Templorary Turtle (X-mas mix)

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19 Dec 2004 at 17:09

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Danyjel (More uploads by Danyjel)
Robert A. Allen and everybody who rated and reviewed my past remixes. Especially JelZe, thank you very much.

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Templorary Turtle.it Templorary Turtle 259.84 kB 02 Dec 2004


People don’t care about my mixes. Okay, they download them, maybe they like it… But I get no answer to them. I don’t know if people like my mixes or if they are annoyed by them. I can’t know it by just one subjective review of my good reviewer, JelZe. Plus he is rating all my remixes by seven…
After total incuriousness of listeners, I decided to make my apparentely last remix which I am uploading to J2O. Because there is possibility of that NOBODY likes my mixes. I don’t know. I don’t know if my days and days of work aren’t for nothing. And if yes, why nobody is rating them? I don’t know what to improve, what to remove. Really, thank you.

This remix was done with no motivation of anything and is really under average. It’s unhearable if you don’t like original.
I only again remind, play it only in MPT or with Winamp 2 plugin. Bye…


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 5.4

Review by Lark

19 Dec 2004, 17:40
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (493 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings373 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness76%

Your remixes are very good, Danyjel. I enjoyed this one a lot. The only thing I really dislike about this is that it starts out really slow – it takes a while to “get into” the song. Giving up is never a good thing… keep making remixes.

I don’t really have time for a long review, but I’d also like to say congratulations on getting the 3,500th upload. ;-)

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Review by n00b

19 Dec 2004, 18:10
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

I also enjoy your remixes Danyjel, but I’m not sure on how to review music so I never do review your remixes. I liked Energia of Tubelectricity so much I downloaded it onto my freinds computer just so I could listen to it there. This one had a slow start but I didn’t notice it all that much. So don’t stop making remixes, theres people who like them.And even if you’re not extremely popular, you might get a cult following, and that’s just as good(if not better)

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RecommendedReview by White Rabbit

20 Dec 2004, 14:54
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (435 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings268 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness85%

The music is great for singleplayer lvls. It starts off quite slowly and doesn’t set the pace for battle or CTF lvls. At first I could only hear a few instruments, maybe just 1, but the more I listened the more the music came out to me. It doesn’t sound as good as music like White Hare or the other Xmas JJ tunes because the whole thing is very loud and it doesn’t sound that happy or Christmasy until about the middle and then it still sounds like…well…big drums…invading army…mushroom cloud in the horizon… lol… I don’t know! :-P I recommend DLing this music if you want something new apart from the official JJ Christmas tunes.

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RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

26 Dec 2004, 08:45
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Hm. I like your remixes, Danyjel.

I just don’t review them because I’m not every good at reviewing musics. I’ll review this one though.

I like the beat of the song, and how you put in some jingle samples that reminded me of christmas. The song is nice to listen to, I can’t find much wrong with it. I think the beginning might’ve been delayed too long (Basically what LRK said), and there could’ve been another lead sample (Dont ask me what though, I can’t answer that off the top of my head) because some of the song sounds a bit empty.

Not my favorite remix by you, but a decent remix. 7.3, sorry if that seems a little low. Download reccomend.

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Review by DanYjel

26 Dec 2004, 22:31
Jazz Jackrabbit (215 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings215 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness44%

1) everybody says he never rated music
2) 7.3 means good, Blacky, thanx for it
3) Jarno, thank you for your great review!!! It’s awesome what you are able to write about one only tune! Bravo!

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RecommendedReview by Joseph Collins

15 Mar 2005, 03:04
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings75 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness62%

Turtemple, plus jingle bells and a breakbeat.

Song Analysis:
Rather bland if you ask me. . . Repeats itself far too often and sounds a lot like the “Turtemple Remix” by Silver Fox J, but far more clashing. Not enough to hurt the ears, but enough to hurt the song itself. I like the pitch raise around 3:02.

Sample Analysis:
The samples work well enough, but the keys they’re in do not.

Final Analysis:
This is an alright download if you can ignore the clashing notes. Definately not the best work this guy has to offer, though.

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Not recommendedReview by Jarno vos

25 Dec 2004, 11:50
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings31 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness7%


Your Other Re-mixes Are Better This One Are Very Bad

(Unsupported rating (1.7) removal. What makes this bad? ~Violet)
Oh Sorry Violet I Forgot To Say How Can This Be Bad Now Look Down

The Music That You Have Made
Have One Theme ANd That Theme
Are The Same As The Others
And That Is Bad


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