might want to concentrate on a better-flowing level.

Flow: B
Layout: A -
Creativity: B+
Bugs: B+

Tileset use: A+
Eyecandy Look: B
Creativity: B+
Bugs: A -


~ Traft

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Review by Cret

Posted more than 16 years ago
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(Rating removal. ~Violet)[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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Review by snzspeed

Posted more than 16 years ago
Carrot Juice Addict (326 Points)
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Heh, time to write a review because i have nothing better to do.


This is very good race level. i think you once hosted this online, i didnt play this much though, maybe, some minutes, and then i left the server. well, its still very good race level. eyecandy / tileset use is the best part of this level IMO. tileset was used rightly, and i can’t find any eyecandy bugs. gameplay and race obstacles are kind of good too, and i like it. one of the best race levels ever IMO. ( really. ;p )

Very nice. i like it. BlurredD’s Psych edition is cool tileset, and you can create very nice levels with it. ( this level, waterfall caves.. etc )
I like the eyecandy alot. there’s lots of it, mushrooms, flowers, and even cats. background layers are nice too, and i kinda love them. i like the way you used the tileset too. there’s no tilebugs, and everything looks nice. tileset choice was good too,since i never saw much levels with this tileset.

Very nice. there’s lots of standard race obstacles, which are very cool. myself i like the X – block and 4x block combinations. i hope you understand what i mean by the way. my english is lame, but now back to the subject. yeah, all these race obstacles are kind of nice, and i have no major complaiments.

These levels are quite fun, and i would host these online, if i could host. too bad i can’t D=
Well, i like this level alot because its fun.

Very nice race level which has standard tileset use / good eyecandy, onee of my favorite race levels ever. you did good job. congrats. this level is fun to play too, and i really can’t find complaiments. level could be bigger.. well, then again, im not experienced when it comes to race levels.


I like it. it looks awesome. i like flying leaves in the layer 1-2. ( i dunno which layer. i didnt check )
they look nice. well, trees, and the background looks cool too, and i can’t find complaiments about it. there’s some waterfalls too, which fit on the level. heh, almost perfect score from the eyecandy. i like the color where background fades into, because it fits in the level, gives this level a good atmosphere.

This level has a very good gameplay. level is not too big or too small IMO. i like race obstacles here too. the “wind tunnel” part is probably my favorite. i don’t know why. its just is. don’t ask why. other obstacles are nice too, and i can’t find serious problems or cons from the gameplay. good job, this level has a very nice smooth gameplay. this level has original race obstacles too, by the way, which affects in my rating. the part where i fall to the water is nice touch, because i think its very original. or something.

This level is very fun to play. i guess its the right size,( not too big or not small )and original eyecandy / gameplay ideas. if i could host, i would host this level too, because its nothing but rux.

This race pack is very good, and i like it alot. Good job, you made a good race pack. i like these levels alot, and like i mentioned above i would host these if i only could host. i like this pack alot, and it gets a high download recommedation.

by the way, cret, long time since i saw a blank review. those aren’t allowed though. D=


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Review by blurredd

Posted more than 16 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (198 Points)
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Looks like Blacky uploaded the diamdust file I didn’t want the public to have. Hooray.

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Review by Ragnarok!

Posted more than 16 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (146 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings88 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness81%
I promised i would review, and i think it seserves the rating i am going to give. (For all who don’t know and who care, I am Ragnarok). I may be a stupid overrater, but i love this pack, especially because it can be hosted online. Well enough talking, here is my promised review: LEVEL1 Cat Maze: My rating: 8.7 General comments: Well, this level is fun and also quite tactical. It works with good timing and good skill and also a good memory. My favourite thing about the level is that it is fun yet challenging. Quite a few race levels that are challenging, are not fun. Eyecandy: Well, you chose a great tileset. And a great person made it. But really the eyecandy of this level is kind of good, but not extremely heavy! But it is good. I love the cats and the waterfalls. No tilebugs which is great! Gameplay: Well the level is fun. And the level is big, which makes it a challenge, but what is even better is that it is fun. Good spring placement, good flow, easy going (if you know what to do). This is great again. Placement: Pickups were placed nicely and so were all of the other events. Some animations could be annoying, apart from the cats, they are cool. LEVEL2 Some race level: My rating: 9.0 General comments: I love the beginning of the level, where there are destruct tiles but for different guns. That looks like my favourite part. The eyecandy is kind of RUXOR! Blah Blah, i can go on. Eyecandy: The eyecandy again is heavy. But i kind of prefer the previous level’s eyecandy, but again it is good. Gameplay: The gameplay is heavy especially the spring placement and the part at the beginning. But the levels can be gay if there is lag but there is hardly any for me (at race). Placement: Placement is great but i don’t have much to say. OVERALL: My average rating: 8.7 Host often: Definately! Download: Go on, are you dumb?

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