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12 Jan 2005 at 21:20

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CraccoBoy (More uploads by CraccoBoy)
Custom / Concept
Thanks go to Dx and Kohaku (for working with me on #6 and #11) and to Ragnarok (for beta-testing)

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Cracco WoC1.j2l Save The Sheep! 10.14 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC10.j2l Mechanics And Astronauts 7.42 kB 02 Dec 2004
cracco WoC11.j2l Route 77 5.25 kB 11 Jan 2005
Cracco WoC12.j2l Camping Is For Noobs 10.25 kB 08 Jan 2005
Cracco WoC2.j2l Santa's Stolen Hats 9.39 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC3.j2l The Head Hunter 9.54 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC4.j2l Snowdust: Reloaded 15.14 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC5.j2l Grand Casino 6.63 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC6.j2l Jungle Of Maboroshi 13.39 kB 09 Jan 2005
Cracco WoC7.j2l Tropicana Bay 7.96 kB 11 Jan 2005
Cracco WoC8.j2l The Tale Of Moo: An Epic Story 9.75 kB 28 Nov 2004
Cracco WoC9.j2l Alberto's Chili Peppers 7.79 kB 01 Dec 2004
AmazonianHighway.j2t Amazonian Highway 91.27 kB 05 Dec 2004
CE2.j2t CE+ 225.60 kB 17 Jun 2004
DesertOfTheLazyDonkies.j2t Desert Of The Lazy Donkies 175.93 kB 22 Jun 2004
Haggard.j2t Haggard 161.26 kB 23 Jun 2004
HolyMooLand.j2t Holy Moo Land 222.58 kB 22 Jun 2004
Island.j2t Island 145.14 kB 19 Jun 2004
Kool.j2t Køøl 169.15 kB 11 Jan 2004
Outerspace.j2t Outerspace 186.65 kB 02 Dec 2004
PartyCasino.j2t Party Casino 121.92 kB 15 Jan 2004
RiversideCampingSite.j2t Riverside Camping Site 88.13 kB 08 Jan 2005
SanctuaryOfTheVampire.j2t Sanctuary Of The Vampire 160.17 kB 29 Dec 2003
SantasSnowyZone.j2t Santa's Snowy Zone 120.29 kB 27 Dec 2003
junak.s3m # NAZI YUNAX # 169.05 kB 06 Sep 2002 CT Bike Race - From:RPGC 130.88 kB 11 Mar 1998 CT Guardia - From:RPGC 167.64 kB 11 Mar 1998
dkc3docks.IT DKC3 Docks - From:RPGC 114.69 kB 18 Mar 1998
dkc3jingle.IT DKC3 Jingle Bells - From:R 90.53 kB 18 Mar 1998
dkc3river.IT DKC3 River - From:RPGC 170.11 kB 18 Mar 1998 Dueling Banjos 150.81 kB 15 Jul 2002 FF6 Coliseum - From:RPGC 192.46 kB 07 Mar 1998 FF6 Day After - From:RPGC 123.26 kB 06 Mar 1998 FFMQ Boss - From:RPGC 206.00 kB 08 Mar 1998 SoM2 Snow - From:RPGC 140.98 kB 03 Jan 2004
vampire.xm The Head Hunter 523.98 kB 28 Dec 2003
Godaiku.rtf 6.18 kB 12 Jan 2005


And finally it’s done, after more than a year of hard work. My WoC pack, Godaiku. For those who don’t know; they’re levels in which you have to collect some artifacts. I didn’t design them to be single player levels, as they are more fun to play with more people in a server on-line. You could compete to see who gets them first (each level has an “end of level” with gems around it, so you could and should play them in “treasure” mode).

Chapter 1: Save The Sheep! (CE2.j2t)

A traditional type of level with a classical tileset. It takes place in the same city as LoC, but a while later after the coin curse. Fans of LoC will probably recognize a lot of things in this level. Five red sheep of the farmer have ran away. It’s up to you to find them back for him.

Chapter 2: Santa’s Stolen Hats (SantasSnowyZone.j2t)

On top of a hill close to a quiet mountain village, Santa Claus lives. But he’s in big trouble! The evil Fake Santa Claus has stolen his collection of hats! Fake Santa tries everything to prevent christmas from happening. And Santa Claus won’t go anywhere unless he has his hats back. After stealing them, Fake Santa Claus has hidden the hats so Real Santa wouldn’t find them back. Please help Santa, find the hats and save christmas!

