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20 Sep 2004 at 19:55

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Ðx (More uploads by Ðx)
Capture the flag
Satan for Betatesting

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Destruction (283.81 kB)

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Dx.j2l < Destruction X > 5.26 kB 20 Sep 2004
d3.mod 405.24 kB 06 Aug 2001


My new ctf, sorry but i did’t got much time to build level and i was playing some other games but now i will make levels again. Here is the first CTF :).


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RecommendedReview by Sacrush

20 Sep 2004, 21:10
Turtle Goon (87 Points)
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Ok! Ðx has a new level and he forced me to review this level (as he always do).

Gameplay: rating: 7.2.
This level has different Gameplay then most of the levels. This level is more straight and don`t have many ways to go. That is mostly boring in levels but in this level it isn`t really boring because the ground isn`t really flat but you have to jump alot. Although it is linear you can`t just run from site to site because each team has his own fort/castle. And there is only one way in the fort and one way out so it can be really well guarded and will have a little bit of the feeling as both sided assault.It`s easy to get to the flag but if the fort is well gaurded it`s hard and then this level will be really fun esspecially when there are 5 players in each team or more. O.o the level isn`t fully bordered and there will be a flagbug. Although the gameplay isn`t perfect it can still be fun when the teams use stragety what almost never happens.

Leveldesign: rating: 7.0
The leveldesign is really basic but I like the design of the bases because they really have the shape of a fort. To make the forts complete there are 2 towers with a flag on it if I`m right. ouside the fort there is nothing spacial just much up and downs. Also there is a tunnel that is wel designed and isn`t flat either. Damn don`t know more to say.

Placement: rating: 8.0
I start with the ammo placement. There is nothing wrong with it they ammo is nicely spreaded and all ammo that`s usefull is there. There are no places where you are dying for ammo and no places where it`s full of them so it`s equally spread out through the level. There are also coins and there aren`t to much of them and are also fairly and goodly spread out. There is only one powerup and that`s in the coinwarp and I am glad there is only one or it would be impossible to enter the base. There is no Carrot in the level and that`s something I will miss when I am playong this level but it`s not a big problem in this level.

Eyecandy: rating: 7.5
The eyecandy in this level is not bad. The background has moving stars. There are lovely animations at the forts and windows in the towers and a flag on the top of the towers. Each fort has his own teamcollor. Outside the forts there are tubes connected to each other for eyecandy what looks fine. The tunnels to the bases also looks pretty neat. There could be more eyecandy and animations in the ground but I am not complaining.

Extra stuff:

Final rating: 7.2+7.0+8.0+7.5=29.7:4=7.4+0.2=*7.6*


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Not recommendedReview by cooba

24 Sep 2004, 18:57
Carrot Juice Addict (325 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness85%

To be honest, what this level features?

Eyecandy : Bad
Same kind of eyecandy like in many old levels, like Security Breach. Pure black background, with moving stars in background. Except SB had way nicer effect, because stars were moving slower and they were less repetitive. This level doesn’t suffer from lush blandness, as oftenly sawn in lot of Mez01 levels. Layer 5 gets on my nerves, because it’s confusing, some parts there don’t tile, and it’s generally ugly.

Gameplay : Bad
This level has a decent gameplay, although I disliked that there were One-Ways there. That makes bases insaneo hard to defense, and that’s no fun at all. ;p This would work better with triggers and such. Flow is average; the ground is rather flat (really bad thing at multiplayer), some parts require jumping. Anyway, this gameplay could be decent, but you can get flag bug here. Always make at least one tile thick border in your CTFs to prevent flag bug in multiplayer game. You can get flag bug at level’s edges, but if you are out of luck, you will get it also in coin warp.

Balancing : Bad
This level is not balanced at all. Red side has more ammo on their side, and more coins. Seeker powerup (ICKICKICK) is placed somewhere in the middle, kind of fair.

Bugs : Some
This level falls prey yet again. There’s mentioned flag bug (ALWAYS PUT BORDERS), and each team has +15 AMMO CRATE. DO NOT PUT THOSE. There were some bugs with tiling too, and this LACKS CARROTS. Put carrots in CTF. Always.

What can I say? If your levels need dozens of reviews to make you understand that you have to take advice from reviewers, then I feel it’s my duty to review your levels.

Host this : Don’t. This is bad.

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Review by Violet CLM

28 Sep 2004, 02:13
I might as well work here (531 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness90%

I have gone through and removed all the spam posts. Please move the discussion somewhere private. Reviews are not meant for such things, and if this happens again, I may be forced to use the warning button. Yes, you are scared now.
Edit: I should have been more clear. Don’t post reviews complaining about the discussion, either.

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