Bjossi´s LevelPack 2.2

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25 Jan 2005 at 15:53

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Bjossi (More uploads by Bjossi)
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Bjossiïs LP v2.2 - Changes.txt 2.20 kB 29 Dec 2003
Bjossiïs LP v2.2 - Readme.txt 1.12 kB 27 Dec 2003
B1.j2l The Large Castle 14.12 kB 27 Dec 2003
B2.j2l Far Away Labs 8.31 kB 27 Dec 2003
B3.j2l The Lava Cave 10.71 kB 27 Dec 2003
B4.j2l Frozen Hell 8.92 kB 27 Dec 2003
B5.j2l World Of Crazyness 7.75 kB 27 Dec 2003
B6.j2l The Dark Jungle 10.34 kB 27 Dec 2003
B7.j2l The Underwater Caves 12.99 kB 29 Dec 2003
B8.j2l Woods Of Magic 9.33 kB 28 Dec 2003
B9.j2l Medieval 13.59 kB 28 Dec 2003


This levelpack includes 9 big levels.
Detailed information can be seen in the readme TXT and changes since 2.1 can be seen in the changes TXT.

You can only select the first level in Home Cookied Levels menu, if you want to play an individual level, you need to use JCS to play or uncheck the option to hide the level in Level Properties dialog.

I hope you´ll enjoy it, please leave your oppinions so I can improve it in the future to make it more enjoyable. :)

(this is a re-upload because a server crash occured)


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.2

Review by PHT

5 Feb 2005, 20:37
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness83%

Well, nobody has reviewed this pack so far, so I’ll do my best and write a little bit about it.

Played with: Spaz
Difficulty mode: Medium
Playing time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Most levels in the pack are pretty basic. You run around, shoot enemies, collect goodies and way too much ammo, and somehow find the exit. A storyline or some original stuff would make playbility much better. A little break is the diamondus level, which has lots of witches, which were fun to beat. Rating: 6.2*

Creativity is where the pack fails. Like described in the playbility part, there’s hardly anything which stands out in memory, nothing really creative. What about including some puzzles for example? Would be much more fun then. Or maybe a special arena for boss fights, a story line, whatever?
Rating: 3.0

All levels, excluding the Diamondus level, were too easy, mainly because enemies were not used strategically and there were no puzzles. The difficulty should be boosted a lot, by using the enemies in places where they have an advantage. For example, flying enemies like bats or ravens can get through walls, while Jazz can’t. That can easily be used to their advantage, making it more difficult and challenging.
Score: 5.0

The eyecandy needs to be drastically improved imo. Most levels have tilebugs and too less eyecandy. Do something original, infact, make it look different than the standard levels + make it look good.
Score: 6.0**

Fun Factor***:
It may sounded like this pack was really bad, but well, it’s not that horrible. Some of the levels, especially level 8, my favourite one were pretty fun, and if you’re a fan of lots of ammo and enemies, you’ll like this. If the eyecandy is made better, a few unusual things get added, and the difficulty gets boosted the pack will be pretty fun, so I’ll give it a 6.0 for now.
Score: 6.0

I’ll give the pack a 5 for now, as I guess it took very long to build it. Still there are several things which need to be improved, remember, BE CREATIVE! Once your stuff is different than other’s stuff, it will get much more enjoyable to play. Good luck!

PS: Feel free to contact me for more help, betatesting or whatever.


EDIT: I’m not sure about download reccommendation, so I’ll check N/A.

EDIT 2: Be careful to use less ammo next time. ;-)


  • The rating for Playability was raised to a 6.2, because it seems I have counted to much on the non-existing story, which the author planned not to make.

** The eyecandy rating was increased to 6.0, because the author has bad vision and therefore the tilebugs are not his fault.

*** Due to the complains of some people I’ve rated Fun Factor instead of Story, which increases the overall rating a 6.2

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