Chapter 3: The Head Hunter (SanctuaryOfTheVampire.j2t)

You want to win the vampire Henk’s trust by proving him that you would be a good vampire as well. Henk has murdered a lot of people and sucked out their blood. He threw the corpses away in and around his manor. But now he wants to have the heads of people he murdered last night as trophies. If you can find those five heads and bring them to Henk’s chamber, you’ll have earned yourself a new friend! My favorite level of the pack.

Chapter 4: Snowdust: Reloaded (Kool.j2t)

Drangus, the evil villain from the Snowdust Village, has returned, screaming for vengeance. He has used his dark magical powers to create a paralel dimension, called the F-Dimension. He has created one or two portals which connect both dimensions. To make the snowmen pay for what they did to him last time, he has captured five snowmen and is holding them prisoner in his F-Dimension. Help the snowmen; go to the F-Dimension, find the keys of their cells and free the snowmen! Fans of the original Snowdust Village may like this one.

Chapter 5: Grand Casino (PartyCasino.j2t)

This level does not really have a storyline. You’re in the middle of a big casino and in order to get out, you have to pull the levers of five slotmachines which are each in a different room. Each of them has a sort of ‘test’ to reach it. Don’t play this level if you don’t like tests or don’t have enough patience, since it’s slightly different from the previous four.

Chapter 6: Jungle Of Maboroshi (Haggard.j2t)

Deep in the jungle of Maboroshi there lies a temple. Five scarab tokens belong to this temple. For an unknown reason, these have vanished. They have to be returned immediately, since no one can tell what would happen if they weren’t intact for a long time. Perhaps a disaster would happen or the whole jungle would be destroyed.

Chapter 7: Tropicana Bay (Island.j2t)

Far away, there’s a tropical island in the caribbean called Tropicana Bay. The sun always shines, the coral is terrific and the nature is still intact. Yet, this island isn’t popular with tourists. Hardly a soul ever visits it… The inhabitants of the island are said to have a secret shrine hidden under the beach. Maybe there’s a treasure, or something else of great value to be found here. When pirate captain Scale and his crew went to discover the secret of the inhabitants, they never returned, and nothing has been heard about Tropicana Bay ever since…

Chapter 8: The Tale Of Moo: An Epic Story (HolyMooLand.j2t)

Picture yourself in some typical super hero team vs. bad guys comic book. There’s a really strong super cow called “DK”, supported by his friend “Holy Cow”, his wife “Moo Moo” and his son “Moo Moo Jr” (who is rumoured to have even more hidden powers than his father!). Together, they fight against the extremely original “Evil Cow”. He came up with a really original plan which is to take over the planet and then destroy it. Ofcourse, our heroes don’t want that to happen. Using his 1337 evil magic, the “Evil Cow” drained five very important essences out of “DK” (Courage, Strength, Wisdom, Attitude and Ownage) and now they have to be returned to “DK” otherwise he will never be 1337 enough to defeat the “Evil Cow”!

Chapter 9: Alberto’s Chili Peppers (DesertOfTheLazyDonkeys.j2t)

Alberto is an easy-going man who doesn’t care about much. He only eats, feeds and takes care of his donkey. He really threats his donkey well. This has made Pancho Sancho, a semi-evil donkey who lives nearby really jealous. So, Pancho Sancho stole Alberto’s favourite food, his chili peppers, while Alberto was taking his 4th nap for that day. If you don’t find back Alberto’s food, otherwise Alberto and his donkey will starve.

Chapter 10: Mechanics And Astronauts (Outerspace.j2t)

We’re in the future. Mankind has started to colonize other planets in other solar systems. Before bringing humans to populate the new planets, the planets have to be “terra-formed” first. Our astronauts are doing this with so-called terra-forming machines. On the newly discovered planet Ale, there is something wrong with the machine. And there’s no mechanic with the needed material around to fix it. Can you gather the stones that will provide the machine of power?

Chapter 11: Route 77 (AmazonianHighway.j2t)

A car-loving samurai was traveling down the highway. Suddenly, a ninja appeared out of nowhere and stole his precious collection of miniature cars! The samurai is really sad and dishonoured. He needs his little toys badly, otherwise everyone in Japan will laugh at him…

Chapter 12: Camping Is For Noobs (RiversideCampingSite.j2t)

A level to honour the level that started it all; Land of Coins. You’re staying on a small camping site, and for an unknown reason you can only check out after you’ve collected five mysterious coins. Look out for waterfalls, hidden passages and giant vines.
This is the final level of my pack, I hope you enjoyed it!


