Mort Myre

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25 Feb 2005 at 00:08

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Beta testing by FireSworD, Scizor CT, Blackraptor, CelL, and Cooba.

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olcmort.j2l Mort Myre 12.28 kB 24 Feb 2005
Monster Bash Graveyard.j2t Monster Bash Graveyard 95.81 kB 09 Jan 2005
Monster Bash House.j2t Monster Bash House 57.33 kB 22 Jan 2005
Monster bash remix.xm Lark - Monster Bash 732.16 kB 13 Feb 2005
suspiria.xm Suspiria 340.00 kB 02 Sep 1997


Not really my best level, but here it is. In addition to the level, I included a conversion of the Haunted House from Monster Bash, and a remix of the Monster Bash theme I made last month (which isn’t all that great, so don’t be expecting anything too big).

Please don’t rate the song I included, or the tileset. The tileset was mostly a rush job that I did when I was bored, and the song is just kinda old.

And, last but not least, hail Runescape addicts.


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RecommendedReview by DarkSonic

26 Feb 2005, 12:18
Carrot Juice Addict (307 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings177 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

I played this level for myself and in R3p’s server. And I’ll post a review for this level.

Introduction : a level by LaBRaTKiD of OLC. He used his own tileset for this level. Let’s hope it will be a good level with his own tileset.

The eye candy looks good in first place. This tileset doesn’t offer too much eye candy, but LRK did a good job, especially for a level with a size like this. The background looks good, and the rain ain’t a problem. Layer 5 has enough eye candy, but the level looks terrible with low detail on. (not that someone would play with it) There are good light effects in the level. Layer 3 has enough eye candy as well. I can say I like the eye candy in this level.

The layout is quite simple. You run a straight and very long way to the base. The level has a high width, but it’s not big in height. This is expected with a level by LRK. This level’s layout is almost symmetrical. The flow is quite good. You really fly through the level while running left or right. Both sides have vines above the base. At least this is not something about springs. The destruct sceneries are original, but can be annoying when you need to get through something ;P I am glad that they work only one time, because they can be annoying if they regenerate all the time. Almost everybody has it’s own layout style, and this level proves that, because it’s a typical-LRK layout. There aren’t many platforms in the level. So the layout is very solid. The layout is quite open in some places, but is closed as well. There are 2 ways to each base, which is good. It’s not that hard to defend the bases, but it’s possible to kill a defender easily. A 3v3 would be possible easily here. The border ain’t complete, though.

The placement is a bit strange. There is alot of gun8 in some places, and there are too many crates. There is only 1 carrot in this level. There could be at least 1 +1 carrot in it. There are 3 Power-Ups. (No Seeker, yay) Toaster, Bouncer and RF. You do not use Gun9 to get the RF PU, but Bouncies. Unfortunately, there is no fast fire in this level. Some interesting and nice shapes were used. The big group of gun8 is something that lowers the rating, but it wouldn’t be needed if there was no ammo near it. I couldn’t find the Bouncy and Toast PU’s at first, but at least I found them. 1 PU in a level of this size is a bit too… few =P

This level isn’t unoriginal. This is the first level with the tileset used, and it has a good music file. I haven’t seen many levels with this size, and some good light effects were used. Some interesting shapes of ammo were original, and the level as a open and also closed layout. Good use of vines, etc.

Ratings :
Eye candy : 8.
Gameplay : 7.9
Placement : 7.7
Originality : 7.7
Final rating : 8 + 7.9 + 7.7 + 7.7 : 4 = 7.825 = 7.8.

Download : Yes.
Host : Sometimes. Not too many times, but it’s better hosting this than hosting the old levels I get sick of.


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Review by CrimiClown

4 Mar 2005, 17:29
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Hey, Labratkid, RUNESCAPE is COOL! Mort MYRE TOO! :P

I liked the tileset, even though i may not revieuw that, i like it :P

CrimiClown, even makes the bad guys SMILE!


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