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Quick Reviews Average: 10

RecommendedKiMO rated 10.0

This is the most fun and original pack I’ve ever seen around! I don’t know why, but I just can’t ignore it without giving it a perfect ten.

RecommendedXpeedo rated 10.0

super levels

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.4

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

23 Apr 2005, 21:45
Way better than Aiko (861 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Yay, the full thing is out. I didn’t notice really any significant change in the first 5 or so levels that were in Part I, although over time standards change and imo the rating of a few of the levels dropped a bit. I’m not going to review the first 5 (and maybe Tropicana Bay, depending if I notice any difference in it) since I already did previously, although the ratings would be mentioned here because they are needed in the overall rating calculation.

Save the Sheep 7.2
Santa’s Stolen Hats 7.7
Head Hunter 8.3
Snowdust: Reloaded 7.5 (the poem for the F-dimension dissapearing too fast wasnt even fixed)
Grand Casino 7

Jungle of Mabaroshi
Wow. There are actually enemies in here =P. Don’t think they’ll appear online though. I didn’t particularly enjoy their placement much either, since a lot of them were either sparcely placed ,or in the case of the insects, attacked you in huge swarms.
The eyecandy here was better than in the previous levels, though.
Rating: 7.7

Tropicana Bay
Already reviewed this.
Rating: 7

The Tale of Moo: An Epic Story

Lots of text signs are too close to each other. Lots of narrow mazes with 0 lighting which I bet most people playing online would just turn off ambient lighting in..Eyecandy needs improvement again.
Rating: 6.5

Alberto’s Chili Peppers
The 5 things you need to get (chili peppers) were hidden more evily this time (i.e instead of being out in the open or needing to beat some puzzle/maze to get to, they were hidden behind layer 3/5 passages or in warps placed in barely landmarked places). I even had to look in JCS to find two of the peppers because the passage was that much hidden. I think this level would be extremely difficult to finish in multiplayer unless you already know where everything is. Also, the text behind one of the signs doesnt appear \o/. Overall, I like this level, but it’s just too hard to complete unless you know where everything is (via JCS) or are just really lucky.
Rating: 7

Mechanics and Astronauts

This level was rather easy to find all the things in. Nothing really unique and special about it; the levels are getting rather repetetive. Eyecandy was tolerable in some places, but needed a lot of improvement in others.
Rating: 6.7

Route 77
I liked this level, dunno why. The cars were moderately easy to find and the music was fun. Eyecandy was alright.
Rating: 7.7

Camping is for Noobs
The last level. I didn’t like the set too much, and I got most the items before I found out what I had to get them for. A rather simple level.
Rating: 7.

Overall: It’s an alright pack I guess. I would’ve given it higher if the concept of it was new to me (rather, if part 1 wasn’t released as a spoiler to the concept). I would have probably had more fun playing these online with more people so there would be competetiveness. It would’ve added greately to the rating if the author of the levels focused more on having them look less empty in several places.

Final Rating: 7.275 ~ 7.3. Bumped up to a 7.5 because these would be funner online. It’s a nice pack with a lot of levels, but some levels need to be fixed up a bit and stuff. Otherwise, download reccomendation.

1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by Ischa

11 Jun 2006, 20:44 (edited 11 Jun 06, 20:46)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating The Godaiku Pack

Well done! You’ve created a level-pack that IS difficult, but without hurting obstacles. The only obstacle is: finding all objects and go to the exit.
That is very original.

This pack contains 12 levels. That is great. Also that is not good, but extremely great.

The eyecandy is good: there is a nice background and you have created beautiful paths with all the tileset.

The only bad point is: no endboss.

It is a good, long pack. You can’t die in this episode, but it is still hard.
There are almost no bad points.

Mark: 9,3
Download recommendation: YES!

0 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by SPAZ18

6 Jul 2006, 10:31
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

Problem in Level 7 Tropicana Bay, whenever I go to the purple key that is on the clouds it doesn’t seem to work. The key won’t disappear neither will one the blocks blocking the exit.

0 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

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